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Re: Superstition vs Evolu
Actually now that you mention it there was a recent article in either Popular Science or Discover about that....let me see if I can find it... the author in it does mention however that anti-evolutionists claim it's only "microevolution" not "macroevolution." -Mark

Re: Emasculation
birth to to And people wonder why Hitler was a Christian and how he managed to find Scripture to back him up. -Mark

Re: Lying Wonders 1/26
Was it really necessary to spam the echo with 26 messages, most of which contained bible verses? You should know by now that unless you can find evidence to back up the truthfulness of your Bible it can't be accepted as unconditional truth. -Mark

Re: 1998: The Year Of The
Why is it that the American Pledge of Allegiance promises "liberty and justice for _all_" while yours requires pre-requisites? You've just acknowledged what many of us already know (most) Christians only offer liberty and justice to other christians...the rest get killed or forcibly converted (see: inquision, crusades, witch trials, etc.) -Mark

Re: Recent Research.
And how does that explain the fact that animals are CONSTANTLY changing humans are much different than they used to be, giraffes have longer necks than they used to, etc. And what the hell do you think a Neanderthal is? -Mark

Re: Non-Christian Flood
Well, not being well-versed in cuneiform I've never looked for the originals. I've just read excerpts from the code here and there (the entire code is immensely long), and the parts I've read seem very similar. I think there was a book somewhere that actually compared it to the OT but it was a long time ago. Anyway, most history books that cover ancient history should at least mention it. -Mark

Re: [1/2] Killing, Murder
no The United States does NOT claim to be a Christian nation. Hence the first amendment and the large groups of Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and just about every other religion that exists. What makes you think it's Christian? -Mark

Re: Aboriginal Flood Stor
How is it like, "make to order" to DENY the very essance of the claim? Ever thought of reading peer-reviewed science journals? The same way you know God created the earth in 7 days. The Bible says two of EVERY animal. Considering that kangaroos and woolly mammoths didn't inhabit the same areas, they couldn't have gotten on the ship anyway. But I'm tempted to calculate how big the ark would have to be (including food). And how do you get

Re: The IQ of Theists vs.
That would be interesting....I still think it would be interesting to measure this particular echo though -Mark

Re: abortion
Indeed it does. Exactly why I don't agree with it. While I am prochoice on victumless issues (including a women's right to choose), I certainly don't think that everyone who can afford a small nuclear warhead should be able to purchase it. Or a flame thrower, assault weapons, handgrenades or land mines for that matter. The libertarian view would also allow things like buying old forestgrowth areas and clear cutting them. Dumping waste chemicals into the stream on your property

[1/3] Noah's Flood: U
More like something to occupy my mitts. I made this guinea pig box to do the screwing around I can't seem to break the habit of, while the main machine remains happy and safe. edweird

Stargate program
The government really had no choice but to get involved with psychics. They're the only people who are qualified to perform the calibration adjustments on all those Quadro-Trackers. edweird

I don't know of any epidemological studies, my only evidence is antedotal. I would suspect that it would be very difficult to do an epidemological study. And what evidence do you have for its occurence per capita? <g> _@ Ken Peck _ \<._ (_)/ (_)

Burning death cult church
An ungrammatical expression. An ungrammatical expression. Documentation? An ungrammatical expression. An ungrammatical expression. An ungrammatical expression. An ungrammatical expression. An ungrammatical expression. An ungrammatical expression.

special rights case
I thought grain alcohol and grape juice made Mad Dog 20/20. edweird

What's the matter, don't you like giant roasted scrotums (scrota?) full of hot, rancid grease? That's what the ones hanging in the shop windows of S.F.'s Chinatown reminded me of, but I had to eat one anyway. Chased it with a gallon of Royal Tony White Chablis and rode a moped across the Golden Gate. This is what I'm told I don't remember any of it. edweird

creation science
If christianity weren't perverted, it wouldn't be christianity. edweird

Did you know that "Unsolved Mysteries" *is* the electronic form of the National Enquirer? Between tabloid TV and the bible, it sounds like you've got your bases covered real good. It's always refreshing to see a young person making the effort to develop worldliness and sophistication through the finer educational media. Whatever you do, don't ever dial up PBS or The History Channel. Satanic, you know. edweird

Re: Morals declared
we a No I do not observe the Sabbath, as I am not Jewish. As a Christian, we are free of the observational strictures of Jewish ritual and law. This is not inconsititant at all with scripture, as non-Jewish Christians were released from Jewish ritual at the Council of Jeruselem. This is not pick and choosing, though, many Christians do pick and choose what Jesus has to say and to disregard the rest. John

This is to all of you evolutionists out there. I don't care how many books you have read, how many degrees you have, and how old and smart you are but you cannot deny this. Would you say that Mexicans are distinct? In that their genes have narrowed, all of them have the same physical and mental trates? Of course. Would you say that a child of a Mexican would probably be more healthy and have more things to