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Atheism - the big lie?
The Internet translation of the Bible is somewhat different. In Holysmoke and the like god created the heavens and the earth (and cancer and murdered his only son). Here there is no god. This is the atheism echo. You must have a deep spiritual longing to be an atheist, or you wouldn't have checked in here. Congratulations.

National Day of Fear on M
He isn't... many 'satanists', however, are. -TR

Re: Re: Athiests Kill Too
please take your personal debate with Mann to Netmail. thanks. TTFN. Chris

Whilst sheltering from the midday sun. Fredric Rice wrote to Adrian Eng thus G'Day Fredric, I've been sitting on the side for a while and have finally become frustrated at what hasn't been stated so for everyones reference look at the following table. It comes from Meyer's "Handbook on Space". It will also save Fred buying new batteries for his calculator. Funnily enough, I used my *calculator* for typing these notes If a space ship

Whilst sheltering from the midday sun. Chris Cox wrote to All thus G'Day Chris, Dont you KNOW Oh, well. I'll tell you, "Time is relative." an d you may quote me on that. time (n) 1. A nonspatial continuum in which events occur in apparently irreversible suc cession. 2. An interval seperating two points on this continuum, measured essentially i n terms of occurrences or a regularly recurring event. There are 5 more points

Whilst sheltering from the midday sun. Pete Porro wrote to Paul Feonic thus G'Day Pete, Boy O Boy, I knew that I couldnt trust my biology teacher. She told me that fr ogs were amphibians. You ask us to believe an hypothosis without proof. YOUR SHOUT From THE DESERT WA (Terry Nichols) FidoNet 3:713/817.2 AmigaNet 41:200/817.2 HsaNet 14:101/3.2 GlobleNet 54:6105/817.2 WorldNet 61:9600/410.2

Your definition
Goddess, if only that were true! An atheist is one who wishes those who are not free of religion would leave alone those who are.

I'll post specifics in an appropreate echo, such as HOLYSMOKE, if you yell for it. Thank no god for small miracles!

Teen athiests
you mean, you think that there isn't one consciousness for everybody? or do you think that one consciousness doesn't represent everybody? explain your god, what does your god do, and what is his capacity, tell me if he's eternal and if he promises you heaven and hell, i have trouble grasping your concept of god, and your concept of atheism, how can one reject _their_ "god" when it is only one's inner personal spirit? and what do you mean by

There are a lot of nerves in the average head. Some of them pass close to others. In some people, inappropriate connections happen by accident (another example of this is "jaw-winking" which happens when some motor nerve connections get stuffed up. These people wink as they chew. This can be quite embarrassing. I would think it's more likely to be at the retinal layer, that is, your retina adapts to far bigger light changes than your pupil can. Pupil diameters

re: Introduction...
cow egg of ou t not the dow n I forgot the line "Without their consent." Pretty big omission if you take the whole thing literally. Cool. We should get along great, then. hehe... I know what you mean.... Rick

You definition
by that's one heckuva sentence you wrote there whew! so we agree "belief" has many meanings. but gods, like Isis, Zeus and Shiva do "exist" in ways even to us "non-believers", much the same way that fictional characters, like Sherlock Holmes and Indiana Jones exist. personally, i don't believe that Jesus/Yhwh exists, but that's not a denial of its presence it's a statement of the reality i live in and live with. for all i know or

nonsense again - you sai
no need to get anything, i already am quite real (i think). regardless of who proposes "moments of slience," as long as it is what they say it is, i see no reason to oppose it. simply because some religious groups are in favor of a proposal should not cause a knee-jerk response of opposition from atheists. and there's the pity. i think a lot more bridges could be built between atheists and theists if atheists were to support it

A similar ruling was just made here in Ontario. The Jewish special interest group that was trying to get their schools funded was just denied that right by the Provincial Supreme Court. On the other hand, the Catholic schools in Ontario _are_ funded by the government. I'm not sure how this is justified. Tax the religion industry in all its forms!

National Day of Fear on M
I hope you are not implying that A.S. Le Vay _is_ an atheist? The only way I could accept that is if he claimed to be starting a Satanist church to irritate the fundies and disrupt the hold of the major religions on the other institutions in the country. If he believes any Satanist stuff he is a nut in my book. Satan is just a minor god the pseudo-monotheistic pantheon of the Christians.

Re: RCC?
it was their push and their legislators. doubtless. yep. an official, paid, annual, bank is closed, holiday. i'm in favor of paid holidays, btw. i see no reason for them to be religiously driven however. this on top of the castigation of Forced Gestation Advocates in the 36 foot buffer zone case here in Brevard County was kinda refreshing. into each life some sun must shine. [grin] TTFN. Chris

Re: Re: Teen athiests
arguing with the Moderator is fruitless and even stupid. we don't do god[s], here, means we don't do god[s], here. don't debate them. don't mention them. it's quite simple. thanks. TTFN. Chris

Re: echo guidelines
what's to 'understand'? if you want to post information about separation issues, please do. if you want to post information about atheist issues, please do. if you want to debate whether separation is valid or what constitutes an atheist, please don't do it here. this isn't a debate Echo. such debates go nowhere, serve no one, and prove nothing. they add noise and heat and no light. they are not permitted. in this Echo the separation of state and church

Re: No Beliefs
the name of this Echo is A_THEIST. the Sysop from whom you receive may have it mismarked but if your system is tossing it locally, you must have the tag set as above. the lack of belief is not the same as disbelief. disbelief requires an effort. the lack of belief requires nothing at all. please don't start another definition thread. thanks. TTFN. Chris

Re: athiest or not?
this isn't a debate Echo. if you want to continue this thread, please take it to HOLYSMOKE or a bible Echo. thanks. TTFN. Chris