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Royal Penny
It's an herb....<G> Also called tickweed.... According to my copy of "The Compleat Herbal"... It's a stimulant and carminative, relieves upset stomachs and indigestion...

a sma than No, it was an actioner with pseudo-Egyptian alien-gods it wasn't very good...

Re: E.D.G.E. Online Artic
Can't you think up your own insults? Why must you rely on scripture, which surely wasn't intended for that purpose...? Also, how is the individual in question resemble any of the epithets listed in this particular quotation? And since you don't know him, how would *you* know he fit the discription or not?

Flood vs meteor
The objection has more to do with the fact that in order to build the ark, you need lots of people...according to the bible these same people were *evil*....why would "evil" people help to build an ark intended for Noah and his family etc?...*evil* is not altruistic, otherwise it wouldn't be evil. In addition, wouldn't letting the workers he hired (or slaves that he bought) drown while he and his family got away quallify<sp?> him as being evil? Why do

Morals declared
we a Yes it is. You said in the original quote that he "reaffirmed the original Ten Commandments." That really ought to settle it in your own mind, as well as in the minds of any other readers of your original message.

You DEMANDED it be in a medical journal; the 'claimant' (me) only claimed it was in the dictionary, which it is. A fetus fits the definition of a parasite to a tee. Live with it. It is unnecessary for doctors to point out the obvious in their textbooks that deal with far more important matters, such as how to perform appendectomies, and how to deliver said parasites into the world so they can start being independent of their host.

creation science
I don't have an e-mail address. I've already checked with my SysOp. He says that I should hae one soon. I don't know how long it will take him. Pedit Ver 2.5

Mine made it to ALMOST 100K before I got rid of it. I never had trouble with it eating oil. At the end, I was having lots of trouble keeping it going in wet weather, with it restarting sometimes (only sometimes)...I figured it would cost alot either way, so I opted to go for a new car. <G> Sue

Judge Staal
Please do (if they would be so kind to help). I would be very interested to hear the professors' opinions on this term. I have this eerie feeling an info depth charge is just about to go off in Lake Michigan...blowing Jimbo out of the water. Sue

Ah... And what is your evidence that Christianity provides the right answer to these questions? -Brian Fields- -Nightwalker- ICQ UIN:1272806

Christianazi propaga
into True... However, he was calculating the amount of rain needed to cover the world, and used the figure at sea level... In that case, Mountains DO displace water. -Brian Fields- -Nightwalker- ICQ UIN:1272806

Ummm... Mexicans are a mix (mostly) of European and Native American (north and south) peoples, genetically. Using logic and observation you would What the hell is your point in this little blurb? -Brian Fields- -Nightwalker- ICQ UIN:1272806

I've never got up enough nerve to ask her. <G> But I remember her being ecstatic when cell phones became popular and cheap.

Where are you?
Sorry to hear about that, and hope it comes right soon. Had a similar problem tried to install Windows on my computer and it corrupted a directory and a password file, so I lost access to my hard disk. After 6 months fruitless correspondence with Microsoft and Novell, I reformatted the disk and started again. Keep well, Steve Hayes E-mail: WWW:

(*grin*) "doubled" line.... QG's nonlocal intraconnectivity includes brains and their own nonlocality. Everybody _has_ a "direct line," in one sense, _is_ QG in another sense. 'We are, each one of us, one of God's points of view.' No... By whom? Jno B. (GenesisNet<-->Internet Gate) (ISP account) FidoNet: 1:100/435.1 GenNet 33:6250/1.1 Origins Talk BBS M.A.C., St. Louis, MO, (314) 821 1078

(*chuckle*) Hold off 'till we get Curry's 'take' on the match between one of "ZPF" hypothesis's authors, "H. Puthoff" (per the website) and Harold Puthoff, a former psychic researcher who did "remote viewing" experiments (debunked by Randi) at SRI some years back.... I want to be sure Curry's recommending an hypothesis authored by a former Psychonaut, before I go any further with this "stochastic electrodynamics" thing. (*LOL*) Are _you_ aware of any history attached to Haisch's paper's co-author, Puthoff? Jno

Re: abortion
whale's it, me Never had that kind of craving. With Shannon, I craved Hardee's chicken sandwiches...with this baby I'm craving McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese sandwiches and pizza. They told me that when I'm having a craving for something specific to eat it...because it probably contains something I'm lacking in my diet...although with that I can't really see what I would be lacking in my diet.

Re: Ken is Alanna?
You know, if I were you I'd take some of my own advice here. From your actions and writings so far you've proven yourself to be the naive little teenager you are, and that you think you are cool and better than everyone else. So, "Stop with the STUPID insults, please. Just state your opinion and "evidence" to go along with it." The truth hurts now and then, doesn't it Alan.

My message evidently did not sink in, since you replied quite obliquely to it: You asked what evidence I offered, and I replied that I offered significant evidence which you missed or ignored (as you appear to be ignoring my reply). Numerous authorities indeed, most of the present psychiatric establishment has abandoned the tenets of Freud's pseudoscience. That you blather on about "controversy" while clearly ignoring facts (as indicated in articles I posted which you seem to be

E.D.G.E. Online Occultism
If any intelligent person thinks that the Christian mythologies are some how "true," they are engaged in the common phenomena known as "compartimentalization." They are not employing logic or reason to their beliefs about the mythologies; they're employing blind faith. Most believers, however, are grossly uneducated and ignorant as to the origins of their own cult. They don't engage in compartimentalization since their cogantive facilities are uniformly incapable of reason. One must set aside one's critical thinking facilities to believe