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What if?
Too late: D Area: National Physics Echo. DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Msg#: 173 Date: 17 Sep 98 09:30:59 From: John Brawley Read: Yes Replied: No To: George Jiri Opletal Mark: Subj: Time travel DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD On 13 Sep 98, George Jiri Opletal wrote: I found the book (a) fascinating, (b) a "hard" read (he includes the MATH in the back, which I can't follow), and (c) both supportive of, and in some cases in conflict with, my own ideas in that area.

What if?
the Assuming the universe is closed meaning that there is enough energy density in the universe which causes spacetime to close itself off (like the region inside the event horizon in a blackhole), then the universe in the future stops its expansion and recollapses into a singularity. Thats the final collapse I was referring too. and You are attaching far too much value to our physical medium [our brain]. You could be emulated and you could not tell the difference

Pagan/Wiccan/Gaian Death
I keep saying that fundies are socially pernicious. (

Evolution NOT Shown.
We The is no logical reason why entropy should be so low in the beginning especially since its statistically likely to increase in time. Today the universe as far as we know is a closed system, even blackholes can't be used for entropy reduction purposes. It seems that the moment of creation some 15 billion years ago, might be a product of a second system. George Jiri Opletal Bards Realm

Modern agricultural technology may be characterized as the large investment of energy resources (usually fossil fuels) to maximize production. If it were only a matter of art or technique, your suggestion would work. But it is a matter of mechanization: tractors and whatnot, along with the infrastructure (fuel distribution, spare parts, mechanics, etc.) required to run those machines. It is a matter of chemistry: synthetic fertilizers, generally petrochemicals, _do_ boost yields, at the expense of the native nitrogen-fixing bacteria, chemical

I have not had any problems yet, but it will start up soon I guess. George Jiri Opletal Bards Realm

The to No David, I was referring to the moderator of the UFO echo. I was pointing out the event when this moderator stated to all his users his supposedly real views on ets related to UFOs, something analogous to fairy tales [not the exact words again]. Its not that simple to dismiss. George Jiri Opletal Bards Realm

CANvsUS echo
You'd have either to break the seal or cut the cord to use the weapon. _That_ they could spot. When I came down, they didn't _have_ computers. I'm the old fart, remember? And a lot of those people seem to bring their old feuds along with them. (

We are byproducts of an evolutionary process which has no ethical or moral basis in it operation. The characteristics probably become more beneficial in large populations which would have some survival advantages. Apart from this, this process is largely random in nature and thus our existence as a species is as important to the universe as any other pile of atoms. [Free will and in determinism comes into play here and its interesting what physics has to say about these].

Re: Pagan/Wiccan/Gaian Death
Must be the Texas version..... Ah, martyrdom. Now the Roman Empire's demise becomes clearer. Look at all the overtime for guards! Another cause of the Roman downfall!

NOTE: DCTEdit v0.04 [4] On Ronald Vass originally said to Curtis Johnson. RV> CJ> The most pertinent example would probably be an Hard to understand how it would be done with the heat death scenario. You can't survive heat deal because the process never ends. Everything asymptotes to an energy equilibrium with no possibility of work. I'm not sure what Asimov wrote but my guess would be that more success could occur during the big crunch. George

Re: Rose Coloured
You are an insane liar.

Questions - LAST reply!
I of Not gossip, but a few facts. First, he lied about the topic of his book to get a blurb from a long-time senator, Strom Thurmond. Second, most, if not all of the inventions he claimed came from the Roswell "saucer" predate 1947. Ross Sauer

little known facts
Laurie Appleton's brain?

Over the Top!
It seems that you have now "gone over the top" and further discussion with you is futile, as I said in my last message. Unless your 'condition' somehow improves, which seems unlikely, then you will write in vain. Perhaps there could be some other sort of treatment for your chronic pain, which you have fought so bravely for so long. If there is one and you find one, then you might be better able to write messages that are more

Evolution NOT Proven.
I welcome your debunking of two more evolutionary authorities! It seems as if there are hardly any evolutionist authorities that any other evolutionists really accept! ROFLOL Since most of my quotes are from evolutionists themselves then again I welcome your description of them as "bigots and liars"! ROFLOL Laurie

Flat Faced (b)
of a Well, it has been posted often enough, and mostly in the form of quotes from evolutionists themselves! However the indoctrination process that exists in schools and colleges seems to have programmed students (who were entitled to Balanced Treatment) to be unable to see it! If you claim NOT to have been brainwashed (and Chandra Wickramasinghe, in his evidence before the Arkansas Balanced Treatment Case, used that term) then you might have read some of the many books which

From Monkeys.
That is a wild and ignorant statement, although quite consistent with a victim of indoctrination in the subject. i.e. 'George Gaylord Simpson is [was 1969 LA] one of the most outstanding evolutionists in our country. Concerning this matter he says; "On this subject, by the way, there has been too much pussyfooting. Apologists emphasize that man cannot be a descendant of any living ape a statement that is obvious to the verge of imbicility and go on to

Flat Faced.
and NOW you are starting to get the point! Evolution is the only thing that atheists have found to make their position intellectully fulfilling (Dawkins). All Marxists are of necessity fervent evolutionists. It is a fundamental part of the whole system. ROFLOL. No doubt you know the story of the "Grand Old Duke of York and his 10,000 men too, eh? He marched them up to the top of the hill and he marched them down again and when

Much Clearer!!
on have its Yes indeed. Thank you! I would NEVER have thought of that, would I? In fact it certainly *DOES* reinforce my point that in 200 million (alleged) years we can be certain that the SHAPE of the coast lines of South America and West Africa would not possibly be almost a "perfect fit" after only a few million years let alone 200 million. So if there is any validity at all on "continental drift" it most certainly