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A "swiftie"!
Laurie: On 23 Feb 97 17:57:54, Laurie Appleton penned the following to John Musselwhite re: A "swiftie"! Is that to pick up all the shit you leave lying around? We've been through this before, asshole. Do you think it gets better when you repost it? It doesn't, you know. THAT is the extent of your "scholarship", Laurie... old newsweeks, bad science and pure unadulterated bullshit. It should be? How stupid are you REALLY, Laurie? You must be paying someone to

Al Debunks Applesauc
Not even Al is capable of believing _this_ rhapsody. You write PR for a tobacco company in a former life? (

bozos, bozos everywhere
Yeah, several of the higher ups from AMWAY. <G>

Hi David... On 20 Feb 97 18:57:00, David Ragland penned the following to Martin Goldberg re: ALTERNATIVE OR STRAW Gee... that must by why graduates in biology and genetics are making discoveries every day that save lives and help the human condition. What have Creationists done lately other than lie to their sheep? Sure it is... produce some and you will win a Nobel Prize, David. It's sitting waiting for you. Because there aren't any? an It's been debunked already,

most Xians only "iffy"
It looks like a mess of crackpottage to me. (

You forgot to answer this...
About as easily as one can be a Christian atheist: a converted Jew is no longer a Jew (except, of course, in Hitlerian eyes, for which the conversion doesn't count). Later, you say to Quentin Fai: If I got to do it as an eternal, supernatural being (presumably omni*) in human form, I should not mind the three hours all that much. Since you bring up "crucified in that way", was there a less painful way for gentiles? And what

Evidences for ? B
The futility of asking that question (to which we are all occasionally driven) lies in the fact that they don't (refuse to? are unable by virtue of both ignorance and silliness?) recognize the arrogance of their position and therefore, quite honestly, _cannot_ understand why you ask. Sally (

ROTFL! Is Al really gone? So many fewer posts to click past.

Cooked Christians
Don't give up hope. If there's a buck in it it'll probably happen.

We do, however, have the works of any number of Christian Putzes. (

Circularity in the form of synchronicity
Martin, what did this clown say? All I saw was "god is there and I know it, and if you can't see it, it's because god doesn't want you to know it." Or, am I missing something. Self-proclaimed "prophets" are a bore. Marilyn Forwarded here by Marilyn Burge (1:105/302.666) Area: HOLYSMOKE Date: 25 Feb 97 18:32:18 Public From: Bryson Hughes To: Martin Goldberg Subject: asaity to Ok we can talk about the existance of God if you

Millennium Lunacy
Granted. Now, does that mean that he is inside his "zeroeth" year, his "year zero," or inside his _first_ year, his "year one?" I have a box and a pile of dimes. I pick up a dime and put it in the box. I'm asked "how many dollars have you in the box?" I say either "none" (zero), or I say some fraction; "one tenth of a dollar." My questioner says "I don't care about the fractions, so you have

All right, then we see the crux of the matter clearly. There can be zero _yearS_ (plural-categorical), but there can't be a "year zero" --a complete year with the label "zero." (*grin*) It don't seem like it's _me_ that's confused. My way, I don't have to switch labels. "First" and "one" are the same thing, if we're talking blocks --talking discrete entities. That's it, but it still works my way. (I found the escape.) Did you see one of the

You're confusing a) human-meaningful "information" with a natural configurational effect, b) "information" with the wholism of "the wavefunction" (in its guise as an experimentally observable effect), and c) nonlocality with "transfer." (Nothing "transfers"; the effect appears simultaneously in two or more separated places, when something is done in only one of the places.) The two particles in an EPR experiment are _interconnected_ in some way. The particle _set_ is "self-interconnected." I use the hyphenated word in exactly that way in

who IS Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one is wise to remain silent. Thanks for the post... David Ragland SLMR 2.1a This message written by Dolphin Boy.

You, the counter: [-2][-1][+1][+2][+3][+4][+5][+6][+7] You start ON the block, and start counting _down_, removing (subtracting) blocks from the line and including the [+6] block: 'Take away' (subtract) 6,5,4,3, and 2, move to the [+1] block, ready to take it away also: [-2][-1][+1]_!_ ___ ___ ___ ___ [+7] Take away the last one: [-2][-1]_!_ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ [+7] Now, which block are you ON? (Not the _next_ block, which you are NOT on after you've finished taking

Speaking of Mormon killers
Since Tom wants to play pretend that Mormons don't rape, torture, and murder with as much impunity as any other Christian priest... Here's an extract from the book "Prophet of Death: The Blood Atonement Murders," the account of the history and trial of Jeffrey Lundgren and his family for the ritualistic torture and murder of an entire Mormon family... Something the entire Mormon church where Lundgren was a "bishop" knew about and actively condoned. ...When they finished their vanilla ice

As you know, we're treating it like an object--a 'reality'-- rather than like an abstraction --a 'location.' We also retain all of the properties of the abstraction _except_ coalesceability (we can't put two or more points in the same location). Those seem to be the only differences between "point" and "piont." In the abstraction of math, yes. But who's to say it's _my_ view that's "backwards?" It seems to me that since the definitions of point and line (or point

Nuclear Winter
The test was the oil well fires started by Saddam's troops in Kuwaite. Sagan had predicted that the soot and ash and other particulates would cause a mini nuclear winter effect over all the world. Granted the oil well fires were expected to take two and a half years to put out and firefighters actually did the job in a little less than a year yet the expected results never materialized. For the first time in human history we have

al debunks apple sauc
Yes but it wasn't a complete sentence. It doesn't count.