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when Well, some do not see anything wrong with it, but view someone liking anal sex as a sign they are into sado masochism. Keep in mind, I can only go by what I have heard. Well, I'll just have to take your word for it. I also, however would find putting that in the same place you crap, kind of disgusting. I guess not. But I can live with that. But look at it this way.. You have no

I think the sentence is to be found in "Time Bandits." The reply is "Oh, THANK YOU master, THANK YOU!"

leads The reason was at the time, I could find no moral reason to say that oral sex was wrong as an absolute. And I never said that sex is JUST for procreation. It is just the main purpose. Of course, another problem with oral sex, which I hadn't really thought about, is there is no form of protection from AIDS or anything. Nope. And it is doubtful if I ever will. makes Well, if you didn't care, I have

Ken Young: Poster child
is One of the things I base that on, is that many change their minds, later in life.

Re: ...
have That was sort of my point. To most, it would sound so ridiculous if someone said it happened to them, that the only people that possibly would because others would be afraid of ridicule, would be someone that it did happen to.

Hey, asshole
I realize my following comments have been answered already, but I thought I'd bring it up one last time. In your past 13 messages you have striven mightily, and greatly succeeded, in gratuitiously insulting Fundy idiots in the worse possible, vulgar, and abusive way. Yes, in every case they deserve vilification and denunciation. However, constant verbal abuse does no one good here. In my messages I try to say only what I would say to someone directly in her or

It's the old "Does god have a navel" question. I also wonder if the god was circumsised, and if so, who did the job? ML

Prometheus Books would be my first choice.

David Fasold lies
Goodness. I missed the above message. I have a comment. Interstate 70 is the highway I take to Colorado every August. I make a point of stopping to look for fossils (naked). Western Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and parts of Wyoming were all part of a vast sea, which anyone who cares to look at the ground can see. Thousands of layers of alternating limestone, lava, pebbles, boulders (perhaps deposited during glaciation events), shale, sandstone.... going back hundreds of millions

Court Records
Panhandling for spare change at the mall, no doubt.

questions for chosen one
His keepers at the zoo feed them to him. Why is the number 173 so common in the laws of nature with regard to physics?

How about 1-on-1?
Since you are therefore vastly ignorant about Christianity, you are a waste of time. Come back when you know just what Christianity is, how it was created, and why. Then we can talk.

Re: Exemplifying examples
Sort of like the old "can God make a rock He can't lift" scenario? Sure.. If there was a purpose to it, God could do it. But anything God does do has a reason for it, so not likely that He will be doing that.

Pat Boone _In A Metal Moo
The following Psycho-babble was beamed into my E-Mail box by Steve an unknown alien lifeform the kinda like instaed of listening to metal on acid or pot, ya listen to it on lithium or prozak <G> lets hear him do Black Sabbath's Black Sabbath" see if he does it as good as Type O Negative did <G> blessed be Quote the Duke: OLX 2.1 TD Evangelists do more than lay people...

Re: Cracker Barrel Boycot
that Let's look at the word, shall we? "SAFE sex" Does this not seem to imply that it may be, oh, I don't know, maybe SAFE? The name itself misrepresents itself, giving young people the idea that if they have "safe sex," they will be safe, which of course isn't necessarily true. Oh, the old "they are going to do it anyway, so they might as well be safe routine." Many people do not have sex until they find a

Re: Cracker Barrel boycott
Not based on a value system, but based on survival. Mankind could get by without another purpose for sex, but would have found it sort of tough to get by without procreation. just As I just said, because of survival. Pleasure is a great thing, but first we must be around to enjoy it.

Literally Seaking
That is, of course, technically known as an "oxymoron." Belief in anything "spiritual" involved darkness and ignorance, not en lightenment. It is my opinion, James, that education (of others) is the single bigest reason you exist. The educated of the past has m ade your very existance possible. They learned how to produce the food you eat; the clothing you wear; the transportation to benefit from (personal and commercial transport). You may piss about "pride," but this so-called "pride" SUSTAINS

The two issues are vastly different. 1) telling a lover one has HIV 2) broadcasting to the world one has HIV I objected to mandate #2. Rodger insisted, falsely, that I objected to #1. They are two different subjects completely.

Re: Driving Mr. Daisy
of And why would that be? And I said: WHat could the union of two people possibly produce that is alive, if not another human being? I suppose deceived by the lies society has been fooled by. And ultimately those deceptions sadly came from the master deceiver himself. They mean I have the potential to find heterosexual love, and eventually procreate. I think I said it before, but unnatural would be whatever was not meant to be, or whatever is

Yowza! This galexy has several hundred billion stars. The universe has hundreds of billions of galexies. (There may even be many universes.) Many cosmologists think planetary systems are the rule and not the exception. And yet James believes all this space was created just for Humanity's sake. That's a goddamned arrogant belief. He complained about how the educated have too much "pride," but this belief of his is vastly greater in hubris than any education could be.