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Jesse Lies For His Gods
Yes....Merry Saturnalia.... The part about Jesus being born in the summer is a real jump. The actual existance of the historical Jesus can only be supported through third party references.....his date of birth is an educated guess at best. (at the very best)

RE: P&G Pres on Donahue??
It is completely, totally, one hundred percent false. I called the Donahue sh ow personally, and they have *never* had the president of P&G on their show a t all. If you want to confirm the runor yourself, their number is 212-664-650 1. The lady I talked to implied that they have been flooded with calls about it by immediately realizing what I was calling about. Yakko: "I can see into the future!" Dr. Scratchansniff: "Vhen did zees begin?"

Re: alt.atheism FAQs (1 of 8)
good deal. i'm uploading it ATHEISM.FAQ to 1:362/122 with this session, and will repost your msg to /122 for him to make it freqable. thanks.

athiest or not?
If I am reading this correctly, you are saying that atheists and occultists a re the same. I certainly hope I am reading this incorrectly. Those that you would call "occultists" (Thelemites, Druids, Wiccans) are definitely NOT ath eistic in their beliefs. This is definitely a "christian" nation. I can sympathize with those that wo uld like "In God We Trust" removed from the currency. Although my conviction s regarding the constitional gaurantee of seperation of church and state do

Blue Laws
Yes it is still very much illegal to buy the EVIL ALCOHOL on the day of the l ord in South Carolina. One of my favorite things to do when I am visiting is order a beer at the local pub on Sunday and then get into a philysophical di scussion on why I can't have beer on the day HE, the manager, worships god. All the while just to show someone how ridiculous the law is. (Just doing my