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Nicolae Ceausecu probably said the same thing on Christmas of 1989.

lying fuck ken young
I understand and sympathize with your reaction but you can take comfort in the fact that a two year old doesn't appreciate what _any_ of those words mean. Ask her to explain to you what death is and you'll see what I mean. It _is_ too bad that she has been taught to parrot such nonsense. KMail 3.10o Knight Moves

Mormons are Christians.
So why are you afraid to call the local LDS ward? Why are you deliberately ignorant? More importantly, who is it that comes to you and your fellow cult members and says "I grant you the authority to decide who is a True Christian and who is not?" Face it, Ken: You're a Liar for the Lord. Funny you should say that, as I called my father-in-law (a Mormon elder) last week and asked him whether or not the Mormons

Fundy mental frolics
The problem with this argument is the fact that Flavius Josephus dates are (37-?100 CE). It's a stretch to call him a "contemporary" of Jesus. We have a more recent example of this kind of pseudo history in Thomas More (1478-1535) and Richard the Third (1452-1485). More's "contemporary evidence" is used as the basis of the case against Richard despite the fact that More was only seven years old when Richard was killed and there is no actual contemporary accusation.

Cheese Whiz
I remember when John Prewett threatened me a few years ago, telling me that I could find out just how Christian he really is by slapping him. <laugh> Jesus would be SO proud. He'd rather STOMP yours.

Cheese Whiz
Neither of you even mentioned the fact that it is the women who take the risk by having the procedure. (All procedures involving total anaesthesia have a small but real death rate.) Vasectomy is done using a local. KMail 3.10o Knight Moves

America's Most Wanted Cr
This is Fidonet. There is no First Amendment, John. However, Holysmoke generally only has one rule that is strictly enforced: quote altering. Several people have complained that George has done this and have given evidence, so out George goes. TLX v4.00 Now, if we only had a Scandinavian Mafia Email:

More Christian LIES
This gives a handle on "her" age. No one brought up other than very recently would use, or even consider using, such bizarre and repellent language. KMail 3.10o Knight Moves

Liars fer Jeeezuz
Well, not as messy as "you open your head an watch all of the marbles fall out", I guess.

Lyin missions!
That's because no one wants to ruin a good sledge hammer on the pea of a brain of yours that is couched under that rather thick skull of yours.

Mormons are Christian
It means that you don't know what the fuck you are talking about, Georgie. No need to thank me, BTW It was my pleasure to help you.

New bbs
Is that any where near Waco?

Policy 4
You going somewhere? I'm still here...and plan on staying...nice try, tho. By the way, the only netmail I've shut off is from your board and it's users. Styx has access to let me know his displeasure. Still no word.

Colorado Geology
Must have missed that post...repost it, if you will... I was telling the truth...I also gave you sources to look for, where you might find what records were made and possibly still exist.

Round & round...
It's a rather new addition to Xian theology. In the late 19th century mathematicians started toying with the ideas of multiple dimensions and of time being a dimension. Only then does the idea of God being "outside" of time start to appear in Xian theology and apologetics. Like so many of their beliefs, it's not original to Christianity, but stolen from an outside source. Four more years! Live with it!

Harry Truman.
Laurie: On 26 May 97 16:58:58, Laurie Appleton penned the following to Dan Ceppa re: Harry Truman. You mean, one day when you stop being a liar and explain your ignorant behaviour? John

You ignorant christia
Matthew 5:22 But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou ignorant dickhead, shall be in danger of hell fire. (New International Baitshop Version) Four more years! Live with it!

Hunh!?! You don't make non-Xtians uncomfortable at all! If anything, it makes us MORE comfortable to see you as the representative of Xtians.

Fundy mental frolics
Still nope. The Archbishop of Canterbury doesn't qualify as an annointer. There still isn't. Josephus wrote from hearsay and was not a contemporary. Further, the pattern of wording is off for those references as if they were added or modified later.

Policy 4
Of course. <DARWIN><