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God on money
I think it was filed in Denver and it was, if I recall, about three weeks ago. It was actually a very brief AP story, but it touched off a lot of controvers y around here (that is, Green Bay and Appleton, Wis.). Of course, this is a ve ry conservative area when it comes to these sorts of things. And by "a lot of controversy" I don't mean as much as when the Packers make a major personnel m

No Beliefs
Sur e This message base does NOT exist to "spread the word of atheism" or any propaganistic crap like that. This message base exists to discuss encroachment onto our rights by religious groups, holes in the barrier between church and state, problems with being discriminated against because of one's atheism, etc. Did I step on the moderator's toes here? Hope not... OLX 2.1 TD Copper wire came from two lawyers arguing over a penny.

Simpler Gov't
Actually you could argue that this is an example of the separation of church and state. The religious colleges were treated under laws that applied to everyone, and not given special privileges. Of course I think that churches should not be tax exempt anyway... Jennie

Hello All! What is the common use meaning of: Conservative Liberal Radical I know the old meaning, wondering how these terms a functionally defined. Also, would you consider the meanings different when used by different folks? Regards Langston

Re: What else?
Thanks Jim, it's good to know I'm not alone in the darkness!!! Hugs to ya. Risa

Problems with the word "weak"
Re: You definition I know of course that the distinction between "weak" and "strong" atheism is not lost on you, but I am amazed to discover I sent that message to you. Oh, well, I seem to be having troubles with addressing messages again! In any event, your machismo objection to "weak" is funny. May I suggest that if it seems troublesome, we could substitute "subtle atheism" for "weak atheism" and "gross atheism" for "strong atheism"? Naw--that will probably

Re: RCC?
does Canada have a state religion like Great Britain does? TTFN. Chris

Re: Re: alt.atheism FAQs (1 of 8)
Subject: Re: alt.atheism FAQs (1 of 8) To: tom kunesh Of: 1:362/122.29 From: Eric Vaughen Of: 1:362/122.2 Date: 7/1/94 7:01:31 PM it is done.. thanks.

Re: God on money
haven't seen it. i'll check the AAI BBS for info. you speak as if atheists were some kind of organization like the Methodists or Catholics. each person decides what's important and does what they can. if atheists were ever to become as organized as monotheists are, we would have realized the millenium monotheists are always worried about. [grin] TTFN. Chris

It would actually be quite interesting to see a rigorous measurement of that stuff in other countrys which think they do it a lot better. Might get a hell of a shock And you would have to ask, is that specific knowledge really that useful to the general public anyway Ditto for the older stuff like the sequence of British kings etc. Clearly you want people to understand the fundamentals of science etc, but how the hell you

I dont think its got anything to do with alpha patterns, just that the mental effectiveness of most people is rather less than uniform thru the waking hours. Some people are just more effective in the morning, others are quite fuddled early, do much better late at night. You dont need exotic explanations like alpha patterns.

It isnt actually. There were considerable problems with it in Queensland when Joh was the premier and the fundys were in a position of power on stuff like the school curriculum. And even in other states there is a hell of a problem with science students believing in creationism at the start of their tertiary education too. Presumably its a combination of their religious background and the fundamentals of evolution being quite hard to believe thats a problem for many.

Thats arguable actually. Until you know the full sequence, it isnt possible to say that absolutely. The coexistence of both forms today doesnt prove a damned thing. There is a real sense in which the higher apes and humans are all scattered closely together in the evolutionary tree. It is clear that say cats and dogs really do just share a common ancestor, but thats less clear in the ape/human area.

Depends on the state. Ditto. Depends on the beach. Arguable. Pity you got most of them wrong

God On Money
JH)-->Yet only yesterday I read an editorial about how we should have JH)-->a less warlike national anthem, which adduced the "In God We Trust" Geez... that's absolute BULL! That song stands for what made this nation, and it should stay the same. Mitch TLX v3.40 159)

Just bungling along...
Okay, I've pretty much bungled along with this base, causing the moderator complete headaches, breaking every major rule and being threatened to get kicked off. All this on top of every person correcting every second word that I speak! I was an atheist before I even learnt what the word, let alone the dictionary term meant! I guess that everything I have said about atheism is based on my beliefs (and please don't flame me in saying that atheism

We're Watching!
"I like to talk about We're Watching" said David Rice. "But why? It's such a stupid topic." replied James Ho. "Well, at least I'm not the one making up stupid quote headers!" My apologies. My mind is but a thick soup of chaotic thoughts, and I often spend each day contradicting myself. I stand corrected. I stand corrected for not using the plural form. ..James..

Teen athiests
Once again, we see that Jon Persky has chosen to discuss Teen athiests with James Ho. What has happened to our society? Ah, I see. So you have actually been scoffed for being atheist? ..James..

Re: We're Watching!
"SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAMMITY SPAAAAAMM A SPAMMITY SPAAAMM" chanted Christopher Baker. Luckily, James Ho had the courage to shove a We're Watching in Christopher Baker's face to shut the bloke up. My apologies. I shall desist. ..James..

Alternative medicine
I know at least one other person who might have died due to chiropractic treat ment whatever was done caused him to have a stroke. He's now a very wealthy man, looking to buy a lear jet... *FORTUNATELY* he managed to recover from the damage done by the stroke enough to live a productive life. Karen Davis in Colton, CA SPEED 2.0c #1643: Wading bird wearing lingerie: Victoria's Egret.