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Oh yes.. Another topic I must eventually get to.. I don't the Like fun.. Only chance of you getting that chance any time soon, is if you decide to get a satellite dish. WHy should cable companies bother, when there isn't much in the way of competition? Origin: The Hide-A-Way, Manheim, Pa 717-665-4094 (FidoNet 1:270/430)

This is to all of you atheists. If there is no God... How did we get here? Why? What are we doing here? Why? What is the purpose in life? Why? What will happen? Why? Is there hope? Why? Pedit Ver 2.5

What is the purpose in life? Do we have anything to look forward to? Why? What are we doing here? Why? What will happen? Why? Pedit Ver 2.5

Ken is Alanna?
for rest. not Why are you so rude? From your actions and writtings on here I would think that you were either someone still in middle school who thinks that they are cool and better than everyone else. Stop withe the STUPID insults, please. Just state your opinion and "evidence" to go along with it. Pedit Ver 2.5

creation science
Do you know that you're the first person in history to win two of these in a row? And when the fuck are you going to stop and ask someone how to work your text editor? edweird

Why no comment?
they who to all in or you six while

Why no comment?
they who to all in or you six while

Re: abortion
the it Most likely, but not a fact, right? And I also have been told that we don't KNOW anything for a fact.. Also, we tend not to consider that there could be other reasons to lead to the woman's death. The baby is probably not the only main factor to be considered. Did I ever say he couldn't? But the person has to repent of KY> his/her homosexuality. Ninevah and saying "REPENT!" In fact, for a lot of

creation science
it up more The govt. program and the movie, are two different things. It has been a real program the govt. was involved in, though I do not think it still is going on. Origin: The Hide-A-Way, Manheim, Pa 717-665-4094 (FidoNet 1:270/430)

And while that is true, also is for free will, making some things up to us. Ever hear the phrase, "you made your bed, now lie in it?" test, a the He will not find out anything new by testing us, but we might. Sometimes the only way is the hard way. Human beings can be a pretty stubborn bunch. Lessons learned the hard way, sometimes stay with us more. There is still hope for crack babies. Least likely, you

Perfect idiot
Evidence? Hey, I have been like this for years.. If it hasn't happened by now, I doubt it is going to.. However, you just might self destruct once I get a chance to post a few things I have been meaning to.. Let's just say, you have seen nothing yet. Origin: The Hide-A-Way, Manheim, Pa 717-665-4094 (FidoNet 1:270/430)

and Why not? I can't speak for Jim, but I think you will find that most that use words like "wop," and "gook," wouldn't really mind that much if they were called a "honkey." Origin: The Hide-A-Way, Manheim, Pa 717-665-4094 (FidoNet 1:270/430)

Re: Ken + sex = hate
Ken will never marry unless he changes alot of his thinking about women. He has idealized love (forget sex) beyond the ability of anyone to live up to it. Note that he does this to himself as well in the arena of morals. He is probably stupid to the point of being defective. Ken is deluded as well as suffering from massive fear and bigotry. Certainly he is willfully ignorant and blinded by his christer masters lies. Just a another

Your unmitigated black ev
So? I don't believe I said there wasn't. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

Re: unsmelted
and Ken Let's take a look at my "goody belief," shall we? Yes, I say I am for freedom, but to me, that includes freedom for the unborn child. I find it to be a strange belief to be for the freedom of some, but not everyone, just because they aren't born yet. We are all entitled to the gift of life. Now, I do have what even I would consider to be odd beliefs, but that is definitely not

[2/2] abortion
If you will read carefully what I twice stated, you will note that I have not used the term 'person' precisely because it is a concept which lies outside of empirical or scientific ken. But I have already written here at some length on that problem. I might not. (If you ran an adult human, Labrador, and walrus through a meat grinder I probably couldn't pick out what came from which, either.) On the other hand, a competent biologist could

Freud Debunked 1/4
Encyclaedia Britannica, hardcopy. You can always consult your own (or the one at the library) to confirm. Salut! Origin: Jack Sargeant, you look fabulist!

Talking Snakes.
His followers prefer now to refer to him by the name Osho, which he took after fleeing to India. (He changed his name after locals made fun of "Rajneesh," which apparently was a homophone for a body part! Must be a lot of comedians in Poona.) A genius in marketing, perhaps. His "religion" had the highest percentage of individuals with graduate degrees. I became slightly acquainted a decade ago with a university Sociology professor who had taken a two year

Here's a Deal With It Les
a Ignoring the point again, eh Barbara? Too bad you don't evidently have the energy to support your previous statements. But then, as I noted, you merely dispute and whine here, don't you.... Salut! Origin: Jack Sargeant, you look fabulist!

Burning death cult church
I'm sure you have some documentation of this. Frankly, though I rather doubt it. I know many Christians, none of whom advocate any such thing. _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)