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What if?
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I willow'nly do what I have to do.

This damn freaking echo
I've raced with, ng against, some full-keel cruisers. On a reach, they are screamers if there's enough wind. Head it up a bit and pole the jib(s) out on the same side as the main. Anything lower than 135 deg is a run. Even with a chute, a cruiser is going to be slow dead down. It's probably not too effiecient if both jibs are jointly tacked. A second forestay will make both sails draw better. Their's not much sail

Homer & Co
The synoptic gospels (Mark, Luke-Acts, and Matthew) are political theological versions of the same text: The author of "Mark" took many written and oral traditions about Jesus (the Essene born around 90 BCE) and compiled an account of the later Jesus born around 5 BCE. The first author of "Matthew" took "Mark" and rewrote it to reflect his own political agenda (some 90% of "mark" was plagerized for use in "Matthew"). The author of "Luke-Acts" also took "Mark" and

What if?
First of all, Warner, everyone sees just how "STUPIT" you are. Secondly, we note that you are making a reference to your penis. Thirdly, you aren't bending over and sucking yourself off.

Pres. Clinton Update
I have since read Dawkin's article on the subject (actually it was an interview), plus an essay by Gould on the subject. Gould is a bit miffed that the word "evolution" is being applied to not just the phenotype, but also behavior. Dawkins increases his miff-ism by applying evolution and evolutionary terms to an "extended phenotype," arguing that evolution does not just shape organisms, but organisms can shape environments--- even non-biological ones. From what I can understand of Gould's arguments

[REU] US: Gay Wyoming Col
One that makes sense. That's wonderful, Bozo. As the world is starving, you omnipotent god sells his children into slavery. Your god's name is mud and you sling it for him. Go hose yourself off. You stink.

Over the Top!
A brief chapter in the book _Abusing Science_ (essays against Creationism) addresses the issue of True Believers being the only moral agents in the world, and atheists (i.e. "evolutionists") having no morals. The author (Philip Kitcher) pointed out that people OBSERVE no such thing. My gut instinct is to believe that theists perform more crimes than non-theists, because the former have so many more reasons for believing that their crimes are somehow justifiable, as well as "forgivable" without maming restitution

WOAs strike again!
Several members of the Orange County Pro-Choice Coalition (a group I have been a member of for over a decade) are evangelical, Bible-believing Christians who defend a girl's and woman's right to abortions if they choose. There is an organization that helps us defend clinics called "Prayerfully Pro-Choice," and another called "Catholics For Choice" that also help defend clinics against anti-abortion fundies. Anyhow, I've stood by two groups of Christians praying at each other to the same Jesus, each group

Vinegar. But only when nailed up for the week.

Re: Friends: A sad war story.
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Prof Tipler's Hoax
_The Judas Mandala_ It took me two readings to figure out what was going on in the book, since chronology was so well twisted. There are parallels, the chief one being that "Daystar" (David Star) needed to plug as many human beings into his universe-wide computer network system so that instantanious communication across the universe could occur. This is exactly what Tipler believes the need for humans to inhabit every planet in the universe: the requirement is so that the

It *all* ties together!
Grier." 11 months ago I did a review of the "holysmoke" and "holy smoke" pages in Lycos: 99% of them are tobacco company related.

Big Bang Neutrinos.
The two accounts in Genesis have the matter in the universe pre-existing: the creators (YHWH and the Elohim) use this material to build Earth, Sun, Moon, and stars with. This pre-existing material was water. There are three other creation accounts in the Hebrew Testament.

I do not know what the argument is about, but I have noticed that you have contributed financially to Doc's Place. That was damn fine and decent of you! P.S. I was the first on the list.

Intolerance Expo '97
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What if?
But he has tried so hard, though. Surely that counts for something. SeM. 2.25a 1111