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I read his latest missives. He seems to be backing down (wouldn't you?) and saying it doesn't apply to him personally. But he gave us no other option... Me either. Another thing; usually the males who do that or even fantacize it have anger against women. And often that is a matter of...ummm...sexual shortcomings, shall we say? Good.

been my I think it is more semantics than anything else. There IS a scientific assumption that something is false unless proven true, but that is a convenient fiction to make things workable. If you took it seriously, it would mean nothing existed that hadn't been discovered yet, which is obvious nonsense. More drama than the Olympians, I think. The Olympians are basically in a celestial Club Med. They can do what they want, without real consequences, without any real

a a I Magnus Robot Fighter was published by Gold Key and drawn by the incomparable Russ Manning. My mental image of the robots in I,ROBOT are invariably Manning's. The other one was also published by Gold Key, although I think it was published by Dell before that...Turok, Son of Stone. They've been revived in the last ten or so years under the Valiant logo, published by Jim Shooter, the kid who wrote the best Legion stories, like the Fatal

Hopefully he is all talk and no action, in that sense... Ahhh, exercise...or is it sexercise? is My wife is also pretty tall for a woman. When I say we see eye to eye on something, I MEAN it. <g> Nor is she a shrinking violet. a Well, a lot of animals have it, like dogs and dolphins. The ability to project it to more hypothetical situations might be our imagination, rather than strictly our intelligence.

On THIS echo, it's practically unheard of...<g>

Waco Rememberance
Wasnt the problem that the shells fragmented and the soldiers were breathing that stuff in. Speaking of fun with atomics Mr Leipzig have you been to "atomic lake" the place somewhere in the former soviet union where they did "landscaping" with atomic weapons? Do you know if anything is being done about it to clean it up? KWQ/2 1.2i "Bother," said Pooh, as the Daleks exterminated him.

Boy Scots Finally Lose On
perhaps it would make sense to define religion as a set of beliefs of how and why am I here and where am I going. Theism as the set of beliefs that we came by some deity or deities. Atheism is the belief that we didnt come from any gods. Therefore anyone that has some sort of belief of why and how they are here based on faith of scripture or belief of scientific principle has a religion. There could

Let's see now, I belong to a religion where Peter, "the rock on whom I shall build my Church," in Jesus' words, denied Him three times. Where Moses, Jonah, and many another religious figure tried to get out of the clear duty God laid on them. Where one of the more poignant and subtle sentences is, "I believe; help thou mine unbelief." Where Paul said, "What I should do, I do not, and what I should not, I do."

Could be. But was the West, now thoroughly glamorized, where every man could wear a pistol, so excessively polite? True. And I would not ban guns altogether; I do think many of the "Saturday Night Special" stuff, as well as assault rifles, should be more regulated. About six months ago, a kid took a gun to school, the type that was easily concealable. He was crippled, and hid it in his wheelchair, as a "dare". Then another kid was handling

You do not seperate dogs who are rabid from those who are well? You don't seperate say, a pit bull who has been known to attack animals from those who are good-natured? And if you seperate such animals to their own place, the pit bulls and those who are bad-temepered will naturally end their very more torn up, more hurting, than those who are in the other pen. Because they savage each OTHER, you see? As for Hell,

Johnson Smith Catalogue
T'other day we got a catalogue. Actually, we seem to get two or three of the things daily, but this one was a little different. "Things You Never Knew Existed" the cover proclaimed, with the subtitle "and other items you can't possibly live without." I suppose it was the subtitle that caught my interest, being one who finds it very possible to live without all sorts of things that others regard as essential. I started leafing through it. In seconds,

Mentioning Grigor-Scott and Mark Craig in the same sentence is enough to put ANYBODY in a bad mood...<g>

Thanks. If they have two copies, get one for you. (I think JJ is sorely lacking in the Fu Manchu series, also.) This is where I SHOULD say "I'm not a charity case," and act mad. But hey, fine by me. Accepting gifts in the spirit they're given is perhaps the best test of macho, and hey, with three kids, I certainly have to watch my money... me I'll do it. Thanks, Preston.

Re: 325
Apparently, we are now getting mail...:-) So back on topic we go! SLMR 2.1a I'm in shape round's a shape isn't it?

Msg#: 646 Date: 03-31-96 23:12 From: Jerry Gilbreath Read: Yes Replied: No To: Martin Goldberg Mark: Save Subj: SCIENCE VS. FAITH it, m in h Evoluti to Not that the other Marty NEEDS any help, but I thought you'd be interested in the "20,000 years or less". I could say quite a few things, but I think an expert's touch is needed. After YOU.

can Well, I'm making allowances since I don't even remember being SPANKED as a kid, being a Dr. Spock-reared kid. with I remember having to watch at the pool while a bully picked on Brian, because I knew if I interfered,it would be worse. Luckily Brian's pretty big for his age, so that doesn't happen THAT often, although he is pudgy, so gets laughed at for that, sometimes. I've my was Sort of like Wolverine in the X-Men, short and

to time, in of a I suppose you're right. But see my response to Marilyn, where a crippled kid smuggled a gun into school, another kid played with it, a third one got killed with it. I suppose it is better than a tyranny. But I wish there were a better way. And perhaps some restrictions, at least on obviously concealable weapons, might be the way to go. OTOH, the idea of the goverment confiscating weapons is distasteful to me,

When I read Judith or Becke's stories, the wonder is that they're not out there, castrating men in a Thelma and Louise type rampage... Also, it looks like it can be pretty gradual, and the guy takes over their lives little by little, until all their avenues of escape are cut off, judging by the stories we've read recently. Those stories show bachelorism is not the WORSE thing that could befall them, though... Or maybe things are slowly changing.

How sad. Maybe that was Asmodeus' problem? That's why he wanted to take credit for my fire, and a curse on JJ that never happened...?<g> But it doesn't have to be religious fundamentalism. Kurt Vonnegut came from a long line of sceptics, but his mother's many suicides do...cause him to feel guilt, even though there was nothing he could do to stop it. Harlan Ellison is a sceptic, but he felt guilt when his girlfriend got pregnant and had

Don't write their applications for them, okay? It's "my sons and I." Jesse Jones Miami, FL 03/31/96 CMPQwk 1.42-R2 1319 Here's a quarter, call someone who cares.