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Hypocritical people
Brother Jesse, after downing half a bottle of Jack Daniels.

day? the Still trying to figure an angle? Don't worry, you'll fit it to a tee, square. I'll let you just plum bob along. <giggle> While you caught me the night after the day before. That benighted Pack Hell is gone, gone, gone. We had the third and last failure with it (disk drive went belly up). We trotted it back to Circuit City, invoked their no lemon clause, and came home with a lovely NEC, and change to spare.

is Oh, Lynda?!! Damien has chocolate!!!!!! OLXWin 1.00a ...The Popemobile: proof prayer doesn't work.

Exemplifying examples
in have too much <snigger> That's not what your genes say. OLXWin 1.00a ..Domestic violence: good old Traditional Family Values.

The Alignment List, part
WHO'S WHO: THE ALIGNMENT LIST: Entries marked with a are my own, all others are from information supplied by the listed person. Please direct corrections to my attention, and I will be glad to update this list. Name Location Alignment In the 'Smoke: *Sue Alexander Madison, WI USA. Atheist Over a year *Styx Allum, Eugene, OR USA. Atheist The Creator(tm) aka Styx and Moderator of Holysmoke *Laurie Australia Worships the God He's been Appleton

GRUNT! GRUNT! EXPEL HIM! OLXWin 1.00a ...Support Drawing Down in the public schools.

Fine. I'll take mine in brandy beans. <G> Enough to make it worth my while to do the prep? OLXWin 1.00a ...Let go of your genatalia and grab a dictionary.

The Alignment List: part
Quentin Fai Lethbridge, Born again Since Spring Alberta, Subgenius of '93 Canada, (Atheist) Eh? B-day May 4th Fane (Matt Broken Arrow, Religion:Agnostic Read:Two Years Weese) Oklahoma, U.S.A. Spirituality: Post:Very Freeform, Dreamwork Infrequently *Martin In a state of The fervent foe An oldtimer. Goldberg, denial of the of Bourbon, aka Glodbreg existence of superstition, consistent and bad science. spelling. Mario Gonzalez Tijuana Mexico Atheist Chris Green Liverpool, former agnostic 2weeks Merseyside former mormon United Kingdom now Non-deist Gwenny the Pooh Woodland

Hypocritical people
either. Why should any of us bother with this god of yours if you can't prove you case. so I'd <snigger> That's what you think, you idiot. Name calling isn't a 'sin' in here. If you want to get kicked, alter somebody else's post (example: changing fuck to f**k in something you've quoted). But don't think that will give you safety from being called an idiot, or worse. If you can't take it, wander on down to a nice safe

final exam
No, I rather think he thinks he's casting himself as the hero in 'The Princess Bride.' OLXWin 1.00a ...HIV is a virus; Pat Robertson is a curse from Satan.

do re mimi
Well, it was his naked something that got her all hot and red in the face. OLXWin 1.00a can call it dishonest and I don't care.-DT

Dander raising
No, he didn't spend his seed upon the ground that I know of. OLXWin 1.00a ...Gods: Betcha can't believe in just one.

The Alignment List
I'm sorry, I didn't get the first one. You're in, and any further information is up to you. I'm going to be adding in web pages next month. I have been <G>. I expect a few wails of outrage, though. OLXWin 1.00a ...Mary used a turkey baster.

the Alignment List. part
Suzanne Todd Colorado Witchlet Newbie aka Starfire Peter Trussell, Manchester, NH atheist Lurking for aka bnemesis a year, now on #holysmoke. Ronald Vass Brantford/Ont. devil's advocate lurker 2 Can. belated poster 1 Damien Wellman Darkest West You aren't cleared 1 year or so. Virginia for that. Fnord. *Ken Weins Hiding under Lord High Christian hard drive his bed Executioner of little crash girls who dare to abort after being raped. Katherine Wintersnight, El Paso, TX, USA Wiccan 1 1/2 years

ask and ye shall rece
There wasn't a 'Swiss Miss' in either of mine. Omigoddess--false chocolate scum rituals are running around loose! And then there is the VanderMint heresy. OLXWin 1.00a Jesus saves! Now offering 14.9%!

Yes. so John, the rule in counting blocks is that you do not count the starting block, only the intervening blocks (including the destination block). So to subtract 3 from 5 we count (4) 1 (5) 1 2 And to subtract -1 from 1 we count (0) 1 (1) 1 2. If there is no zero block, our answer is 1, not 2. the There is no width to any number. 1 is the dividing line

'First Cause' Crap
That, according to my reading, is exactly why he had to propose it. Knowing he could always add 1 to ANY "infinity" he came up with, enabled him to stop with that "final infinity," which is the infinity that accommodates all added '1's, including the '1's added to _IT_. Go read the Cantor yourself, sir. I ask NO ONE to believe ME; but I do ask that before they descend to such as your below, they "do their own homework."

Ceppa - Holographic
Read what I've read, examine the experiments that I've examined (even unto DOING a few yourself), and perhaps I'll credit you with the right to make such a statement. Don't, and why should _I_ credit _you_ with enough actual understanding to be able to judge? Opinions are like assholes: everybody's got one. Experiments are like surgeons; they cut through all the bullshit and uncover things that anyone can reproduce, with identical results. _Understand_ what you presume to criticize. It is

Eckankar - ???
Yes, it is. The Internet has more about these loons. They're nearly as bad as Scientology, but less organised Rod "...ptwang" Swift

babbling Al
[cue X-Files music] Mulder: I can't give up the search for the truth, Scully. Scully: Mulder, the truth is out there.... But so are lies. Rod "...all that talk about aliens has my alien body thetans on the move. Quick, call a scientologist" Swift