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Teen athiests
Basically, but where they and I draw the line is if one consciousness represen ts everybody or there is one for every person. no t "god Granted, it's not the dictionary definition of god.. but it sort of applies. I t's omnipotent within one's own being, not outside of it. It probably is best to use a different word.. but I have no idea what word tha t would be Jon

Teen athiests
No, about thinking about it I'm Jewish by heritage. Jon

Re: Teen athiests
I sorta expected that.. I picked the wrong word, anyways. Should have said something like spirit or self-consciousness instead of god, because I didn't i ntend it to mean the type of god you guys don't "do" here.. Jon

re: Introduction...
Some senseless babbling from Rick Chadderdon to Mike Ruskai on 07-05-94 17:03 I Depends on the plant I am not a vegetarian myself, because it is not within my ability at this moment to commit to such a way of life. That's just about the same as my little philosophy. Hardly compared to some things in my head Mike Ruskai FidoNet(1:107/634) RGSNet(50:130/12) OS/2Net(81:135/30) {Team OS/2} ITCnet(85:862/207) TerraNet(87:908/100)

Early atheism?
I never did either, and my parents were religious. They never condemned my beliefs or reason so maybe I didn't need to rebel like this where others might? Bye for now, Jennie

athiest or not?
Although you would like to believe it is not a "christian" nation, it most ce rtainly is. This government has never been, though it claims to be, areligio us. Don't get me wrong, I am not against the American Government. In fact, I am sworn to defend it. \\\\\Chuk Chapman

Blue Laws
I am currently not resideing in South Carolina. I am not sure about anymore, but it used to be illegal to anything that wsn't a neccesity on Sunday (ie. pantyhose et al.) \\\\\Chuk Chapman

Moment of Silence
Then the Fundies would be wrong in the respect that even christianity supports meditiation in its own form. Meditation, in one form or another, is a gene rally common link between many world religions. \\\\\Chuk Chapman

nonsense again - you sai
Let's get real. This is no more than an attempt to get religion's toes into the schools. I hear no great cry from the non-religious for a moment of silence. Like some sage here said.... how about a moment of SCIENCE? These kids can barely read and write, and these people are worried about silence? I still think saying Hail Satan a few times a day would cure this. Of course if the atheists would promote it, perhaps the religious

the love of God
What does this have to do with the topic at hand? Have you nothing better to say than an automatic quoting from a book of fiction? I'll leave you to the divine wisdom of the moderator.

the Echo god
We don't DO gods here. <you were begging for it>

Re: the love of God
In a message dated: 03 Jul 94, Greg Mcdaniel was quoted as saying: we don't do god[s], here. find yourself a bible Echo or switch over to HOLYSMOKE Echo. this area is for separation of state and church and atheist information posts. thanks. TTFN. Chris

Re: Re: alt.atheism FAQs (1 of 8)
let me know when he has it available and i will also post it on this system. thanks. TTFN. Chris

Re: Seperation of Church & State
please note i said no such thing above. i said it was as close as 'gospel' as YOU'RE going to get. [grin] i'd certainly be rich by now. [grin] TTFN. Chris

Re: the Echo god
the Echo Guidelines are off-topic. they are posted and they stand. anyone who can't live with that is invited to start their own Echo and make up their own Guidelines. this subject is closed. reject all you like. stay and comply. simple, really. you keep trying to shift the onus from your own actions. the Guidelines are clear. comply or depart. it's up to you. mentioning is one thing. carrying on philosophical debates about them is off-topic and will not

Re: the Echo god
you will 'most assuredly abide' by your own actions and get yourself delinked if you keep this up. TTFN. Chris

Re: alt.atheism FAQs (1 o
beaucoup merci. actually, i file-attached the complete text to my boss (1:362/122), from which Chris Baker said that he'd freq it and thereby make it available to one and all, too. you might check to see if he has it yet. bon chance a nous.

Re: Re: We're Watching!
not yet. let's keep it that way, okay? [grin] thanks. TTFN. Chris

Re: We're Watching!
this Echo will not be your substitute. you've acknowledged the Guidelines. now, stop violating them. science is a methodology not a belief. please take this thread elsewhere. thanks. TTFN. Chris

Simpler Gov't
i also just found about the "decisions" of the Internal Revenue Service in the '70s to deny tax exemptions to segregated Christian academies. if this is true, it becomes another demonstration of the IRS as enforcer of US national policy. and so much for the separation of church and state.