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Ah, yes--another Dive Bomber for Krist. Actually, I am glad to see that not everyone you know that is religious goes around like pedophilic predators preying upon innocence; I presume you extend the range of innocence preyed upon beyond the sphere of the sexual? Preying upon the intellectual gullibility of the targeted potential convert is every bit as bad as suckering the naive into a friendly little game of "Hide the Devil." One hopes that the "not everyone you know

Believers these days / Art Bell
I Evidence that the Art Bell show is intended for entertainment rather than any pretence toward enlightenment. The KFI AM 640 Talk Radio here in Los Angeles had someone pretending to be the station manager make a whole lot of derogatory racist comments for about four hours one night, taking calls and being insulting to blacks, mexicans, Jews anyone who wasn't white. It was intended to boost ratings and was a put-on. Another night someone claimed that Carl Sagan

UFO Believers Today
Right, the "God Salvation Church." <rofl!> And someone managed to sell these Jacks photographs of jet contrails and clouds which prove that there are flying saucers flying all over the place. Man, there's a lot of money to be made when the populace is Jack.

mind control
get In fact that was nearly _exactly_ what I intended to do.

Naked hot tub sessions
I see that Boylan is _still_ screaming his paranoid delusions on every street corner someone will let him stand on. I should contact the lunatic and see what he has to say about the therapudic effects of masturbating with his clients in hot, bubbly water and how effective that is to "recovering" memories of alien abductions. And they would claim that you either just don't know it or, like James Randi, know you're "psychic" but are trying to keep it

This is great stuff!
Isn't it great?! Because America's highly sensitive nuclear weapons development program was kepot secret from the general populace (and from the old Soviet Union) then alien abductions and flying saucers are also real. Jesus fucking H. Zeus! Steve Allen's Dumbth didn't even scratch the surface about what's happened to the quality of education in America. Probably not. They decide there are invisible pixies hopping about the place. Yeps.

Science Officer George <rofl!>
I quite liked it. It means that Jack is upset with George for vindicating everything that skeptics say about what happens to people when they set aside their reason. As a `science officer,' George _does_ belong in the UFO forum though only Richard Boylan or Art Bell could fit that role better.

"GodPlane" comes 3/31/98
Of course the escape clause allows for the guy to pretend that his gods are talking `through him' and, in front of the media cameras, rant on and on and claim it's his gods ranting. Of course he also can do what Christians always do and "recalculate" the date after discovering "new information." I wonder who this clown thinks would even care one way or another to even consider killing him for his paranoid delusions. Only his cult followers wiould

Higher Standard of Evidence
Yeah, it's great to have such entertainment handed out freely to start the new year off with humor. Jack has publically _admitted_ that he has no intention of allowing science to be used in the UFO echo. But then the Foaming True Believer never cared for truth any way.

Jack's "moderation"
Woops! Your hero just admitted that you're a liar, Charles. Best buy yourself a new hero, huh? <smile>

Resist the anti-Christs. . .
It seems to me there was a 1970's song which covered that theme, yep. But then the Jesus mythos was supposed to committ suicide.

and bunnies, and cows, and skunks, and oppossums, and raccoons, and Do you know how the female reindeer entertain themselves while the male reindeer are out pulling Santa's sleigh? They go to the Elk's Club and blow a few bucks <G> Helping \/tian To Stop /\tortion Richard Smith

Thanx, Curtis! I've been dealing with a flu virus this past three weeks, so I haven't been as inclined to look things up you've just saved me some time and effort. Hope your new year is productive, fulfilling, and financially lucrative. <G> Helping \/tian To Stop /\tortion Richard Smith

If there is nothing remotely resembling deserts there, but plenty of deserts there when whites arrived, you're contradicting yourself are you claiming that whites found deserts and rehabilitated them? Source Every source *I* look at says that topsoil varies between a foot to three feet Sure, with MODERN agricultural techniques, like crop rotation, and modern fertilizers but if the topsoil goes away again, how long before the

who was the 1st jew
Ah, well: compared with the relative parvenues of the European lines (whose "direct descent" stories are probably every bit as dubious, anyway), the Japanese emperors probably have been in business a good deal longer. Early on, they discovered the secret of figureheadism, which made them more valuable alive than dead to the wielders of the real power. That tends to preserve lineages through the tough times when power changes hands. (

Joanne Shaughnessy?
Gee, that's almost as good as the Mr. Hankey Construction Set advertised on South Park, except with Mr. Hankey you have at least something good for the crops. (

Happy New Year
Second that, and a happy New Year to one and all. (

The Debate
Oh my god you're one of them! <running, looking for garlic, etc> Regards, Jack P. S. Just kidding

Jack's "moderation"
the Do you not understand the skeptic's position, Charles? Jack made the claim that I did something to break the rules. Jack has never backed up this claim. It is therefore Jack's job to prove his claim. This is no different than any other claims we examine in here, whether it's for psychic powers, alien beings, or whatever. The person who makes the claim is supposed to back it up. No, he expects you to do YOUR work you

Re: The Debate
Would that be felt or cheese cloth? Or maybe mesh? Oooohhhh...I like folk dancing. Hey, I may have just made a little freshman fundy do the two step. I'll send you another message telling you the details.