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Thank YOU for being one of the most delightful people I have ever "met" by modem. And Happy New Year. I thought Styx's comments were quite appropriate, also.

December 25
Course not. Everybody knows it's "A Samhain Carol"

Then what do you do? Put a notch in one of your horns? <g,d,r>

Faith & Works
No! He left because I asked him a hurtful question that his Christanic masters couldn't answer! It's my first kill, damn it, and you're NOT taking it from me!

Dark Bible #4
David wrote, sitting at his computer at home

mary's pelvic exam
Watch his counter for a's counting BACKWARDS. He's sticking around until it gets to zero and flashes a registration notice.

12 Days of Abduction
Because some people have made a religion of UFO's. See, wasn't that easy? Oh, since you can't use the excuse that you are answering these online, LEARN TO QUOTE.

I gather that. I suppose my surprise came mainly because I've never been perceived as being his opponent before hadn't really paid much attention to how he treats those who disagree with him.

Welcome to the state of T
Not really. More a culmination of small things. Not at all several people have asked. The thrust is, I'm not sure to what extent I ever did have faith. I was quite skeptical from my late teens through mid-20s. I returned to Christianity after my father died. Looking back, I see that his death led me to realize the stark truth of mortality; I ultimately embraced faith, I think, because of the assurance of heaven. Over the time I've

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December 25
BULLSHIT. I've seen at least 8 posts telling you the same thing.

Ultimately, I don't. I'm grateful for Al's support. I wouldn't be overly troubled if he were not supportive.

Welcome to the state of c
Did you ever notice how it's mostly men who sneer at the use of crystals? We women know that they really DO work, why can't men just accept that? Provided the crystals are diamonds.

Bacteria and Evolution.
who If there is a God, then *the* God that is not necessarily any of the human ideas of God.

Bacteria and Evolution.
Although, Jesus guaranteed that they would be. The question is, are prayers *ever* answered? David Worrell tells of a girl he dated who attributed receiving some money to the power of a pagan ritual. A Christian would call it an answered prayer, an atheist would call it a happy coincidence. Any evidence that Christians, or any other group, has a higher rate of such things than everybody else, suggesting divine favor? I have always thought of prayer more as a

Christians v Guns
Sorry if it came across like that. I can see where it would. The thought in my mind at the time was that it was stated that it was the MOTHER's gun...she was the OWNER of said weapon and therefore the one responsible for it's safety. If Al had said it was the 'father's' gun, my reaction would have been the same, only using 'father' in place of mother. I should have used 'owner' instead.

superstition two
You're missing it. The point is, it doesn't matter how many disbelieved it. Perhaps 90 percent of the people disbelieved it. All it took was a few believers there's no indication, even in the Bible and church history, that Christianity was anything more than one cult among many prior to Constantine. Christianity is still alive today probably only because of Constantine. Not at all. That would be true if there had been a conspiracy, but that's not what I'm

Learn Your Lesson
past an Interesting way to look at it. Ever read any H.Rider Haggard? He also tended towards that way...see, for instance, his "SHE AND ALLAN", where an immortal, unchanging version of himself judged the protagonist's deeds during his life... <lol> Well <g> least you're honest about it...and thank you, Ron. I think you have told me a little more about your worldview just then than you have in a hundred previous posts... But part of me goes, "Been there, done

the real world
What, God made a mistake? of if we Hmmm so did God damn his lab rats after they responded to the stimuli? The reality is, his hiding doesn't make for any greater belief than his presence. I'm not sure about that. We all admire the occasional self-sacrifice, but we also all sympathize greatly with those who can't bring themselves to make such sacrifices because most of us wouldn't. by Again, though, I think evolution explains it. Compassion is

False Christian Scum
Hey, good stuff. Good luck at it. Well, OK. I do have a file sitting around that I can send the next time I see you around. Else you can take a peek and grab the sample at Al's web site: I'm not specifically using the shareware concept any more; I don't know if Al's changed this, as my Netscape keeps crashing, and I don't get to see much of anything on the web. It's now merely a "sneak