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and Is this where he falls back on the 'but everybody knows what I'm talking about' justification?

dropping of names
Chocolate works. In this case, nothing less than Godiva. <G>

native americans
Maybe not. But a fire-hardened point to that spear is much more effective.

Staal wants to know.
No. I can easily see a delivery boy being scared of a dog and refusing to come to the door, but I can't see Leipzig siccing his dog on one. --Wolfie "HEY! No step on flowers, stupid ape!" -Moonspinner lupus Fianna Galliard Keeper of the Land, High Park Sept, Toronto

God came to stay
can you send me a scan of it? For the web page. <G>

Hypocritical people
Another case for net access. <G> DICTIONARY...actually dictionaries. Several of them.

Hypocritical people
That's another one that missed my mailbox. I don't understand how he can believe that shit. He obviously does, but I sure don't understand why. Simple observation ought to be enough to show him how wrong he is.

Well, I've put up Quentin and Hector on the web page. I'd say those would be good for at least a minute of non-boredom and 2 good giggles.

escape clauses
Yeah, Robert Curry.

Wait...isn't he that guy in the bubble? The one that can never leave a germ free environment. I never realized that also included the germ of an idea.

and I have never understood where this idea came from that says profanity is a sign of a poor vocabulary. It seems to me that using a larger part of the English lexicon bespeaks a LARGER vocabulary, not a smaller one.

Hypocritical people
I'm But, but, but...he's not Presbyterian. He's LUTHERAN and that's totally different. <LOL> Good grief. How much mail HAVE I missed? He sounds like my grandmother with the National Enquirer..."if it wasn't true, they wouldn't be allowed to print it".

Hypocritical people
Don't I remember the bible being used to justify the above by Jonathon? Of course he does. Gets the instructions right from the bible. Keep 'em quiet, beat them when they get out of line or have an original thought and stone them to death if they question anything you have to say. Inquisition, Crusades, witch hunts, book burnings, people burnings, criminalization of victimless actions. All that good stuff.

My Summer Weekend
Nah... I may not have any more class than that, but they did: it was at a Ninfa's. Four more years! Live with it!

Becke, slave to satan
That was over long ago. There are many others I would rather see dead than myself. That's ok though, seeing people suffer through life is joy enough. Maliethorn

Our Daily Slave
Hehehe, you are still as pathetic as you always were Satan. Fool! Maliethorn

the real world
That was when altruism made the MOST sense. Without it, the breeders would have been less likely to survive. The fact that people took risks to save nonbreeders is of no consequence; the fact that they took those same risks to save breeders is the entire point. Aside from spreading food resources a bit thinner, nonbreeders who got saved were of little negative value to the tribe, compared to the breeders that were saved because of the same altruistic impulses.

Hypocritical people
Generally speaking, statistics on church membership and the like are gotten from the churches themselves. That being the case, some denominations regard you as a member if you were baptized in that "faith" shortly after birth (Catholics come readily to mind in this regard). Other churches are much more apt to cull their membership rolls regularly. Also, the numbers get inflated in order to give the appearance of popularity by the denomination that is doing the reporting. I don't know

Go ahead, Fred, show the relevance. We all want to see you d
Here's what Fredric Rice said to Lee Woofenden about Go ahead, Lee, take the experiment: Jump. We all want you: I guess we're about even on that one then--your answer seems to be "no thanks" also. I will take that as an admission that you cannot show the relevance of the experiment either to the theory presented or to my personal beliefs. --Lee

"flat earth" town
(I know I'm going to hear from a fundy on this one, but ONWARD!) I think you can teach somebody HOW to think; the trouble comes when you try to teach them WHAT to think. When doing the latter, you are robbing them of their personal autonomy, and, worst of all, you are perpetuating your own cognitive errors in them. It's bad enough to be wrong-headed yourself, but when you pass that wrong- headedness to others it is downright criminal.