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December 25
And Curad to you too! It never ceases to amaze me how Fundies will waltz into an area and start dictating what the rules are. Did the guy -read- Styx's rules? That's because we're not afraid of our own genitals.

December 25
Really? Same author, Henry Beard? I'd LOVE to get a hold of that. I've been threatening to learn how to read Greek for years now. He is what we would call in Latin a "podex." I have to admit that I'm not good at composing Classical Latin (Vulgar, or Medieval, Latin, is not a problem). Perhaps we can get Sean McCullough to come up with "For the most part, atheists do not do good things" in Classical Latin. Sean,

physics comedy
Isn't he still down there? Strange...I don't recall reading that they moved it from New York. <g> So what happened? Did someone just do a cool mock-up of the statue?

Cheese Whiz
Fundamentalist Christianity stops an active mind. That's probably next.

Reading incomprehensi
Darn! Wish I'd said that! (

Carl Sagan
Even I, with English as a 2nd language, can see how you butcher the words. Sure, roll on the floor as much as you like holy rollers are not alien to us but invest in a grammar book before you approach Dr Goldberg again. We all know he is a peculiar typist, BUT we also know he is not bulling so he can afford to slide lightly over the 'proper usage' and still be respected. Your naive

Off topic
He ain't the only one. Sorry, couldn't resist.

on When are those of us who don't make it a point to read Al's messages unless they are directed to us going to get to see this, whatever it is?

Re: Your Homepages QOFM. Chris

more babbling email
About some things, yes, other things no. Yourself? Why is a simple claim of equality equivelent to a claim for sympathy in your mind, Robert? Heavens. DO demand again, Robert. I find it SO impressive. Was it posted publicly? Or to an individual? If it was not posted publicly, it is, ipso facto, confidential. Did I say it was? Do you have a point? Ah. And what compels you? Gun to your head? I initiated NO junk email. Rather, I

More grist from the web [2]
do My religion will save them with a word, a simple asking for forgiveness. It has made millions want to join, yes.

more physics comedy
Better turn it off, we're going to see the Ringling Bros./Barnum and Baily Circuit.... Well, at least things don't stay static...

moronitude exemplified
Could you be a LEETLE bit more pompous about it, Robert? For MINE? Certainly. I wouldn't endeavour to take on yours. Such would be a weighty responsibility...and not because of the size of your intellect. Well, let's make it relevant. Do you think intelligent life can evolve in a universe where the only form of matter is neutronium? And if so, can you suggest a plausible route for that evolution to take? Millions, at least. But it's irrelevant. I can

The scenario Ronald describes has occurred right here in this very echo in the past. I forget the guy's name, but he came in as a fundy. His wife suffered from some condition (in fact, I seem to remember it being MS, the same as Michael's wife has). He left for a few months, then came back markedly less sure about the entire God deal. His loss of belief was caused, in large part, by his wife taking a turn

petty shit
So clearly that there were no such responses on my part...? Ah, I see. Communication is no longer the fault of the communicator. I see. It is the audience's fault.... That you started a dialogue on which lasted three exchanges...? If you regarded it as junk, why did you ever bother to try to respond to something which was explicitedly stated to be a copy of a Fidonet message you missed? Said he....whining.

So Long
Will you guys give me lessons in being eee-vill???

This just in...
Not really, Marty. A hope, rather. I hope somewhere Asimov and Sagan are comparing notes. I hate to think they really ended. By all of us.

Welcome to the state of TAXES.
You get Bar Mitzvahed instead? One would think you would think your arguments are so overwhelming that anyone would be converted as a matter of course... But I have some sympathy for your position. The first night I found out about it, I spent the first half of the night going to myself, "Okay, this is MIKE I'm talking to here. What's the gag?" Marty, how often have you seen me lie? I make mistakes, as we all do, or

what if we just guess
It's only fair, since you are the source of so much... Or the anthropic principle? I suggest that for the first one, we have subjects that will not drive people AWAY, Robert... Or you as insulting? That could be why they are laughing, Robert.

absense of belief
Ah! Then we can take it that you do NOT make such an assertion, and it WAS the observation of the irregularities of nature which led to the formulation of natural laws? Good. Then we agree. If a natural law is regular by definition, yet we don't look for it in the irregularities, it will never be formed by men, because they won't be looking for it. Let me know if I'm going too fast for you. Soon enough for