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I don't know about the Indian part of it, but I've taken 15 hours of ASL and some of the signs are really (REALLY) graphic.

Yeah, it is. Hey, what's with the Speedo from your neck of the woods? Appleton's evolutionist brother trying to cash in on your name and reputation?

What I was referring to, Annette, was the (anecdotal, but telling) tendency to discover more babies in trash cans, dumpsters, etc approximately 1 year after some serious run-ins with anti-choice people at clinics. I don't think anyone has done a study but maybe they ought to.

Case #2

If you want something smaller, I have the molds for a set of ceramic gnomes from 4" to 6" tall...and a dragon named Chopper (ridden by Harley and Scooter gnomes; how sickening can you get?)

Serendipitiously, I read this only an hour or so after hearing about Abbot Labs's new pain medication, non-opiate, that seems to be as powerful as morphine, has fewer side effects, and doesn't seem to induce tolerance. It's a variation of a chemical secreted by an Amazonian basin frog. There will literally be no telling what we've lost when the rain forest is gone.

Linguistic oddity; the word 'nicht' in Dutch means niece or female cousin. It also means queen and fairy. <G>

Jack's "moderation"
Your memory problems are your problem Troy. You have in fact done precisely that on whats acceptible in messages in an echo you moderate. Try rereading the messages from one Troy Cheek in this echo alone. There has been just a tad more from you than just that on this issue. Again, your memory problems are your problem. Comprehension problems ditto. Again, your memory problems are your problem. Comprehension problems ditto. Please try a slightly less worn out line. Actually,

Exposing liars, frauds, a
Its been proven in spades with the wealth of evidence of your completely hopeless moderation, and the fact that some who have been silly enough to think you could moderate have changed their minds quick smart on occasion. The latest fiasco with Ross in UFO alone proves it in spades Jack. There is nothing worse than erratic moderation. Even the worst moderators that are at least consistent have the advantage that its easy to decide that they are so hopeless

Lying Jack S. WHINES
here I wasnt referring to any evidence, just asking a question about that specific situation. Are you seriously suggesting that its against the rules to point out a bare faced lie if one is seen If so your 'rules' are completely stupid Jack. Soorree, you dont get to rule on whats 'polite' any time soon, and only a fool would even try Jack. Gets sillier by the minute. EOT:

.absolutely no reason why" the extinction of a species isn't irreversible? Just what is your recipe for resurrection? Or if you're speaking about slowing down the rate of extinctions caused by mankind, one of the first things "to structure" would be a decrease in human population--preferably volunatary. Presumably there were those who denied that a crisis existed even when the crisis was real, too. When the dodo died, that was also the death sentence for the forest at

Oh, brother....
I just saw on the Sci-Fi channel's "Sightings" a new one. From the guys who gave you crop circles comes....... Ice circles. That's right, now there are "mysterious" circles people are seeing and photographing in snow and ice. Having lived my entire life in Wisconsin, I've seen these "ice circles" myself, but there's no "mystery." It's caused by ice and snow melting and re-freezing. Makes all kinds of weird patterns. Then again, this is "Sightings," which I'm sure by now

Wot an odd contrast to your previous para just above Jack. With the message you chucked a tantrum about, Ross in fact just used the words the FTB himself used about himself. You really are a pathetic excuse for a moderator when you cant see that anyone silly enough to take that 4 line para of yours just above at face value would then get threatened with suspension when he did what it should be obvious that para allows Jack.

Faking Don, you claimed they had to be healthy to survive. It wasnt being healthy that determined which survived and which died, it was much more the luck of the draw than being healthy. in fact in some situations it was the LESS healthy that survived, most obviously with sickle cell anemia. In other cases it was the luck that you had been exposed to cowpox that ensured you didnt get smallpox. Again, luck, not 'healthier' In other cases it

One of the few real certaintys in life EOT:

This is great stuff!
the I am simply stating the obvious Ross. I am not suggesting some unrealistic conspiracy. Did civilians know of the Manhattan project in 1943? the answer is no. Why? Simply, the military had the correct view that it was a matter of national security. Another example, the so called Project Aquarius which fanatic U.F.O people claimed was a U.F.O project. The government used national security, so not infomation could be released. It turned out to be a above horizon radar

observed physical characteristics such as observed maximum service ceiling, observed velocities and accelerations (acceleration being a vector, this includes turning maneuvers)....all documented on Central Intelligence Agency and Defense Intelligence Agency documents obtained under FOIA requests. Now you've deliberately changed her original meaning of U.F.Os being associated with ETs. As explain above... What was your motivation in studying the english language at a higher level? Regards

Rod's ith contradiction it again....YOU are the one that completely stuffed up. YOU sided with Ross and accepted his lies (mistaken or not) and now YOU you've changed you mind that it was only a warning. I warned you that time to watch your facts, but you failed to listen and now you've again been exposed as a hypocrite. Just for the record, dated 18-12-97, Charles Mielke: 'Which puts the mark of the lair to Ross Sauers claim that he was kicked

Why am I not astonished at your lack of precision? No, but then I am not trying to make it sound as though the matter were otherwise than the inverse proportion of professed believership with educational attainments generally shown in surveys. Attending various churches does not necessarily equal belief: it is indeed a smart business practice for those seeking clients and patients to be thought of as "good Christians" in communities where a substantial portion of potential clients/patients are of

Jack Confuses himself
And only a few words later: In other words, after lying about dropping this echo, after lying about not returning to this echo Jack claims it's pointless to argue here, but he's going to act in a pointless manner.