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Christian blow jobs, Staa
I I David, Do you enjoy deleting stuff from messages just to make people look stupid David? Kenneth Mcabee

Ahhh, I see. You think pacifism is an absolute, and there is no such thing as lesser or greater pacifism. Fair enough. Some people use it in a different I'm more pacifistic than Patton but less so than Mahatma Gandhi. But if you hold it as an absolute, I'll not so misuse the term.

Hmmm. He's a FAIR hypocrite? To me the essence of hypocrisy is double standardness (which I believe you have accused Him of before) or duplicity, of saying one thing and meaning another, which strikes me as unfair. Oh, well, maybe I should quit while I'm ahead. You think he's fair, so I'll leave it at that.<g>

animal abortions
Yet it would not be a valuable grouping for science. Nor for any other purpose than a kindergarten lesson in "what do these things have in common." You're playing the odds, in that case. Not faith. Or if it is faith, it is not faith in any supernatural event or being. So A THIS is reasonable. But not everybody feels the need to save the act. Consider the typical behavior of a woman who was sexually abused as a child

I should have put a smiley on my message. Herr Leipzig is the original party animal, if we are to believe his posts here. Sorry. It was a joke.

Some Humor
Thanks, Martin! I forwarded that back to Sam...

Harvest Moon Eclipse
Originally By: Richard Clark Originally To: All Originally Re: Harvest Moon Eclipse Original Area: Science(fido Forwarded by Blue Wave v2.12 (TIMES are Eastern DAYLIGHT Time zone unless otherwise noted.) There are THIRTEEN full moons in 1996. In the Eastern DAYLIGHT Time zone there will be two full moons in the month of JUNE. (Areas east of the Atlantic time zone will have two full moons in July.) Based on information by the historian Josephus,

No; I am saying that seems the only option left to YOU; I have a third option, that our souls reflect a basic moral stance inherited or ingrained in us by God, which in turn reflects HIS stance. Imperfectly, in many cases; but even so, we know in many major things we are doing wrong. I admit I cannot prove it; just that it is a corollary of my hypothesis that there is a Creator, which has at least indirect

The feeling is mutual, m'dear...Believe it or not, I actually missed a number of you guys...=) it ROFL!! I missed this?? Damn, I could've had fun with this nutcase..;) Becke Evaluation copy of Silver Xpress. Day 170 Silver Xpress V4.01

Heck, this is the first packet (of about 450 messages) that I've recieved in almost 4 days. I'd say Fido is _really_ outta whack this time 'round... Becke i Evaluation copy of Silver Xpress. Day 170 Silver Xpress V4.01

Exactly what "basic scientific evidence" are you talking about? Please cite references. Book name, author, and page numbers, please. "Authorized" Christian authors need not apply in this instance. a Read your book of mythos again...Gen. 1:26-31. It WAS the sixth day, twit. So, if he didn't create them on the sixth day, and he rested on the seventh day, when did he create man? That's a direct contradiction to what you stated above. Regressed from what and to what? In

(it the Are you sure it wasn't Winter? I remember clearly seeing something like this posted by him on Usenet quite a while back. I agree with you about the lawsuit thing...and partially about the Winter re-instatement thing...for the reason you've given...But he's too damn annoying, even for me.. Becke Evaluation copy of Silver Xpress. Day 170 Silver Xpress V4.01

Granted, the Bible does have parts that do advocate "good" deeds, but if you read the book as a whole, the whole message of it revolves around one simple thing. Subservience to an egotistical, tyrannical God that whines, pouts and kills if he doesn't get his way... Becke Evaluation copy of Silver Xpress. Day 170 Silver Xpress V4.01

Neil Young!! Good taste in music, m'dear...=) Becke Evaluation copy of Silver Xpress. Day 170 Silver Xpress V4.01

1 god plus 1 god plus
The only way he'd notice is if he had a leg to stand on.

It wasn't _quite_ a year ago; I remember seeing those posts, and I didn't get here until mid to late April. And I _know_ I couldn't have been here any earlier than April 10 (I didn't return from overseas until that day.) After I returned, it took a couple of weeks or so for me to find out this echo was carried on this board. --Wolfie "In the higher animals the ability and inclination to do damage is, unfortunately, in

Since when? For one thing, I don't know of any HMO's ("Healthy Members Only" Pogo) here. They're not needed, unless one wants some sort of private health insurance for foreign travel, operations considered cosmetic surgery, dental work, etc. The government bitches and whines about how expensive such programmes are, yes, but they don't dare cut the actual number of procedures that are paid for. I even had elective surgery which was covered by OHIP; my cousin's daughter is

Going Away
[etc..] IOW, you're going walkabout. Good luck; the thought has struck me yet again now that spring's here, but I'd probably just remain stuck on this stupid continent. --Wolfie "In the higher animals the ability and inclination to do damage is, unfortunately, in direct proportion to the degree of their intelligence." Konrad Lorenz, "King Solomon's Ring"

to The tiniest of the tiny kill us off with disgusting regularity. We are far from "the top of the food chain."

the true nature of christ
The fact that the overwhelming majority of Christians, once they find out that you are not of them, start chiming in with "You'll be sorry!" and "You're going to hell!" can be taken as evidence that they do not worship for the sake of worshipping, but merely worship a god they are patently afraid of, in order to cover their asses. The fact that many Christians, even if they are not Young Earth Creationists (and their various offshoots, like "scientific"