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Staal' darling 37-year-o
He must be easy to spot.... How many times do you see a closet in a KKK outfit? Wouldn't that violate toxic emission statutes?

Ritual Cannibalism
Then Jim must be "SuperShooter".... Also, is this knife wielder starting from a standing position of already running? OO Buck works well if you can't be bothered aiming too accurately. The sulking corner is over there Of course, I notice you haven't disagreed with the statement. 21 Oh, in that case, I'll sidestep you (to your non-knife wielding side) as you rush past, smash you across the throat with the shotgun put my foot on the back of your

Re: Your fellow christia
Dey vos Judenrote....oops... I mean Chews? I vos tinking dey vos dere Rushun-svine dat had vun some medal of sum sort. There is no "Wrong echo for potatoes".

Hearing voices
Now all we need to do is fool the gullible idiots.... I mean convince the Faithfull Followers of Gawd<tm> to send us all of there money, their Social Security Cheques, the deeds to their properties and businesses, and their childrens colleges funds (we don't need any educated followers). With their help, our Just Cause {pat pend.} will become a reality fit for all our Gawd Fearin' Brethren<tm>. Ahhhh, an Anti-Luddites-by-lack-of-intellect campaign.... Sounds good. Shall I start setting up a deal

(no subject)
I thought that's what we kept Jelly for?

Well you mob would've come a lot closer if you'd elected the *right* Clinton as President.... I also hear George Clinton is better at keeping his dick in his pants.

Hmmmm.... Neither, Jelly's a paranoid MPD, even his other personalities hate him....

Short hiatus
No, he shouldn't be messing with history.... He might leave a dangerous paradox in place, you know, like religion....

Don't call them morons. Morons don't know better. These people do. That makes them stupid, not dumb. to I've seen far more liars from the ranks of the "christians," then most any other group. Including the prize liar here, Laurie Appleton. Believe it or not, they're even more stupid than Laurie. "Clods," all right. Clods of absolute bullshit. Ross Sauer

Flat Earth Society / Tych
I don't think he's even heard of Ptolemy. (Ptolemeius) a Exactly. Only thing Columbus "discovered" was some Carribean islands. It really ticks off the ICR and Co. that the Flat-Earthers use the creationist's own tactics to further their agenda. At one of these "debates" Laurie likes to brag about, a creationist said the Flat-Earthers were not true christians and were misusing the bible. A Flat-Earther in the audience took substancial umbrage at that! <G> I've seen them, too. They still

Exceedingly Vervose.
I give up. Obviously, Laurie if you ever bothered to find any REAL science books you might actually learn something. Welcome to my twit file, bible-thumping clod. Ross Sauer

This is Harassment?!?
What's that Hell thingy you use as the stick to your carrot? Praise the Random Factor that I'm saved from spending an eternity having to praise such a monster. being The Black Muslims claim a pretty respectable rate of reclaiming people from drugs by conversion. There's been a lot of testimonials here from people whose life was changed for the better by abandoning Christianity. Your standard of truth would then have to cover three contradictory positions. There's others.

Willfull barfing
FWIW, the one bulemic that I knew was a bulemic voluntarily presented herself for therapy. (I still remember the completely different expressions on her going into and coming out of the bathroom.) Bulemics have strong guilt feelings about "over-eating," and often seek help for that instead. Finally, they have a strong financial incentive to seek help. He said that using birth control was like puking to keep gorging. It was a bit of a strawman, since there are birth control

East Asian religions atheistic?
ROTFL! Oh, yes.

I remember hearing President Ford say much the same thing. As you know, Bush thought atheists existed--he just thought they should be deprived of citizenship.

I did see Bob's post, I think I'm seeing all of your posts, but I'm also recently seeing posts quoted that apparently never made it to this board.

Kenny's dream date!
to a I'm far from being a sports fan, but I do recall the incident as being in the 1968 or 1972 Olympics, and that the, um, person in question was representing East Germany. This should help for anyone swimming in information to sprint over to their bookcase, wrestle with the volumes, and row through the pages, tracking down the data, and shooting back to jump on their modem to relay the facts to us.

Atheistic View 1/
The reason's pretty clear: user incompetence. Can't own up to a simple mistake, can you? Sheesh, you really are typing to yourself! Translation: I cannot defend my position. "I'm sticking my fingers in my ears!" "I'm really here to post the words and thoughts of others and pretend that I came up with them. I can't fool myself that they did, and I know that the Bible is against stealing, but it's the only thing I can think of to

The Bible is great!! 1/ [1/2]
That must be why he never bothered to go to church, huh? Ragland, we didn't ask you. You took it upon yourself to spam us with this shit. Day has several meanings--including "24 hours," which *includes* night. And day might not even refer to any specific delimited period of time, as in 'Every dog has its day.' But asking fundies to be aware of the meanings of common words is asking a bit too much. Eratosthenes had measured the circumference

Biological terrorism
Fraid not, we have funky means of high speed communication today that means that the distance is irrelevant. Useless, we were discussing the possibility of locking up loons like the Heaven's Gate nuts just because you think they might suicide. You may have noticed that nuts like that HAVENT been locked up. There is a good reason why they havent Karl. PIty they arent people like those being discussed, the Heavens Gate etc. Fraid not, try finding examples of Heavens