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The LIAR Appleton
In other words, you are a liar. Do you often post claims without any evidence? Never mind, we all know the answer to that question. Origin: The Hide-A-Way, Manheim, Pa 717-665-4094 (FidoNet 1:270/430)

I think that that is in a manner of degree. It's when the revolution really starts to roll and gain momentum that it becomes less terrorist in it's tactics. The need to control it's growing forces nececitates that it form a gvt to do so. Again, a matter of degree. It's the innocents that get targeted by terrorists that give it a truly horrendous name. After all, the US Revolutionary troops didn't "fight fair", as the took shots at the

Brawley's debacle
1 That's why I looked when I was down there...a local phone book is an opportunity not to be passed up under these circumstances. It does appear to be more common than he was trying to let on, though I must admit there are no Brawleys listed in the Madison WI phone book. Sue

As does the beginning of any hour, John, whether it be 1:00, 13:00, or 00:00 hr. There are always 60 minutes after every hour, with some exceptions.

2 2 Designer
Quick, Andrew, in your own words: Tell Martin what a 'oligoribonucleotide' is.

ACLU News 01-30-97: Chri
No, Jerome, it is you that are not too bright. BTW, you should be ashamed of having to have had your spelling corrected by one of the worst spellers in this Echo. Now, run along back to pre-school and have your cuddly glass of milk and suck your thumb.

Check back in
Get your head out of your ass again, Andrew. The evidence has been related in this Echo far more than once. The new incidences of AIDS occuring in the homosexual community has dropped. The current new cases in the heterosexual community are on the rise. You can read about it in any newspaper, news magazine, or, better yet, a medical journal. "God's Curse" is hitting the "wrong" side, Andy.

murderer McVeigh
Most likely, yes, especially if the only factor that was changed was the colors of the skins. A study some time back on racism was based on whether students in a classroom had blue or brown eyes. At first, the blue eyed students were considered superior, and treated as such. The other group showed signs of withdrawl and lack of self esteem. Later, with the same class, the roles were reversed. The exact same behavior happened to the now "wrong

murderer McVeigh
Part of it is the ritual that it entails. The object is to show the authority of the judge over _all_ others in the courtroom. Hence, his big black robe and his bench sitting so high above all of the others. Also, he gets to pound his gavel whenever he wants to make a point. The other part is the long procedure of just selecting a jury. Here, it's important to get the juors lulled into a complete mindframe, n.g.

murderer McVeigh
That is true. The thing is, why did the kid get involved with the gang in the first place? As it is, there seems to be not only just more gangs, but more violent gang activities. And, they are recruiting kids into those gangs at younger and younger ages. God damn, they hurt! I guess I can feel lucky for only getting smacked with a meter stick. (The head nun learned long before that a yardstick breaks too easily.)

ACLU News 01-30-97: C 1/
Ken, why are you so much against homosexuals? I realize that you believe that they made a choice of lifestyle and that you believe that the "normal" lifestyle is heterosexual. None of this explains the obvious dislike you have for homosexuals. Would you care to take a shot at explaining this to us? Thanks! Sue

Plain 2 see
Could you do a count of slay, slain, slew?

FORUM: HOLYSMOKE HOST: STIMPY'S DATE: Jun-27-97 12:51pm MSG: 0 FROM: BECKE BOYER TO: DAN CEPPA SUBJECT: RE: ACLU NEWS 01-30-97: C On 18 Jun 97 02:00pm, DAN CEPPA wrote to BECKE BOYER: Not too badly. And how are things going for you? You're the lawyer..what can we charge him with? ;P Becke Evaluation copy of Silver Xpress. Day 221 Silver Xpress V4.01

FORUM: HOLYSMOKE HOST: STIMPY'S DATE: Jun-27-97 12:51pm MSG: 0 FROM: BECKE BOYER TO: KEN YOUNG SUBJECT: RE: CRACKER BARREL BOYCOT On 15 Jun 97 01:53am, KEN YOUNG wrote to KATHERINE WINTERSNIGHT: will be Smoke No need for lessons, Jelly. You've already got the Fundy Shuffle down pat. Becke Evaluation copy of Silver Xpress. Day 221 Silver Xpress V4.01

I found this on the web, and figured you would all get a kick out of it... Becke A Rating System for Religious Fundamentalism Version 1.01 In response to the growing number of religious zealots and other general lunatics following fictitious deities around, we have compiled the following test in order to empirically measure the sanity of religious fanatics. This is similar to the Close Encounters test, and uses an identical table for calculating scores. Scoring: Total up all

The key words there are "economically possible". Unfortunately, in most cases, when you compare income vs. cost of living, it is absolutely necessary for both partners to hold full time jobs, sacrificing some time with their children for the benefit of all. It depends on the woman and the situation, actually. Some women would love to stay home and cook, clean, take care of the kids. Others would find that kind of life unfufilling. It's not a matter of shame,

I saw a news report on that tonight. Even if *every* Southern Baptist boycotted *everything* Disney, they would only suffer a 6 percent profit loss. Becke Evaluation copy of Silver Xpress. Day 222 Silver Xpress V4.01

They did the autopsy on the baby, and it turns out that air was found in the baby's intestines, which means the baby *was* breathing on its own. They've determined that she smothered the baby with a trash bag, and they have arrested her and charged her with murder. Becke Evaluation copy of Silver Xpress. Day 222 Silver Xpress V4.01

Actually, there *is* an alt.atheism.holysmoke, but I haven't seen much of anyone ever posting there. Becke Evaluation copy of Silver Xpress. Day 222 Silver Xpress V4.01

Gee, John... Why do you bitch so much when the god that has been selected is the one that says that the proper way to worhip him is to call _you_ a moron?