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he There, and time, he Bear's had some hairy 'Dr Guy' pages, too (A Dr Guy page is 'everyone big and male get the hell up here and jump on this idiot' page. The call may vary from hospital to hospital, but they all have one.) There's trouble every so often in the ICU waiting room when one of the local gang kids goes down in a drive by shooting. He came home with a black eye once when a

Just pick your time and place so that your gambolling catches the eye of the local Pagan ladies, and the police won't be able to push through the crowd. <G> OLXWin 1.00a There are lesbians here with bugs.

It's not listed in my NDH. And Ativan isn't a painkiller, either, it's a anti anxiety drug (lorazepan). Hmmm--give him a half point for effort. It was a Valorin try. OLXWin 1.00a *I* don't recognize the need for "scientific" evidence-GH

Church today?
If you did it on a reindeer, would that make you a Lapp atheist? Or if you cringed ingratiatingly, would that make you a lapdog atheist? I don't know, but if you went to get kissed, that would make you a lipped atheist? I think I'd better stop before I get myself hurt OLXWin 1.00a ...give me chocolate, and you can have an opinion.-LB

I take it no one bothered to give you the Lodine on punning around here? OLXWin 1.00a Your moose is clearly Satan

'Word' is a 4-Letter Wor
not Better a garden gnome than one of those wooden cutouts of a fat woman bending over that are so popular around here. OLXWin 1.00a "You are a bad human." Karl S. to Ken W.

if you are I don't think that anyone has said that 'everyone' who is religious is a child molester. What was said is that there seems to be a connection between child sexual abuse and the authoritative power over of religion. This is based on cold numbers, not on any eagerness to abuse. It is also based on the personal testimony of several former victims who take part in this echo. For example, if I were you I wouldn't try

wasn't MG> KW> any such thing. Not any more than they would today. Trying to legislate people's private behaviour is futile. OLXWin 1.00a YOUR= demonic cult: =YOU= pick up after it.--DRice

Re: Brain Formation.
What a hoot! Your irrational fear of being an animal is showing. Frightens the shit out of you to think that you may a creature with nothing more (and nothing less) than a solely physical existance, doesn't it Laurie? It makes a lot more sense than your idiot notion that God done it. A mathmatical attempt to date the world's age not science? Just plain bad science I'd say. Which is exactly what creationists excel in. Not just the OT,

Re: evidence
no to for Howdy, David. Nice of you to join in. However, you're responding to something that has been quoted repeatedly, with bits being dropped out every time. The original paragraph containing the question is as follows: he As you can see, the hypothetical case in question is one in which the skeptic is doing more than asking for the believer's proof.

More lies. EOT:

Re: Left-handedness
Try Liberia or Zaire, you might just find its a tad worse there. Hope springs eternal I guess. EOT:

Shane's sanity?
of Is it just me, or is this a guy who has gone off the deep end? Ross Sauer Green Gold RULE!

Giant Tanning Booth.
Even at that time, geologists were aware that the Earth had to be hundreds of millions of years old. Scientists were aware that here was an unsolved problem. Appletoon is leaving out, of course, that Hoyle did do valuable work in the 1950s on stellar nucleosynthesis. As nutty as Hoyle got from the late 1970s on, he was never so nutty as to claim that the Sun doesn't shine from fusion.

Buy a live tree and plant it after the season. My stepfather has a nice wind break on his property now from the many years of live trees. If you don't own your own property to plant it on, you could ask to put it in a local park, etc and make a big deal out of it. The kid would love it, your wife's desire for a tree would be fulfilled and you wouldn't feel so bad at the

Must be. But 2 decades ago we also weren't burning 2 square miles of rain forest per day. As that destruction has increased, so has the rate of species extinction. And that's only for species we KNOW exist. No telling how many have been destroyed before they were ever discovered. His hair ain't so nice either. <G>


The Word
Who created it then? How is Alzheimer's a consequence of anyone's free choice? Since the Bible speaks many times of God sending plagues, it is obvious that God is indeed responsible for disease.

Dat's da one. <G>

Jack's "moderation"
jumps No mind reading involved Jack, just observing your behaviour. We worked out how to do that even with lab rats long ago, no need to be able to read their minds either. Guaranteed you dont bullshit for a living, you'd starve Jack. EOT: