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Re: man can fly!
"She" doesn't have to. You've already been fooled. <g> Yours. OK... NOT! No thanks... Christian VikingTag v1.0 (ONLY for RiBBS!) Can't PARTY out... Luke 9:25

Re: Homosexual christian
James, I'm sure that you feel what you're saying is the truth. My Bible says that if you're not for God, you're AGAINST him. Anything against God is of evil. Your "goddess" has no need to threaten you, when she has you fooled. <g> Christian VikingTag v1.0 (ONLY for RiBBS!) TURN OR BURN. 2 Peter 3:9

Re: Homosexual Christians
What did your response have to do with my quote? I will say this: Who are you (a human, I presume) to judge God, and what He says we should do? Christian VikingTag v1.0 (ONLY for RiBBS!) Can't WORK out... Luke 9:25

Re: coincidence screw up
I've heard of churches that don't ask for money at all. They just have donation boxes at the door, if you wish to leave something. I believe that you should stay away from your TV Preachers. <g> Christian VikingTag v1.0 (ONLY for RiBBS!) Comming Attractions: The End of Life As We Know It!

Re: picnics & cold drinks
No, their on floppy! <chuckle> Christian VikingTag v1.0 (ONLY for RiBBS!) Let the Word of God revive our dying land.

Re: HI
How can one who is 100% good, do evil? They can not. Their are excerpts(sp?) in the Bible that show God getting mad, and even wanting to do somthing, but He does not. I guess instead of "can't", "won't" might've been a better word. Christian VikingTag v1.0 (ONLY for RiBBS!) Times Change. God doesn't.

Re: Churches
Are you trying to judge my faith, for yourself? Would answering this question really do anything for you? I don't think so. Let me explain: If I answered this question "yes", then you'd probably call me a killer, child hater, an idiot or a fool. If I answered "no", then you would bash me for my lack of believe... and how could one call himself a Christian if he wouldn't do these things. Am I correct, or not? Christian

Vinnie? What happened to Alfonzo? Christian VikingTag v1.0 (ONLY for RiBBS!) KNOW FEAR: Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.

Re: Homosexual Christians
Already did. Read the echo. Christian VikingTag v1.0 (ONLY for RiBBS!) PYROPHOBIA: fear of fire

Present yours that you do not. <snicker> No, it's all I _needed_ to do. See what I mean? <G> Christian VikingTag v1.0 (ONLY for RiBBS!) Jesus: Born to die that you might live!

Re: Homosexual Christians?
What? Did a cobweb come loose? THROUGH Jesus' name. If the one sending that demon back does not say "in the name of Jesus Christ", it does not have to listen. Christian VikingTag v1.0 (ONLY for RiBBS!) Jesus: Born to Die That You Might Live!

No, I do not. The problems you faced sounded terrible, which is why I did not quote them. I do know that we all go through things for a reason. I can not tell you why you had to go through what you did. God gives us an answer that we don't want to hear sometimes. I know, I've recently gone through somthing very tramatic in my personal life. First I was mad, now I'm sad. At times I do

Re: Abortion
This is what you feel. The Bible describes the Ark in "cubits", I believe. Maybe because they couldn't fit in the ark. <G> Christian VikingTag v1.0 (ONLY for RiBBS!) He was wounded for our transgressions

Re: Homosexual Christians
I just got done reading a fairly large packet that my Pastor gave to me. He is helping me deal with my anger. Christian PS: That verse was in that packet. VikingTag v1.0 (ONLY for RiBBS!) The wages of SIN is DEATH Romans 6:23

Re: Abortion
God gave them feet. They COULD have moved if they WANTED to. God had people wandering around a desert for 40 years, 'ya know. <smile> Reminds me of another joke I heard. Kinda inappropriate here, though. <G> Christian VikingTag v1.0 (ONLY for RiBBS!) Many who plan to seek God at the 11th hour...Die at 10:30!

Re: profiles
You're "ag"something... Christian VikingTag v1.0 (ONLY for RiBBS!) Every good perfect gift is from above... James 1:17

That's the ENTIRE problem, Preston! They DO give it to some one else, and they in turn give it, etc etc. You just made yourself sound pretty ignorant. Christian VikingTag v1.0 (ONLY for RiBBS!) "I will bless those that bless you curse those who curse you."

Re: Salad bar
You should be so lucky to have the pleasure of reading a message to you from me. Because the above nonsense was about worthless. Christian VikingTag v1.0 (ONLY for RiBBS!) There's a teen suicide every 90 minutes.

Re: Abortion
Even Preston stated that carbon dating was about worthless past 10,000 years. So, maybe you should check yourself 3 times for every one time you try to judge others. Christian VikingTag v1.0 (ONLY for RiBBS!) Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved!Act16:31

Thats nice. I don't even know who he is, but... I've been called that many times. It does not hurt my feelings. (Just like the rest of your posts in which I chose not to respond to. <g>) Christian VikingTag v1.0 (ONLY for RiBBS!) Friends are one of God's special gifts.