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Ritual Cannibalism
"This is my blood"--Dionysius.

An offer for Alan
I use Telix (3.21). What problems were you having? Also--are you quite sure that no one else in the house is picking up the phone? If you have call-waiting, are you prefixing your BBS phone with *70 to disable incoming calls while you're logged on? (They'll then get a busy signal.)

can you say "BOZO" ?
Who knows what lurks in a mind like that? <shudder> Whatever it is he hasn't learned about the [Caps Lock] key. From the looks of the origin line it would be an honor. Namaste- kt

Noah's Ark
It is *not* common medical knowledge. What *is* common medical knowledge is that most babies are born healthy. Your original post gave only the white/Mexican example, without any qualifications whatsoever. You did not say that the child would be "healthier" than a "white/white" child, only healthier than a Mexican child. Whether or not you intended it, your original post certainly read as something a racist would say. You also quite definitely stated that people of the same race looked all

Waking Up
Yep, you got it. I know you understand it because of your correct statement about reincarnation, that it requires a connection between the 'I's, where you stated rightly that none exist. It is a wonderful idea, I can only be aware of 'I' when I am aware (ehheh). It however depends on the ability of life to exist indefinately (Eternal life postulate advanced by Frank Tipler). Anyhow, I might check up on some of those book you stated. Regards George

Marge, I have left several messages for you to try and find out why the system will not download or upload my messages/packets, if you are on vacation, I understand, however, if not could you please read them and given me some kind of answer, cause I am spending too much time on line trying to get my messages/packets, ok? Thanks Clarence Hogan P.S. If you care to call me at home 444-3144, I would appreciate it very much so

Do those two words go together. (I don't think so) Namaste- kt

Theologically speaking this could be a correct statement. However, you were asked to cite an actual statement to back up your claim. It's there. Find it and cite it here for us to see. If you were interested in an intelligent discussion you would be doing your homework. The witness that you are giving for your belief system is a very sad one. You cannot expect to be taken seriously if you make theological conclusions without backing them up with

Please state your evidence to this outrageous claim. Jesus's first miracle was to turn water into wine so that the party could continue. Where is your evidence that Jesus was not a drunk. Besides Who are you to be making judgements about another person's habit(s)? Namaste- kt

The baby bigot isn't even living up to the standards set by the bible...why should he think we would believe he is doing things morally and by the bible? Sue

Paul v. Jerusalem
Galatians 1:1--2:1-14. Though Peter is the one specifically named, James is implicated as well. Note the curse Paul pronounces on those preaching a "different gospel" than the one he preaches; the context clearly means that Peter's is covered. The complete variance of Paul's own words with the account of Acts (note also the difference in Paul's movements after his "conversion") casts considerable doubt upon the reliability of "Luke," his purported companion, who is rewriting history to put Paul on the

I was wondering if it was like that, considering that some of the "hit list" were sysops. He didn't even bother to use the nodelist to see who he was writing to! ROTFL! Sue

Why don't you stop lying? You walk on water every winter in the Minneapolis/St Paul area, unless you do not walk outside at all. Sheesh! Sue

feet chewing
Er. I see. --P. G. Simpson

Christianazi propaga
I Why do you see it as murder, rather than kill? --P. G. Simpson

See the Nazarite rules in Num. 6:1-21. Wine is clearly distinguished from vinegar or grape juice (which would rapidly turn into wine, anyway). Proverbs also tells the poor to drink wine to forget their poverty.

Coffee Clutch
If that outlet was stupid enough to continue their practice after the above warnings, then it deserved what it got.

Noah's Ark
You also said that the Mexicans all looked alike. Bigot. Sue

Alternative 3: Hel
LA LA LA LA LA LA (me being silly) LA LA LA LA LA... a Please look at me! Please listen to me! Puuuuuleeeze! you your I don't like being called an "idiot." If you do then let me know and I'll occasionally call you one. Nope, I've played other roles such as Captain James T. Kirk in an unreleased version of Star Trek. You dare call me "frat boy?" You, you WHIPPERSNAPPER! A Martian slave colony is too good

Noah's Ark
40 Look bilebrain, your story of Noah says the water level covered the highest mountains. The highest mountain is Mt Everest at just under 30k feet, ergo, the water level HAD to rise to 30,000 feet in 40 days per your myth. Dumb shit.