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Staal shows his colon... make it so EASY to heckle you, what with the multiple aliases and all. One can get confused as to which Staal is talking. Which one is this, anyway?? Sue

A Visit 4/4
Right. They merely run the province. --Wolfie To look into the eyes of the wolf is to see your soul just be sure something you want to view is there.

Lynda goes over...
Duct tape might offer a short term solution, but I really think surgery would be required if you ever planned on using the thing again. (G) Lynda Bustilloz

a I think it was some sort of companion to Rifts. Just warn me beforehand if something is to be sprung on me, eh? I cna deal with suddenly finding out I did have a father who wasn't completely disinterested/disgusted with me, but if anything else comes up that my character should be expected to know Anyway, I didn't mean to spring the behavioural change, but I sort of had to revamp it on myself on the fly

A Visit 4/4

FLASH!! Vatican sold to MS!!
It is; worse, that parody is at least a year old. This is probably the fifth time I've seen it come up. --Wolfie To look into the eyes of the wolf is to see your soul just be sure something you want to view is there.

Jim Staal
Well, for one, is there any direct command in the Bible that would account for the terrible confrontations between Christians in Ireland and other parts of the world today? How about between Christians and Moslems in the Crusades and various other points throughout history and today? Your wife is a dumbass, Jimbo.

Staal shows his colon
Nah, the abyss is too full of Staal aliases.... Sue

Jim Staal
Which of the various Staal personae is in possession of the neuron tonight? Forwarded by David Worrell (1:3615/41.11) Area HOLYSMOKE (HolySmoke) From AL SCHROEDER, 1:116/3000 (26 Jan 96 12:10) To THE FACTS. Subj AL SCHROEDER Um. Uh, Jim, do you WANT to be twitted some more? Jim. You're Lou. I can believe you did it out of concern (at least part of it...that, "where did he live, a tee-pee"

Staal shows his colon
"deficate"???????? What the hell is "deficate"? If taking a shit is what is meant, the word is defecate. The statement as a whole does not make much sense, however, so I am not sure of whether that is the word or not. From this incoherency, I really have to wonder if the Staal contigent got drugs...just ones of the wrong legal status. Sue

Do you know what a caps lock key is? Use it.

Jesus's Birthday
I'm sorry, but I'm only here to talk to the other Jesuses. INRI spelled backwards is IRNI

Fundamentalists R You
Your problem is that there is no evidence that (a) would make one iota of difference either way for (b) or anything else for that matter. Sue

Jim Staal
I'm hoping he does show up. I've got a friend who has agreed to videotape the confrontation so that everyone can see what a 6'5" bag of shit looks like when it splatters on the pavement.

Jim Staal
I knew the verses, Shelby. I just wanted to see if Jimbo did. Seems? Jim doesn't have a plank in his eye he's got 5000 acres of old-growth forest.

Planning on keeping the URL to yourself?

Mr. Miller...problem?
Staal, Christian, and a milkcrate. Gives a whole new meaning to the term "stump-breaking", doesn't it?

talking critters
Seeing how they had paving, metal working and WRITING they should have left shitloads of artifacts behind. As well as writen records. There shouldn't be any need to "single source" this claim. Most likely it's simply a gross misrepresentation of Sumer or one of the other Mesopotamian cultures. They had plenty of godesses, but there aint no way in hell any of them could be called "matriarchal". Hostes alienigeni me abduxerunt.

Considering all of your aliases, I am not convinced that you would know a clear identification if it trounced out of your computer screen. Sue

Jim Staal
And yet it goes on to state that Jesus was turned over to Pilate, who ordered the execution on the will of the people... Sue