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talking critters
Hoo-hah? I ask for evidence and all I get in reply is Hoo-hah? Even Prewett can do better than that. The last person who called me an xian is still busting his guts trying to put a curse on me. Now, about that evidence... got any? Hostes alienigeni me abduxerunt.

Dan's in...
You really should not be getting sticky stuff on your hands while you are typing, then. The keyboards tend to last longer that way. Sue

A balanced dinner...a chiliburger in each hand.
Or rather, an Egyptian vulture on one hand, and a stack of dead African kids on the other --Wolfie To look into the eyes of the wolf is to see your soul just be sure something you want to view is there.

Christian Jobs
You've got it just as backwards as Hardy has it. (Which one of you is sucking up to the other? If you're sucking up, is he sucking down?) NO ONE is compelling the employer to do anything. It is the employer who is demanding that applicants comply with conditions and restrictions that have nothing to do with the job. You're trying to make the purpetrator look like a victim, but it simply doesn't wash. Hostes alienigeni me abduxerunt.

About 600 msgs a day, when Fido's not acting up. Lynda Bustilloz

A tale of 2 cities...
There is a contradiction with reality, Jim it contradicts the truth. So much for inerrancy. Now, which is it? Is the Bible inerrant, and bats ARE birds? Or are bats mammals, and the Bible errs when it departs from theology? Lynda Bustilloz

On the offchange that you aren't a troll: 1. Turn off the caps key fast! It's known as shouting and will make you unpopular very quickly. 2. It might be wise to practice a bit on your boards local message bases, where the sysop might help show you the ropes barring that, find an echo labelled "Chat" or somesuch, where you can get used to messaging in a friendly environment. 3. Of all the echos in in the

a hehe. Honestly, I'm not sure if the word Deity is in the Bible or not but I can doubledamn-guarentee the word Diety is NOT! (You inconveniently hacked off the portion of the message you were originally replying to) Lynda Bustilloz

Get over it!
Why do you assume all the women in this echo are being led about by the men?! Buy a clue, Jimmy Judith's thoughts are her own. My thoughts are my own. Your thoughts, on the other hand are shared by Lon, Lump, Da Facts, and whoever else is crawling around in your imagination little wonder why no single persona can come up with a complete idea! Lynda Bustilloz

We're going to need a good excuse for putting it in August. The day my demise is planed for is already taken and it's in the middle of February. I wasn't born in August and I don't want to wait until August to resurrect myself. (I'm much too busy to stay dead for that long. I'll probably resurrect on the fourth day, just so I can break an old standing record.) Of course, August has the "dog days", so maybe

Larry Sites
ROFL! Come on, David; we've been through this before. <Grin> Feel free; it's not going to bother me any. "Morality is a disease which progresses in three stages: virtue-boredom-syphilis. -Karl Kraus"

Hs web page update
I don't listen to anything on CD, tape, or vinyl enough [through repeated usage] in a concentrated, narrow amount of time for them to get boring. One tries not to excess, after all. "Morality is a disease which progresses in three stages: virtue-boredom-syphilis. -Karl Kraus"

behind a monitor?
It is obviously the latter, and I'll explain to you why. We undoubtedly have timid and/or shy people here, contributing. In a real-time medium, where people are physically present, they might feel uncomfortable in sharing their opinion. This is a common principle, and it shouldn't come to you as a surprise. So, one would reason that it should also not come as a surprise that through this medium, there is no fear of that sort. It is, just as you

It's a few weeks early for a revelation like that, isn't it? Valentine's Day is just another day; its your society-induced conception that makes you feel that way. Having always been a cynic, I can tell you this: Relationships are a happenstancial occurance. The opportunity will arise at some time in your life, more than likely several times You just have to be interested enough to take the step and want it when and if you notice the instances.

Preston's temper tantrum.
I have alternations for those stories. Cruel, amusing bastardizations of them. I'm sure you'll see the humour: See Dick. See Cthulhu. See Dick see Cthulhu. See Dick lose a grip on sanity. Run Dick, run. Faster Dick, faster. Dick has an idea. What is that he's drawing on the ground? A five pointed star with a flaming eye in the middle? Oh it's an Edder Sign Clever Dick! See Cthulhu see the Elder sign. Poor Cthulhu. "Morality is a disease

I don't understand
Our mothers and fathers? Six feet under, in a wooden box. Or cremated and stuck in an urn. Nobody. Learn the meaning of the word atheististic. Nothing, but it is individualistic. What any normal human fears. Done. It was really simple. Atheists have -no- beliefs. But, if you had any comprehension of the language you use, or the wit to look up the words you don't understand in a dictionary beforehand, you wouldn't have had to ask. "Morality is a

Fun-dee in Church...where else???
Sheeesh! Do you realize you just posted something like 50 messages in a row to Staal? That's got to be the electronic equivalent of spending a couple of hours with him. Don't you feel "unclean" Hostes alienigeni me abduxerunt.

Judith Bandsma, who knows now that a "bordello" isn't a Latin depot, said to Marty Leipzig: Mea culpa. At least I didn't add an errant "t" now, did I? Nope, missed that. But I'll be going back there next week and I'll look for it. (This has to be a hoot.) Ummmm...The dark one...? ahem...

Judith Bandsma, who knows now that a "bordello" isn't a Latin depot, said to Marty Leipzig: At least here it's free...<Grrr...>

You will...<VEG> Got the netmail and package is away!