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LBRe: your comments about the term 'fundy', one common marker of a fundy is LBthe absurd notion that that there is a 'male' language and a 'female' language. I think nothing of the sort. Please don't jump to such conclusions as you don't yet know nearly enough about me. I see all profanity as colorful metaphors that the English language can do without. I feel this is the case in spite of one's gender. LBAnd what makes you think

Partial Virgin a little pregnant.
It's irrelevant whether it makes a difference to you it's still a mainstay of the christian dogma. Is this an indication of some major cracks in your faith, or are you bellying up to the christian salad bar to pick and choose the dishes that don't look too far out? So we're back-pedalling on the virgin birth [because it looks too absurd for the semi-educated to swallow anymore?] and focussing our resources on the rez-erection? .JdB *Fearing dismissal, Igor

Partial Virgin a little pregnant.
Um, if you please, sir. I think that from Al's POV, all xtians are defined by his conclusions. That he may not be considered a xtian by some right wing fundies has probably occurred to him. That he actually no longer IS a xtian, I'll wager, has not. It has been my view that if one is prepared to take liberties, one must be prepared to accept the consequences. Antiquated perhaps, but nontheless valid, I think. I wonder

It'sa gooda cheza!
Och, nae. That is the sound uttered by a Scot (roughly translating to "Excuse Me") after smacking you soundly amongst the testicles with his Mashie.

672 the number of the Beast you see occasionally at the Super Mail Box.

Al knows what god experie
Date: 01-30-97 (15:41) From: JAN DEBOER To: AL SCHROEDER Subj: Al knows what god experie age! Hell that nothing, Al even know what a child experience when abuse. All abuse victums must look upon abuse, as Al does, else it wasn't really abuse at all. He's been tell the women here, that point for months now. Since Al doesn't experience their pain, they must be fakeing it. ie: their pain is no big deal, mental pain is nothing to worry

Pedophile Christian cooks / NAMBLA
Gee, I read every post here, having lots of time. Perhaps you should give this some thought. I can't see any difference whatsoever between this Mabon character and the CRC. None. I have no idea. What I did to determine the validity of the CRC high schools was to call the university where I teach and ask them how many students had ever in 30 years been accepted from CRC high schools. This isn't scientific, but it is the university

Exemplifying examples
of Ed was showing you, the fact of gender is a fact of imperfection. Those not perfect, will/do die. Believers in the christian god, class their god as male. There by also saying in the same breath that their god is imperfect. By that imperfection their god is dead. Of course you can show with evidence that, 1> there is a heaven, 2> that in this heaven of yours, that you will still be male, 3> that a body is

Perhaps he's developed a lead balloon.

barth gut split
Maybe Michael can. I can't, as I still have a head full of hair.

My Summer Weekend
So then, do you actively support their right to do that under law, or actively stop them from doing it by law? Which? Yes, well, we're not talking philosophical games here, we're talking laws that have an effect on people's lives. Which? Do the laws of the bible equal the laws of the land? Should they? Do you have the balls to state your position?

J.J. needs to be Hitt
DWYou guys never learn, do you? Learn what? To see things as you see them? To bend to your will and speak not of that which we believe? Explain. DW DR> In Christ, DWAre you wearing a condom? DW, You yourself could do with some learning. You could learn well from biblical tenets even if you remained devoid of belief in any God. By being in compliance with it's common sense precepts you would not make such statements. Statements contrived

Exemplifying examples
Think quick: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? And, just what two gods screwed each other to make your god?

Goodbye /1 02
He's read your inane posts, Jimbo. Your infamy is by your own writing. Now, get the dictionary from under your trailer and use it for once.

Hypocritical people
And, they do that all so often. He asked for evidence, not circular illogic. Try again. Yes, your religion does all of that, and more. What do you do with all of the hors d'ouerves at the rest of the salad bar you chow down at? Which one? And, it's quite possible that neither is the "true" story. Care for some croutons?

Hypocritical people
None of whom had a clue as to how to have kept your silly little tome consistant. I am here now, fundy. After all, I'm a god. I bow to no one, not even to other gods. And, the only thing dragging around here are your knuckles. BTW, I'm not the only one that has seen the IOU you have signed. Pay up, li'l fundy. After all, all of the testimony is against you.

Dust in the Wind
JDSuch ego!....your ultimate purpose is maggot food. Do you have a job/career? Do you want recogniton for the work you do? Do you not want to have a purpose and be of worth in your field, whatever that may be? If you are not employed or are apathetic toward your job, apply this line of inquiry to anything that you are involved in and care about. Your marriage or a relationship perhaps. Do you not want to play a part

Christianity and Scie
SFMSGID: 1:116/17.0 32ef6e9c SFI think you misunderstand the conflict between science theism. Why? David Ragland SLMR 2.1a He lives!

Hypocritical people
That was your first mistake, fundy. Very xian of you. Nope, it's you that are attempting to not honor the IOU that you gave David. Provide the proof necessary to show that he doesn't have it. Many here have already claimed that they have seen the note. I have. Are you going to argue with a god? I know you won't with the childish god you believe in, as you are afraid of him. 'Nuff said, little fundy. The KKK

hypocritical people
Don't you have a clue as to why the "s are there, fundy? And, do have a clue as to what 'hypocrisy' actually means? You are talking about a revolution occurring in which there are only 2 swords to handle at least a legion of Roman soldiers. Your godling was an idiot, at best. So, Jonathan, why didn't your godling, with all the powers of his father, save himself?