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Did you see the lengthy debunkings I posted on your occult claims concerning magnetic fields, sun shrinking, and Moon dust? If your masters wouldn't allow you to see them, let me know and I'll mail them to a post office box or some other address which your masters don't know about. faith in your cries. Broken is the promise. Betrayal. METALLICA

Your MASTERS won't let you.
Just because your MASTERS won't allow you to answer embarrassing questions doesn't mean that they're (either the questions OR your masters) stupid, silly lawyer. We're all waiting for you to provide a lie-free answer to RC Query #1 a query which we all know full well you have zero intention of answering. Quite simply we all know you CAN'T answer as any answer you make shows you're either the liar we all know you to be else you're knowingly

Jones' MASTERS _still_ won't let him answer.
How _DARE_ you ask embarrassing, blasphemous questions, Dan! Don't you know that the fucking lawyer is not AUTHORIZED to even entertain such questions? Why, questioning the "authority" of his MASTERS would lead to his freedom! Can't have that now, can we? He might stop paying out his ill-gotten wealth to his MASTERS were that to happen! They'll starve if too many people ACQUIRE A FUCKING EDUCATION! Never before in the history of humanity has so simple a question put the

Fred Rice is a bible thumper!
Lawrence Mccurry Dan Ceppa Kenneth Mcabee Jesse Christ Jones SHIT! My secret is out. I admit it. Every night I thump a Christanic death cult paper idol. Yes, it all started when Kenneth Mcabee first posted his undeniable truths about the glory-hole of god or was it when Jones proved that emotions are spirits and diseases are demons? Whatever it was, I'm a thumper. I can admit that now. I must go now and search the world over for

No questions, please!
Imagine going to a cult master to discuss the truth and viability of the very cult that the master is selling. If you question the soundness of an automobile on the sales lot, you don't go ask the salesman if it's a good car unless you're a Christanic fundy, it seems. the bartender to pour the wine. Peter Cassell Leon

Did you eat the squirrel, you filthy death cultist? invade the privacy of my friends. Jesse C. Jones

Gods in your pockets?
Kinda hard to tell apart, aren't they? I wonder if a Fido Policy complaint against your node would work? If not, prayer will. Martin Riley

Ah, yes. The traditional Christanic justification for rapeing, torturing, and murdering innocent people. "Why let them live since they don't believe in my gods?" Kill any innocent people today, George? didn't get mutated by the Ultraviolet-Radiation. James Conwell

That's silly. Evolution is a demonstrated, directly observed phenomena. It is also three theories, not just one. Additionally there is no "theory of creationism." Learn some science before you shove your other foot in, Carl. Thanks. Steve Bedard

You know your occult pretentions toward "theistic evolution?" Just replace your fictional deity constructs with the fictional pixie constructs and you'll end up just as debunked as always. You will be deader than your saviour. George Rudzinski

NDE occult beliefs
And nearly always debunk the cultist by doing so. I know. are you old geezerly rockpicker. Jesus Christ

Jones' latest denials
How's _THAT_ for the contemporary American justice for you? "We took it over, slaughtering everyone else, so it's OURS now!" And never mind the fact that the ritual was and remains A FERTILITY RITUAL having nothing to do with the Christanic death cult. Amazing. Christanic death cultists will deny their own shit smells if they think their fictional deity constructs wish it.

Imperious Attitude
If you don't like it, Al, leave. And take your deity constructs with you provided you can find them. the study of nothing; it is founded on nothing; it rests on no principles; it proceeds by no authority; it has no data; it can demonstrate nothing; and it admits of no conclusion." Thomas Paine

Hardly has tried this one before
Typical dishonest sputtering from one we all expect it from. The fact that the city of Jericho was long abandoned prior to the alleged seige has been posted to this forum COUNTLESS times. Hardly could have hardly missed seeing it. I have the facts in my archives as a series of debunkings of Josh McDowell one of Hardly's masters. forgiveness for all of your morally destitute ways.. Don Ward

False Prophets
That went out of style as Christanics seek to pin their Alpha Male deity constructs onto their intellectual superiors. Note how the death cultists pretend that _everyone_ has a "lord?"

Make them disappear
It's far better to make the Christanic masters who whip these cultists into a hysteria simply and quietly disappear. There would be speculation as to where their masters disappeared to, of course, and more money-grubbing cult masters will step in and take their places, but at least making them disappear quietly keeps innocent people from getting hurt or killed. revelation. But how has it happened that millions of fables, tales, legends, have been blended with both Jewish and Christian revelation

The rest: Debunked
of a That's easy. The first time the probability is 1:1 unity. And once you're done and written it down, what's the probability of getting the same exact sequence? More than 2 to the power of 1000 times 999. As we see, your occultism has been utterly and fully debunked. Each and every one of your death cult's arguments was _easilly_ debunked item by item. I can imagine your embarrassment.

Imagine people asking for evidence being "pig headed." If we were close-minded, we wouldn't be repeatedly demanding evidence. imbodiment of evil. Anti-God blasphemer. Lon S. Mabon (HolySmoke)

What I still find interesting is that everyone who voiced an opinion cultists and educated people alike found the extorted death of a book to be a grave wrong.

False Prophets
We are truly living in the Last Days Gee. Just like death cultists have been saying for over 4,000 years.