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Exposing liars, frauds, a
It's already been proven. Or are you, like Charles, trying to forget the infamous episode: Wed 23 Apr 97 16:34 By: Jack Sargeant To: David Bloomberg Re: Time off for "no reason" Me and my "ilk" will cost you a week's time off! ...For "no reason" other than you've pissed me off! Please don't post here again until after May 1. I want to see 7 days in a row without a David Bloomberg message. Thank you for

Jack's "moderation"
Yes, it does. It screams out: "NO RULES WERE BROKEN HERE!" Apparently, you have a hearing problem. more No, I wasn't and certainly not in this message. This guy essentially tells me to shut up because he wasn't talking to me, and I get nailed because I tell him I won't. Amazing! I called him no names, nor did I attack him, insult him, or put him down in any way, shape, or form. I told him that I'd

Greetings plus
in ROFL! Again you show your true colors and then try to backtrack to cover your arse. I love it! I already posted your message once when you admitted you got pissed off for "no reason." In other words, you got pissed off, suspended me, and it had NOTHING to do with any rules being broken. So I'd say you pretty much answered your question but you knew that. Nice try at weaseling, though.

ROFL! Does the word "hypocrite" mean anything to you? Look in a mirror you'll see the entire definition. And you (and Charles and Troy and George) wonder why people don't take you seriously. ROFL!

stupid people
Responses to Moderator messages belong in private mail ONLY. David Bloomberg, SKEPTIC Moderator (Note to All: Yes, Fred is still acting as the Moderator [see next message], but since this was directed at me and I've had more time lately than expected [my wife has a friend helping her out this week] I figured I'd take it.)

Fred Rice, Assistant Moderator
Rather than just having Fred as the Acting Moderator, I have decided to permanently install him as the Assistant Moderator. As always, what he says goes just as much as what I say (unless I contradict him <g>). David Bloomberg, SKEPTIC Moderator

Laurie's Condition
Gee, thanks. I'll call, I'll call. Soon as I get the message unpacked. We're only an hour away from Victoria but there's a mountain range in there with road signs reminding you to have your tire chains handy. Still, we'll get there. Looking forward to a micromeeting of HS West.

no be our At the moment scientists think the universe came about in an event known as the big bang. That event is not a result of the laws of physics, but is the cause of the laws of physics and time. Whatever caused the universe would transcend time and the laws of physics. Your reply was non-responsive. What incontrovertible proof is there, that mechanistic forces alone account for our being here? If there isn't any, how are you any

NYTimes on New Mag.
From: Journal Casts a Cold Eye on Alternative Medicine With Americans spending billions of dollars a year on alternative medicine more than $3 billion on herbal remedies alone in 1996 the time would seem right for a scientific journal dedicated to examining unorthodox treatments like acupuncture, homeopathy and shark cartilage. A new journal, The Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine, began publication in October, with the stated purpose of applying "rational analysis" to alternative treatments. The founder and

Re: Willfull barfing
the Did you go to a christian college? I did. I got the same information you did in my college human sexuality class. Nuf said.

Re: Flying Saucer Cult
on Interesting. I thought all christians wanted to make other christians. Gee, why keep to themselves...aren't they supposed to make disciples of all nations? I've got the $375 get the audio and let's go.

Note to Fr.Chris
Sonuvabitch! The little bastard isn't going to answer my questions, the stinking coward! The idjit galoot!

Run away, faddah!
He's sitting on his story? <G>

Gold-bedecked altars
Thin? I think it's been rubbed off completely, leaving the bile behind...:>

Christianity Synthesized
I still don't get where he gets the "wanton"...Was he just going for the alliteration<sp?> What's funny is that the "cabot verbatim" was a lot calmer than the ranting the xtian was doing...though I think it a pity that Oprah interviewed Cabot *and* Whitley, rather than (My dream team) Star Hawk, Ashleen O'Gaea, And whoever wrote that book on Asatru, "the Book of Troth" (or some similar title) and any number of Druids, and other Pagani for local color...:>

Re: Blue Genes.
Excuse me, little miss creationist, but it doesn't *say* that, now does it? Ahem, if you're gonna take it literally, then ya can't add on any "maybes" and "might haves" ya have to take it as *written* without rationalization...only nonbelievers can have theories <EG> Annette, to put it bluntly, do you think your god is that much of a well...idiot? I mean, why design one way, then completely change your mind how you want the design to look? It

Excuse me, but you seem slighty racist...I can agree with the need for population control, but not the racism... Honey bunch, the "whites" aren't the only ones who think breeding like rabbits is a Good Idea...the "white male" didn't have to "force" any other "race" to breed like was already in place as it were, do to a high infant mortality rate, and the pre-industrial agricultural requirement of large family= farmhands...

Re: Left-handedness
<*blush*> <EG> What can I say, I was inspired...:>

Re: Sign here.
<wide-eyed innocent look> Who me? I'd *never* say *anything* against filkers...modern-day bards, I've always said... with the inherant danger of being satirized and everything...honest... <G>

Your fellow christian
I What's really funny (or should that be 'fundy'?) is that he has the nerve to say that he *isn't* being a condescending arrogant twit when he does so...:> <G> No doubt...he'd rather be twitted than try and come up with an answer...:> Have you noticed that when Willie-boy gets upset or excited, his command of basic sentence construction flies right out the window...? It's funny as hell, but damned annoying when your trying to figure out what the hell