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Creation science
Respond to this, I'll look it up later. Pedit Ver 2.5

is So what was your point in the previous message before this one? Pedit Ver 2.5

Creation science
time or any point it the they the were the

Actually, that warning has nothing to do with the entire bible, contrary to popular belief... If you pay attention, and realize that that book was written long before the compilation of the bible, you would realize that that warning applies only to the book it was written in Revelation. (Not that I believe in the validity OF Revelation, but, I thought I would clear up a misconception. I have a BIG problem with religion decided by committee, as modern-day

Plain 2 see
Justification please? You are appearing to contradict yourself here... Sue

ACLU News 01-30-97:
(look right) (look left) (look under nearest rock) That's an answer?? Is that "nope" you couldn't divorce your wife and marry the cute guy down the street if these laws were in effect, "nope" you personally wouldn't, "nope" to it taking away your special rights, or some other "nope" that I am failing to see due to the late hour? Sue

Ken's Frontal Hole!!!
TopicX says "Smile, Jelly Motherfucker, as your ass is on CANDID CAMERA!"

Then how would your spouse's sensibilities be a bit disturbed by this supposed public display if (as I presume since your answer is obscure again) it is exclusively behind the men's room door? Sue

millennial foolishness [Was: Re: Waco on Fox Wednesday (fwd)]
you might want to tell Carol that not only are there two Ns in millennium but that the next one begins not in 1000 days but in 1247 days on 1 Jan 2001. QOFM. Chris

Re: Mitsubishi's robot
i was waiting for the guy to get out of the suit. QOFM. Chris

opinions, opinions
that <Groan> Have you considered that when it comes to the gods of all other religions, you're an atheist? (Or, like the New Testament, do you believe in them but just consider them demons?) Is your disbelief (I presume here) in fairies and werewolves "just another faith"? Is it easier to have solutions spoonfed to you or to do your thinking on your own? Oh, there's power enough right now to end humanity, and and probably anything over the insect

Even a buck private knows the difference between deaths and casualties.

plain 2 see
Dangerous as the Catholic church may be, the above are currently Protestant phenomena--more specifically, part of the "bible-believing" Protestants. They, of course, contend that they are themselves "earnest" in the beliefs. Certainly they are putting their beliefs into action. If you call them "not True Christians," they will return the favor. You've set up a couple of strawmen here--Catholic church and "frighten children into doing their chores"--instead of trying to come to terms with the issue. Why do I suspect

Two Questions
Nope.. I am saying that one should take a chance so that her UNBORN BABY could possibly live. Both things occuring(mother and child dying) are not definitely going to happen. MAybe they will die, maybe they won't, but one should take the chance.. Let me know when it does, okay? I never said that procreation by itself can be unhealthy. Generally, there are other factors involved. Oh, but I never said that heterosexuality could cause death of one of the

Two Questions
Hmm.. Murdered by her unborn baby? Does he have a knife or something down there, by any chance? How would he manage to do that? The unborn baby is not killing her, but is merely one factor is such a scenario. SInce there would be no procreation without heterosexual sex, obviously I could not say it is immoral. Nice try.. I find it quite fascinating how you can twist anything into what you want it to be.. And I do

Lying Fuck Ken Young 1/
Touche. I have to admit, those are good points, and well worth thinking about. However, if genes did change, would every part of them change? I mean, isn't it POSSIBLE that those genes might only change a tiny bit, so that those changes above might not occur? Also, some people have changed their looks considerably. There have been women, for instance, that without trying for that effect, started looking more masculine. And it works the other way around, as well.

Mything Links.
Not all churches. I know that when I was in a basically racially mixed area(central NJ), I generally went to churches that had people of all races attend them. Well, I can honestly say, I have never heard from my god or minister, "if you don't kiss my ass." And who is advocating people to go against their nature? You don't believe in God. I disagree with you. Don't you think I am wrong? Only one thing will land you

If that was true, then I would not say that this is not part of the real world, as I have been. I do not consider myself that much a part of the cyberspace community. A little, but since I am not on the Internet yet, and only on a few echoes on Fido, plus a whole semi-local net I help out, I would not consider pro-computer views to be part of that box. Okay, would this fit in my

Ponder this, no?
By that time, I likely will be working for myself. As I have said before, the woman I marry will agree with me on most of my beliefs. There are more out there, than you might think. Did it ever occur to you why I might believe some things that are considered to be odd? Could it be, that I actually thought like the norm at one time, but finally came to the conclusion, that most of my beliefs at

Something to ponder
Not sure Cunanin is one of the best examples to use, since we still don't know why he killed those people. Hmm.. I have meaning to take a vacation.. And yes, the only ways I could be considered dangerous, is if one attacked me or those I cared about, or if you consider the fact that some believe what I say, to be a sign that I really am dangerous. Heck, even the govts. believe in conspiracies. Just ask