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I'm not a geologist. Nor am I a fundamentalist in my view of biblical text. However, if you are feeling serendipitous enough to look at other sources on the account of the biblical flood, I can recommend a few other text that I find interesting. The Sibylene oracles give many detailed expansion upon the flood story including the name of a specific peak that is one of the sub-mountains of Ararat, as the last resting place of the ark. Also

Another child molesting Christian
I've been able to get no further comments on that. The Seattle newspaper was not helpful in the least. As it stands, there seem to be no crimal charges pending. It may be due to the statute oflimintations, but I don't know.

Driving Mr. Daisy
And marriage? Do you think it is the business of the state or anyone else to discriminate against gays and lesbians who wish to marry? I'm curious to test the limits of your apparant reasonableness. I have no idea what you mean. Could you elaborate? What kind of "scene" do you mean? For example? What qualifies as such a "need" and what is wrong with letting others know something about yourself even when there is no such "need?" I'm not

R Daily Xtian Persecutio
Indeed. But you would deny some people their right to marry simply because your religious beliefs are against them marrying? How can you do that and not realize how sadistic and hateful your actions are? Why can't you support equal rights for ALL without discrimination?

Why are you so hateful?

regulated drugs
It would be far more sane and rational than our current failed policies. Why do you think the United States has the highest percentage of the population IMPRISONED, among all industrialized nations? Is it due to millions more violent criminals? More rapists? More child abusers? No, no, and again no. It's due to incarceration for nonviolent drug related offenses rising exponentially. It's insane. We're *creating* a larger criminal class (plus a multi-billion dollar underground drug economy) by criminalizing what should

The story of me
He already did that. We are seeing the result.

'First Cause' Crap
He doesn't seem to very pleased about that fact, to say the least.

The Alignment List, part
a Who you callin' a wad of tin foil?

Just how lucrative is the profit in the "prophet" business, Bryson?

Male dogs?
It isn't that they are gay, but that they may go after anything at all.

It's interesting to know that you admit to running a cult. Strange, as the rest of Judaism does not come even close to acknowledging that "fact". you Too bad that you probably use the same bible that distorts the historicity of the Pharisees. Nothing written by "Peter" is known to exist.

Re: Freedom of choice
to If you were born gay, then maybe. But no one was.

Cracker Barrel boycott
I'm not sure if it points to his owning of them, but it does point to the fact that he allowed the buying and selling of them.

Re: Exemplifying examples 1/
I'd be happy to, especially since they are not my laws. I would be against most laws based on morality. I may find your lifestyle immoral, but I have no right to dictate my morals. If I can't be for your rights, how can I be for my own? I Yes. to Fair enough. I do think many want the right for those benefits, though. But, you can still be married, just not legally. I personally do not find a

Cracker Barrel boycott
"Friar Tuck has it. He's putting the other to bed." That is true. I'll have to discount the cost of stealing on of mine by 5%

Damned Shoes
Or perhaps even more! Old sick joke follows: A guy with a foot fetish goes to a prostitute. He asks her to allow him to screw her with his big toe and she agrees. Sometime later, he realizes that he's having a medical problem with that very toe and goes to a doctor. The doctor looks at it an tells him that his toe is infected with a venereal disease. Sheepishly, the guy says, "I bet you don't see anything

Re: Cracker Barrel boycott
Not really.. I am sure they have heard it before.

Re: Driving Mr. Daisy
The biggest examples would be events like your gay rights marchs and rallies. Affection I can see, but it is another thing entirely, going around promoting your lifestyle.

of It's downright silly. They claim to be preserving "their culture" but don't seem to have a recollection of just what "their culture" might be! Same here. There were quite a few Bingo parlors that used the revenues for charitable work. They have, for the most part dried up. The ones that are still active(?) can't provide to their former levels. Strange... I would have thought that they'd be raising something along the line of Appoloosas or Paints!