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Run Screaming to your Pope to save you
I see you are in dire need of a course in reading comprehension. Which, of course, was Frederic's point, EXACTLY.

Born Again Ritual
Not as they see it. John

Christianazi propaga
So? So again? John

their I see nothing wrong with it. John

Re: Bill Cockman
In regards to the biblical account of the flood or anything else for that matter, I seldom take the words of the bible literally. First of all many of the stories therein were handed down for centuries by word of mouth before they were written down. Second it is not entirely clear whether these words were meant to be taken literally or figuratively or whether they have been translated in the same sense or spirit as they were meant. Even

Re: Bill Cockman
And it isnt the flood that is the amazing thing. Many of the things in the bible may have been from natural events. The amazing thing is this story of building an arc. How did Noah know there was going to be a flood. Now of course this is supposing the ark even exists. But just about every religion has this same story. I wouldn't be surprised if it was in part based on some ancient fact, but as to

The Moral of Sumerian mythology
I thought it was a joke, only a moron would present the argument as otherwise. I guess I overestimated you. John

Catholic Fundies: Justify evil [1/2]
I observe that your "reasonable" estimates are in the extreme low range; whereas the 9 million is the highest estimate that ever seems to have been given. Since it seems that one judge alone may have been responsible for 25,000 victims, the 200,000 figure seems low. I recently went over this same ground with Steve Hayes, and have no real desire to again. of Agreed that any estimates would have to be inexact. Since witches were tried as heretics, I

PM Noah's Arc
I have an editorial cartoon in front of me, done by Ed Stein '96 It's a kid and his mother in a library surrounded by shelves of books. The expression on the kids face is wonderment. The Caption is "It's a library, honey-- kind of an early version of the world wide web." It's originally published in the Rocky Mtn. News.nea I've thought of laminating it. *(:-)Ross

The Moral of Sumerian mythology
Are you a moron, or do you have some kind of reading problem? Are you a sufferer of attention deficit disorder? Do you have a learning disability? We are not writing about Noah and his flood. Can you understand that. We are writing about Utnapishnu, and the story of his flood contained in the epic of Gilgamesh. Some are trying to drag Noah and his flood into the topic, but that is not the basis of this thread. The basis

All right! Staalin admits to being, at least, bisexual! Hot damn! <G> Don't be alarmed, folks most parakeets find a mirror to be a fun diversion <>G Helping \/tian To Stop /\tortion Richard Smith

The Moral of Sumerian mythology
Here is the key. I am talking about a specific mythological archetype, not all of them. If you don't like the subject or you don't have the attention span to participate in my discussion feel free to disengage. I know the story. Try reading it before you base an argument on it. Read this slowly. When was my God a topic? The topic again was the moral of Gilgamesh. Read the "subject line", sheesh I didn't put it there, I

Creation Science 2/2.
He will never do that! He wants you to buy the garbage from the ICR. They need the money to in order to fabricate more dishonest tapes. Like the video about the Paluxi Mantracks. Finn

Aboriginal Flood Story.
He claimed that the genesis flood has been debunked. Unless you can provide an independent source which says the same thing, then everything claimed in the genesis flood should be taken with a strong pinch of salt. Finn

Re: Catholic Fundies: Justify evil
REPLYTO 1:2424/11.1 UUCP REPLYADDR GID GIGO+ sn 245 at tor250 vsn 0.99.970109 From: Subject: Re: Catholic Fundies: Justify evil X-Ftn-To: Ralf Guminski The plague first swept through the Middle East, Asia and Europe in the sixth century, killing an estimated 100 million. Witch executions didn't become a major fad until the fifteenth century, and had pretty much died off (if you'll pardon the pun) by the eighteenth century. Hec Gated by the premier Fido Technology Networks

CSF - Let's see how much MONEY we can CREATE
Here is a little gem I found in a corner of my hard disk. Notice the date. As you can see, Laurie has not changed at all. (And he still mis- and selectively quote Isac Asimov. That is if he is not reviling him). Forwarded by Finn Harder (3:640/725) Area C_VS_E_STORE (C_VS_E_STORE) From Zelko Pecotich, 3:640/821 (12 Nov 93 11:39) To Laurie Appleton Subj CSF Let's see how

Another little gem hiding in a corner. This one and the two following it should make it plain that notwithstanding Laurie and his revised quotebook, the scientists in question did not succor or defend creation 'science' at all. Here is the full text from which the preceeding message quoted an extract. Again, note the date! About 5 1/2 year old. Forwarded by Finn Harder (3:640/725) Area C_VS_E_STORE (C_VS_E_STORE) From Finn Harder, 3:640/725 (30 May

Forwarded by Finn Harder (3:640/725) Area C_VS_E_STORE (C_VS_E_STORE) From Finn Harder, 3:640/725 (30 May 92 22:47) To laurie Appleton Subj THE JUDO ARGUMENT. A second judo argument goes as follows Suppose something exists, but the chances of it having come into existence by random processes are so small (as determined by the laws of statistics and probabilities) that it is virtually impossible to suppose that it exists, except

Forwarded by Finn Harder (3:640/725) Area C_VS_E_STORE (C_VS_E_STORE) From Finn Harder, 3:640/725 (30 May 92 22:55) To Laurie Appleton Subj THE JUDO ARGUMENT. I spoke of the inevitability of life in an article which I entitled "The Inevitability of Life" but which appeared in the june 1974 issue of Science Digest under the editors title of "Chemical Evidence for Life In Outer Space". (Fie!). I was fascinated when, in

Too much coffee?
Good thing, this new coffee-resistant keyboard. He may just have the wrong size. At Mitchell Bros., on O'Farrell St. in SF, they had a glass case with about twenty neatly graduated buttplug sizes, from a demure little two-inch binkie to a massive 8" x 2" dia. tool. I was with a couple of friends who immediately started singing "how much for that buttplug in the window..." Plan Nine from Outer Space, silly. And you're far more prolific than I in