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<G> Well, I figured it was either that, or one of the Invisible People, whom no clique invites to join...(I was Invisible, but I think I'm much cooler than JJ, which may disqualify me, or him, take your pick...:>) I thought that that was the Celts...:>

<G> Ewwwwww...:>

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<G> Goodluck, the filkers are strident, and the lyrics are strange...:> I'd like to go to a sf convention sometime, but I'm just too shy...<sigh> <G>

sin and failure
Which is why being an athiest or a pagan is much better than being christian...we're polite enough not to include unwilling participants in our belief systems (or lack of same) ...:P Who's kicking and screaming? I'm just here for the popcorn...

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Arrrrrrgh...<G> I'd reply with a stanza of "They're *Singing* Banned from Argo," but I can't remember the words...:P

Blue Genes.
Say rather he doesn't know *anything* and you'd be closer to the truth of the matter...<G> I don't think he's used to arguing in a certain, predictable, fashion that goes something like this: -Step A: Laurie make a claim, and posts a misquote of what will "prove" his point. -Step B: Post is refuted by person who knows the field about which Laurie is talking about -Step C: Laurie insults the intelligence of the person, jumps into a *different* field

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What's wrong about taking them to the *vet's*? Or at least a sharp, sterile knife?

Re: Gold-bedecked altars
<G> I've yet to meet a Catholic who understood, or *admitted* he understood that pagani/or any other belief system uses icons the same way they do...:>

20 Questions + A
"Protect" How did they think they were "protecting" them? <G> *Hot* weather...racists...sand...critters...bars...booze...chowder everything is unbelievably expensive...You're right...the place is indistinguishable from Phoenix Arizona...:> <G> Why do you think this is a bad thing? I was saying that because the standard "hysterical romance" that take place in colonial America, or the "Olde West" generally involves a romance between "a noble savage" (a Native American) and a white woman...the plots are so laughably cliched that you can't be outraged

20 Questions + A
"20 Questions A! Rod Speed screamed into the night,Scott Taylor passed it on:01-01-98 04:00 Hello, Mr. Speedo, You wrote this Scot Taylor, but you responded to some of the things *I* wrote...such a sweet gentleman you are, you couldn't bear being nasty to a female so you chose to abuse a fellow male Australian...! It prohibited the sale/use of alchohol, didn't it? <smacking forehead> Oh, I see! You thought I meant *THE* PROHIBITION, as in Carrie Nation and speakeasies!

The Debate
Going to take you blocks home? c/it/It c/Messages/messages c/down./down c/../ Well, not in EVERY way Ah, yes, where you clearly stated that vampires were blood-drinking human beings (people, if you will), while never actually presenting evidence to support your contention that there have been "Many Cases involving Vampire Related murders." [sic] c/Yes/Yes, c/see/see, c/SAID/said c/not/Not Your inference is very clear, and you're a liar you clearly DID mention vampires. c/Vampires/vampires c/Real/real

Ants & Anteaters!
<laughing> You get more fucking crazy every day, Appletoon.

Blue Genes. they were created with defective genes, eh? You're amazing.

Blue Genes (b)
No it isn't. You *know* it isn't. You are deliberatly lying, as is your wont.

No it isn't. You are a moron.

Firing line
For a further amusement, when the laughter subsides, you can continue: "Shit!, doesn't that hurt?" asks the customer. "Naw", the owner replies, "not if you keep your thumbs out of the way..."

Church today?
If you did it on a reindeer, would that make you a Lapp atheist? Or if you cringed ingratiatingly, would that make you a lapdog atheist? I don't know, but if you went to get kissed, that would make you a lipped atheist? I think I'd better stop before I get myself hurt OLXWin 1.00a ...give me chocolate, and you can have an opinion.-LB

Why Creationists Are Wron
N Given some of the things he's let slip in here, wouldn't it be more likely that he's a pustule sucker? OLXWin 1.00a Behold the Hurt Puppydog!-R. Curry

20 Questions + A
that my every the the The percentage of engineering students. And their tendency to dump things into the river (a courtesy title, in this area the Rio Grande is about 15 feet wide and four feet deep thanks to irrigation and the Elephant Butte Dam.) OLXWin 1.00a "But he's so annoying.Holy this and holy that..." Catwoman

Re: White baby Jesus
Okay, I promise to at least listen to it before I run howling into the night. <G> OLXWin 1.00a heh heh heh he said thin-skinned heh heh-Cattybtch