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Re: math
REPLYTO 1:2424/11.1 UUCP REPLYADDR GID GIGO+ sn 245 at tor250 vsn 0.99.970109 From: Judith Bandsma <> Subject: Re: math X-Ftn-To: David Worrell cow's Silos are round. How many sides does it have? (Yes, I do know the answer <G>) Gated by the premier Fido Technology Networks gateway Providing USENET, Internet Email and FTP hub facilities. See <a href=""></a> for details.

Creationism and The Myth
Nar, havent, and will do so. Wish these buggers would get off their arses and have this still all available on the web tho. Guess thats not gunna happen any time soon what with the commercial realitys of book publishing, but you do have to wonder when this sort of book isnt exactly a goldmine for authors. I hope its got a strong warning on the cover that its likely to produce massive brain fade in the vulnerable Maybe

Re: Three days left
REPLYTO 1:2424/11.1 UUCP REPLYADDR GID GIGO+ sn 245 at tor250 vsn 0.99.970109 From: Judith Bandsma <> Subject: Re: Three days left X-Ftn-To: Fredric Rice Fred, he already told me not to hold my breath about an apology. And I have already complained to his provider...who said that they aren't responsible for anything their users do. So I called the feds. Not only has Raghead put his own life in their hands but I'm sure the sysop of the BBS

The non-existant Roman Catholic church
From which the peas are laid out for polar bears

Bill Kochman
There was a Paul Goddard that used to infest R-Religion and here (I caught the last post or two of his in this echo) that claimed to be an American Nazi. Weak evidence, I know, to take that clown at his word

Ragland steals [1/2]
A double Helix! I like!

Kenny's dream date!
One of these days I'll have to really break down, fight the boredom and fully study all those Christological and trinitarian heresies. It seems that any internally consistent position was a heresy! Anyhow, it would be fun to whipsaw fundies into adopting one heresy, then another.

Hitler Christian?
Steve Hayes didn't say whether the money was from the federal or state level; not that it would make over-much difference. For one thing, it breaches the wall between church and state that some of the fundies here have been pooh-poohing. Yet I think that they would scream as loud, if not louder, at the notion of such a system. If nothing else, there's quite a few congregations that relish directly controlling the pastor's pocketbook. And of course it's just

There is the possibility that he is right. But his life is going to be such fun while it's being decided. <G>

Curtis spelled your name wrong so I'm forwarding this. <G> Also need to put in my .02. If you don't call him on this, you could be making the echo and it's leadership accessories. The feds have been notified.

UFO echo=Pyramid Echo!!!
Which has nothing at all to do with the objective discussion of UFOs. Even Glenda was smart enough to stop Walter Bartoo from his idiotic, off-topic rants. But evidently Jack is not smart enough. And I've seen them declared off-topic. Why? Because they are. and Jack's message about pyramids has nothing to do with UFOs at all (he didn't even attempt to connect them in his post.) Salut! Origin: Jack Sargeant, you look fabulist!

Lon S. Mabon's rant about Shelby's father-in-law ring a bell? Or are you going to try denying that you were Mabon? You were a putz, Jim. Ken is being an even bigger putz. After all that's gone before, you aren't even going to rebuke him? As your bible tells you to do?

The FBI's copyright infringment division should have been part of the SS during WWII. Whether criminal charges are ever filed or not, they will make your life a living hell on as little as ONE allegation. And it seems to go on forever. (18 mos. to 2 years is average) Yes, and what constitutes 'fair use' is often the meat of civil cases. A message base that allowed 'private' messages would probably have a better case than a public echo

Dinosaurs & Humans (b)
When I was on a Narracorte cave dig [SA Pleistocene `sump'], we had a guide come through to the main working, to pose a question from a tourist out in the public section: "Are there dozens, or hundreds of fossils here?" [The tourist had a `theory' that the bones resulted from `local aboriginals' using the cave as a rubbish-tip after `barbeques'.] The loud cry from one of our party ["What a fuckwit!"] almost made me jump. and crush

Plutonium Death
I hope not. If so, a word to your local accreditation board could be in order;-( Terry

Fundy Resentment Shines Through
He can't. After all, he has yet to disprove my contention that he is a paedophilic, bestilistic embezzler of funds collected to feed the poor. It will be difficult for him to do so because he is also a liar and any claim that he makes to the contrary is proof that I am right. <*SNICKER*> He wants others to disprove his assertions? He can try to disprove mine!

Fecal-faced Pagans
We know, Alan. Retrieving the Quantam Algebra equations, I presume?

Holysmoke'S Destruction
Sure, you think it's silly, Jelly. Standard usage of English doesn't mean much in the face of your special intuitive interpretation.

Religious Freedom
No. Are you having reading comprehension problems again?

God Doesn't Change
Evidence? Can you provide any that either of them are alive?