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Unwashed atheists vs. washed atheists
It's important to underscore that distinction. We're talking about _unwashed_ dog shit as opposed to _washed_ dog shit here. We'll rigorously define our operational parameters so as to remove all doubt and uncertainty. The research grant comes next. As I mentioned, I don't think I've ever seen anyone preface a rebuttle with that particular distinction. The real question is, is she an _unwashed_ atheist? <giggle> At this point I think she's kidding. It could be that she thinks that the

Freudian Frauds and Drew Barrymore
Well, before Christians added Dante's "Inferno" to their mythologies, there _were_ seven frozen levels of Hell, weren't there? But yeah, winter came early this year. "Normon coordinate." <klank> <whirl> <giggle> Frank claims to have been a professor. Let's hope it was in the arts. <DARWIN>< Mark Twain

Here's a Deal With It Les
a Pure coincidence. Usually, I'm the strong, silent type. Yes, I spend all of my free time in contemplation of your posts.

Marked for life!
<grin> Perhaps that's the difference between _unwashed_ atheists and _washed_ atheists. When they become "marked for life" it's because they refuse to bathe. <giggle> I'm enjoying this, yes. Let's not forget the one about Dr. hell, I forgot which doctor he tried to equate something to. <sigh> Well let's not forget his strange comment about the tobacco industry. Some how it all ties together. Janet Reno and Henry Kissinhger are in this. That one _is_ pretty, well, I

Freud was an original and his ideas sparked other people into thinking in new ways. That's what genius is. Geniuses are the people about whom PhD theses are written. (We're not likely to get a better working definition of the word than that). While it is certainly true that there is controversy about Freud in the field of psychotherapy (a field in which neither of us is an authority) it is also true that without Freud there would _be_ no

So I've been told. I should have known.

As I said, I heard it on the Art Bell talk radio show. He had two men on who claimed to have been participants in the project. You might try his Web page;

Don't think so. He described a pretty primitive commode.

Eeeek. No thanks, the sight of blood makes me queasy. Especially my own! <g> He described a strange contraption with a stairstep bottom, where water was only used to rinse the waste away after you were done. Need someone to carry your bags? I suspect my son would abandon his new bride to go with you.

pre- this Thank you. That will be $4.95. OLX 2.2 (A)bort, (R)etry, (D)on't even think of it! OLMS 2.53 UNREG

Appleton quote
Indeed I did! Hahaha... OLX 2.2 DSZ speed 300 ha ha ha tee hee hee rz -ZZZZZZZZ OLMS 2.53 UNREG

It's as clear as the nose on your face
I found an interesting entry in my very old dictionary. Under the primary definition of the contrmporary word usage for "nose," there is a pictorial offering seven variations of shapes of noses with racial attributes. Classic Greek, Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Semitic, North American Indian, Mongolian, and Negro. Is it valid? Or is this entry the results of bigoted sterotypeing? <DARWIN>< sanctity and safety of a hard disk crash. Shelby Sherman

It's equivalent to a computer with no software. The machines just keep the meat from rotting.

Don't look now, but it's not evidence either. Personal opinion, perhaps; evidence, no.

Talking Snakes. [1]
While gazing into my crystal ball, I saw a message from Frank Masingill to George Jiri Opletal An even better question: *Is* there something and not nothing? I could be imagining the entire universe (and I shudder to think where I came up with the idea of creationism I could be in some advanced VR program, etc. In 5000 words or less, please prove to me you exist

Talking Snakes. 2/2
You fill out the applications in triplicate, submit them to the Department of Geniusology and cross your fingers.

Logic Against Creation (c)
While gazing into my crystal ball, I saw a message from Joseph Voigt to Jason Huff Wouldn't it have been easier just to "miracle-out" the offending creatures? Especially when the rain comes from nowhere and goes back there.

Could be a direct line to QG, eh John? Did you ever read "Conversations With God"

So your god is Manitou or an Animal Master? Or how about Raven or Coyote? Perhaps he's Quetzalcoatl, or perhaps a winged jaguar does your god have feathers, by any chance? --Wolfie "It has been said that man is a rational animal. All my life I have been searching for evidence which could support this." --Bertrand Russell

That was a diagram. It came thru because each line has a character in the first column. It will self-destruct when enough XX> are added to make the lines too long.