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Rat finds Food at End of Maze
More: to the credit of these super-devout Catholic parents, they became frustrated with the lack of response from the church and persistently followed through all the way to the Vatican. To their dismay, they were told that the church had taken steps to deal with it, i.e., sending the guy on some kind of course at one of their 'treatment' clinics. Happily, that's happening. He's out on bail but he has been charged and is going to trial. I'll post

He's just plain crazy. Somebody has do god's work here on earth. Ken knows in his heart that he's been called.

Second the motion. God Ron <bg> SFEMB 0.41 John Brawley Quantum but Non_local Whineing God. BBS TCode: -Devil-

Freedom of choice
No, I am far from racist. If you can cite any post of mine that shows otherwise, please do so. No, I do not see that. Explain to me, for instance, what is racist about what I said at the top. Blacks cannot help being black, so I certainly would not hate black people.

bozos, bozos everywhere
Fine, I'll rephrase it.. "Genetically ENGINEERED foods."