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You would have to know how it works to set up the situation in which it works every time. Better to use statistical evaluation and compare results with "random chance," not "every time." Regards, David (

Well, I am not his keeper. But I made the best offer I could. I offer the same to anybody, theist or non-theist. If Fred Leff was really using software past the expiration date, I would make the same offer to him, but I understand from Styx this is not the case.. I'm afraid not. True. And I give him that. If we only include perfect Christians as Christians, then nobody comes to Church. Including me. Maybe ESPECIALLY me. I

Principia Discordia
Yes, but it's not nearly as nice as the printed version IMHO. I have it here in my BBS "TEXT" file area (for download) or for FREQ 23 hours/day. Please note carefully the filename of the zip file (FREQing PRINCIPIA or PRINCIPIA.ZIP will _not_ work). Robert (sysop of The Sacred Scribe)

I remember an article in NATIONAL LAMPOON called "Is it in?" subtitled, "101 ways to soft-boil a hard-on." Besides the title, it included, "This better be good, male chauvenist bastard" "You know, honey, all the books say it doesn't matter HOW big it is, it's what you do with it.." "...and then I took on the football team, one after another, in the bleachers after the game...""That tickles!" and "Are you SURE it's in?" <g>

Yeah, when Barb got out of the shower, I could hear that lustful whistle all the way from Alabama....

Re: flood
If you want to make it REALLY interesting, since that's the cold circle, the lake of ice, howabout changing the rules and sending all the nymphomaniacs there too? THEY'D keep me warm... Oh. HI, Barb! Oh, just that dull Holy Smoke echo, nothing that would interest you... Then shatter my disbelief. Turn water into wine, walk on water, emerge from my computer, die and come back to life. Welllll....although that might be true, Christianity, unlike most religions or mythologies, actually

Principia Discordia
Same Principia sans the nice graphics found in the printed book (FWIW I have both). The "Cabal of the Unemployed" that you are quoting seems to just be a short intro by the person who typed the stuff into an ascii file (which is legal, as the Principia is specifically _NOT_ Copywrited).... BTW: If you want the ascii version, I have it here for FREQ or download from my "TEXT" file area (be careful of the filename, it's easy to

to I appreciate that, but I THINK I'm okay. The fact that the new BBS got no messages from Holy Smoke for a day troubles me, though. I may have a BBS where people can read what I write but that has an irregular feed. Fine. The place we moved into was laid out just like the old one, so there was the minimum of confusion for the autistic kids. We eventually have ended up replacing most of the furniture

Re: Christianity
it b) in I I Any time. That's what I'm here for, right?

of to see the no Usurper, perhaps? on Um. I sympathize totally, currently breaking in a new (or rather used) system myself. Luckily, there is one computer shop in town I trust, and that is where I bought this, and except for minor nudging, everything seems to be working fine. Nope. We need to pray for YOU.<g> It is obviously allied with His Infernal Majesty. (Cartoon idea: God at a computer in Heaven, looking with disgust at His screen, saying,

Re: double standard alert
French Revolution. Robespierre. Danton. Russian Revolution. Stalin. (I'm not arguing the theist record is better, just that they are pretty equal, people being people, whether theist or nontheist.)

"stupit"??? He might. Whatever the "Semtitc" people are. However, he constantly slams people who are anti-SEMITIC. Such as yourself. Nor has he EVER shown any bias against them that I have ever seen.

Too true. It appears even on the new BBS I missed a day of posts, but I'm going to pull them off my old BBS and try to respond to them on the new. Nice to be missed, even though a good portion of Holy Smoke COULD see me. Yes. I could have easily have been carrying the blackened, charred bodies of my children, or my wife, instead of the remains of the computer. Ever notice that Job never really

Glad you approve <guffawing>. I prefer to call this version 1.00 final gamma, though. If people went thru versions that fast then MS Windows would be at 22.0 or so now... not that that would improve it any Version 1.00 merely removes any traces of ambiguity (that's a big word for a little ""fundy-basher"" like you isn't it? I had a nasty time remembering it, then it just came to me... you might say it was heaven sent, well,

The literal DISCIPLES---the Twelve, James, those five hundred Paul mentioned, Mary Magdelene...saw a physical event. I'm not talking about Paul, save insofar as he witnessed what the others told him, or other followers of Jesus, save that they were in a little better position to verify the events of Jesus' life than, say, Joan of Arc, who similarly martyred herself for her belief in Jesus. Their evidence (with the slight qualifications above) are irrelevant. But the disciples, the apostles, knew

Re: Hitler
he (Applause). To say nothing of the fact that he killed himself. Anyone who knows Catholic doctrine knows that the surest way of earning a ticket to hell is to kill's an unforgivable sin. Now, if Hitler was a devout Catholic, if he killed himself, he was voluntarily putting himself into what he would imagine would be an eternity of torment. So, we can conclude that whatever he was brought up as, at the time of his death, he

Re: Jim Staal
How many grandchildren and great-grandchildren did he have?

Many gods
Not in a Ganymeadean sense, I trust.

Hi George!
That was YOU??? (Sorry, couldn't resist...<g>)

Jim Staal
Good to know I was missed. In a way it was touching. We got TOO many clothes from friends at church, at work, from e-mail friends, etc., and everyone went out of their way to help us. It was good to know how much we were loved, though I hated we had to go through that to find out. Looking pretty good. "New"(actually used) computer, starting to build up my book collection, etc.