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Do you honestly think anyone really cares? You are a fundy for crust sake! Grow up, babble boy. THe echo lives just fine with or without you! So there is hope for them, after all. Get a life and stop being so afraid about your own death.

No...I am calling YOU a mental midget. For believing in a mythical gawds (or creators as you choose to call them this week) which you cannot prove as being real. Don't drag in your own fundy brethren, unless you are willing to admit it is all a sham and every jeezoid is involved as deeply as yourself. that tells us you are the one theist not to be included in your little list. Stop sucking up and take a

The Ultimate Fundy
Allah, who? Allah Babba and the Forty Thieves? Or are your childhood fables mixed up with this religion sham somehow? They must have gotten that mixed up with those Jeezoid Fundy Fables somehow. Crossing over from one delusion to another. hehehehe.

The Ultimate Shittite
Ever since the moment she said, 'I do.' But it really was her daddy holding the shotgun to his head!

[2/2] importance
The schools around here do just that at the beginning of the year, we get a checklist of meds that are okay to be given without permission cough syrup, tylenol, Bactine, Pepto Bysmol, etc. You check off the ones that are alright. Aspirin, however is not on the list at all, as most medical professionals no longer like to have children taking aspirin unless they can be POSITIVE the child has not recently had the flu. Lynda Bustilloz

a miracle in the making
Next thing ya know, he'll be calling the Holy Spook a "pile of steaming, smelly goat shit." NFX v1.3 [000] Acoustic: Instrument used in billiards

Yeah, that guy, too! (There, proof that I didn't exactly study that film!) Given all the other references made in that movie, I'd imagine that was done on purpose. Lynda Bustilloz

<g> I know. sort of like Jesse and Curry. My condolences.

Have you ever tried to get a bunch of carnivorous animals to fast for months while in close proximity to their primary food source? Lynda Bustilloz

about my wherabouts
Hold on you're saying BEING homosexual is sinful? That's as stupid as saying being cross-eyed, or having ingrown toenails is sinful. Didn't Jesus come in order to face every temptation and trial that we do without sinning? If so, who's to say he didn't ALREADY come as a homosexual? Lynda Bustilloz

about my wherabouts
Answer the question, Christian if he came as a non-practicing homosexual, would he still be a sinner? Lynda Bustilloz

Re: Staal shows his colon...
An lo Dump did give unto Steve a parable on Staal shows his colon... It's obvious from your post that you haven't got a clue about anything that Pagan families would do. And, talk about the niceness of Xtian families to one another, I guess the Inquisition was just a lovely picnic in the park. "Hey, Toquemada (sp?), got any more room for weenies on that grill?" Indeed. NS

Hey, i'm new
Kevin Get saved and quit trying to serve to masters. Les WaveRdr 1.0 [NR] UNREGISTERED EVALUATION COP

hey, i'm new
Aaron Ah.... Yeah... Right. Les WaveRdr 1.0 [NR] UNREGISTERED EVALUATION COP

Conference Guidelines
Dan I knew it.. You can't read! Yeah.. and I've decided I don't need the extra options the author suggest I pay for. Les WaveRdr 1.0 [NR] UNREGISTERED EVALUATION COP

Hey, i'm new
Poothead Like you're just bubbling over with it. HA! Les WaveRdr 1.0 [NR] UNREGISTERED EVALUATION COP

talking critters
of Not to mention that the five civilized tribes (lemme see if I can remember them without looking them up: Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole...hope I got the spellings right) were also the biggest contributors in this country to the relief funds and food contributions for the Irish starving during the great Potato Famine. NS

Homosexual need freed
Phoey-Poohey He's not someone Who is produced by the way YOU think He should be. Les WaveRdr 1.0 [NR] UNREGISTERED EVALUATION COP

Hey, i'm new
A karen Sorry. Thats not what the author says in the opening screen. Produce and exibit a copy of the "regwr.wri" here or drop the subject! Then go and register your own shareware. Les WaveRdr 1.0 [NR] UNREGISTERED EVALUATION COP

Lynda and David were killing time yakking about COINCIDENCE SEVEN: Obviously, the analogy doesn't work perfectly as you point out below, God is in a category of one. No comparison is going to be an ideal match. But, I was more discussing bad choices rather than natural catastrophes and starvation falls into both categories. As coldhearted as it sounds, there seems to be a good reason for natural disasters maybe not good for humans, but but