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Re: Meter O'Prophecy = 60%
[Much pseudoscripture deletia done for the protection of minors] Reminds me of the faith healer, Kathryn Kulman, dying of cancer..... .JdB

Bacteria and Slime
WHy Benny Hinn? He has nothing to do with it.. It is the power of God, not the power of Hinn..

Sister Syph
Well, it pretty much says that she's the world most populat hypocrite. For example, she will not issue any painkillers to those who come to her from the streets asking for help in their dying days. When they scream in pain, she pats them on the head and tells them that Jesus is kissing them, of all things. But, as the recent news reports clearly stated, she went to a hospital and got REAL medical attention when Jesus kissed her.

[deletia mathematica] 665.99 the Number of the Beast at Walmart. .JdB

Cracker Barrel boycott
You must know of a Bible I don't, because I cannot think of any..

Cracker Barrel boycott
Seeing how clothes are biblical, I see no problem with it. But one cannot say the same for homosexuality.

Direct Dialling
By looking around me, and seeing how society's morals have gone south, so to speak.. Our society is decaying because of lack of Christian beliefs. No, my church's numbers keep going up.. Of course, part of that may because it just started about 3 months ago.. Yes, but I am not a Jevovah's Witness. I would never set a specific date..

Driving Mr. Daisy
We go against God, but yes, ultimately, the end results will be God's plan..

A toast to dracula
been for a Maybe because you don't understand it.. It is simply symbols to remember what Christ did for us. WHat's so ddifficult? We are all sinners, so to save us from sin, Jesus bought us a chance for eternal freedom. And Christians remember this, during communion. ANd it doesn't have to be on a regular basis. ALl up to the indiviudals..

Exemplifying examples
Because, if people won't accept God's gift, they have made their choice.

Oh, sure.. Everyone has their troubles, but with God, anything can be done..