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Re: ACLU News 01-30-97: Chri
are same a I will admit, I found it odd that he would say Rod's posts to me were reasonable.. But then, he probably hasn't read all of Rod's posts to me, either. Origin: The Hide-A-Way, Manheim, Pa 717-665-4094 (FidoNet 1:270/430)

[1/3] Noah's Flood: U
Indeed. I can see it now--a life of fame, fortune, scandal, and millions of suckers waiting to be fleeced. Of course. I'll probably need a few reliable people to run the Rumor Control--er, Public Relations department. But hey, the more the merrier. --P. G. Simpson

Alternative 3
Hola, cheesehead! If they're so superior, why can't they speak for themselves rather than using stupid gits such as yourself? I'm going to need to see some ID Marital squabbles? Too bad that you're as stupid as a post, though. BTW, around here we don't consider being able to suck our loogies down from our nose on the inside any special gift. Staalin might be entertained by you, though. Ah, at last the origins

Christianazi propaga
it In fairness, would you "believe in it," if you didn't think it was for real? Many people cannot not only can't believe what they can't see or touch, but can't accept others' believing in those things, either. Obviously he was saying that the supernatural is what doesn't exist. Interestingly enough however, I am pretty sure he has no evidence of that belief of his. Origin: The Hide-A-Way, Manheim, Pa 717-665-4094 (FidoNet 1:270/430)

Later, in this case, would mean when people are in a loving, committed relationship, where there is less of a chance of getting a disease. Well, since it was not -that- many years ago when I was at that stage of my life, and I have several friends who are still teenagers, I think I understand it pretty well. Origin: The Hide-A-Way, Manheim, Pa 717-665-4094 (FidoNet 1:270/430)

Chain message
And Gouda enlightens Naturam expellas furca, tamen usque recurret. Richard Smith

opinions, opinions
free Let's see now, who was it that got it to be such a mess? Wasn't it mankind and not God? Uh, keep in mind, you are insulting a supernatural being that you don't believe exists. Origin: The Hide-A-Way, Manheim, Pa 717-665-4094 (FidoNet 1:270/430)

In many cases, we don't know how we will react, until we are in those situations. But just because we might react a certain way, does not make it right. I am against the right to die, just for the heck of it.. But there are rare instances, like with total vegetation, that I could possibly consider it, if I could be sure it was hopeless. Origin: The Hide-A-Way, Manheim, Pa 717-665-4094 (FidoNet 1:270/430)

I must be for those laws because it is not up to us to decide, it is up to nature. I can understand why one would think that, and to tell you the truth, I might think that way somewhat, if faced with that situation. But that does not make it the right decision. Is it up to us to stop someone, even if that someone is ourselves, from suffering, no matter what it takes? Origin: The Hide-A-Way, Manheim, Pa

Did I ever say that "Catholics" aren't Christians? No. I have however, said that the "Catholic Church" is not a Christian institution. Or do Christian institutions normally teach that we are to take things to man, rather than God? DO Christian institutions teach cannablism? Do Christian institutions teach that we are to pray to more than just God? Origin: The Hide-A-Way, Manheim, Pa 717-665-4094 (FidoNet 1:270/430)

Lost Cause.
Himself, clearly. Naturam expellas furca, tamen usque recurret. Richard Smith

tool of his masters [Was: Re: Sorry - fixed it finally.]
I wondered who would be the first to mention that. I take it you have been reading my messages. Origin: The Hide-A-Way, Manheim, Pa 717-665-4094 (FidoNet 1:270/430)

Christianazi propaga
Also, keep in mind the amount of water to saturate the topsoil BEFORE flooding takes place... Ah well, the answer would be it's bloody unlikely that the flood took place... Also, I don't think anyone took into effect the amount of cloud cover that would have to have "mysteriously" popped up for forty days to cover the globe... -Brian Fields- -Nightwalker- ICQ UIN:1272806

ACLU News 01-30-97: Chri
Just out of curiosity, Does Sagan reference his statistics? Where did he get them? -Brian Fields- -Nightwalker- ICQ UIN:1272806

Alternative 3
Hale Bopp... Hale Bopp... I can't seem to think... Ah-ha! Now I remember, you humans called it Hale-Bopp. That thing was actually one of our experimental space weapons. Waitaminit! It missed your hovel didn't it?! Dammit! Heads are going to roll for this one! Get me the Alternative 3 Human Eradication Division Commander on the line... NOW! Mark:Overman-1 (Invictus-6 Class) "Your Friendly OverLord" OLXWin 1.00b

Entropy and Evolution....
Hullo, I've been reading this base on and off for a long time now, and (due to various reasons) have finally managed to post.... I have a question for anyone who knows anything about physics, quantum or otherwise....why? Because a idjit-Christian of my acquaintance has a novel approach to disproving evolution... Entropy....according to this person Evolution could not occur because everything in the universe cycles from the complex, to the simple (which is how I felt after attempting to get

Re: Bill Kochman
His truth may not be yours, you are doing no good by denouncing someone outside your frame of reference. Why do christians (or anyone else who uses the same techniques choose to use a form of preaching (sermonizing or whatever) that alienates the person the "message" is aimed for? Like I said, I can't think of anything more likely to piss Someone off...did you take a special class or something?

Re: Burning Death Cult Ch
1. The major figure dies and comes back to life. 2. Major figure journeys to the land of the dead (hell) and returns. 3. Major figure worshipped through symbolic drinking of blood and eating flesh of same, coupled with the belief that individual "died for our sins" All these things combined would indicate "death cult" to most casual observers, if the torture-murder of thousands didn't clue them in...:>

Re: Christian Curses
From what I see, your "back-up" consists of shoving scripture down unwilling throats...murder by suffocation? Protestants did their share of murder-torture honey-babe... I'm not just talking Salem, either (even though the witch hunters there were true professionals of their craft) King Jamie made "witch-hunting" a popular pass time in Protestant England, especially since he could conveniantly dispose of unwanted relatives that way...

Cracker Barrel Boycot
Puns....sidhe-sh, woad you object if triad a few of my own? <G>