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Exorcism update
Original to All in "SKEPTIC" Forwarded Tue Feb 01 1994 00:00:24 by mick howland at 3:690/660@fidonet From "Sunday Times" Perth Western Australia, Sunday, January 30th, 1994. Exorcism team may face death charges MELBOURNE: Four people who performed an exorcism on a woman believed to be possessed by demons could face trial for manslaughter despite having charges dismissed by a magistrate last year. A spokeswoman for the Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr Bernard Bongiorno QC, said the

I came here to give my opinion, not to be flamed for my spelling. this I think he tried that an extent...did he not flood the Earth? George MR/2 1.52 NR We are Spock of Borg. Resistance is illogical.

Monkey wrenching
Hmmm.... But they still get cut down. And the fact remains that people caring doesn't get votes so economics drives the law. And too often the law says the trees come down, usually flying in the face of studies supporting conservation. Why? Because there is no ABSOLUTE proof that our ecosystem is collapsing. That argument has always been good enough to allow the destruction of resources. That's why scientists are beginning to become more politically active. They know that they

Ask the christians. This is their divine MO. Peace, Larry Wave Rider 1.0 [NR]

Yea, right. And those "no other god" Jews believed IN that brass serpent too, right? Jesus however does tell us this: John 6:63 It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life. Matt 12:31,2 if Since Matt does not make the forgiveness conditional on repentance, you are adding your interpertation to what the bible actually says. As for why one is allowed and th If

PSID: Via P&C.CfEd v2.00b/3. G'day Richard: In a msg of <Monday January 31 1994>, Richard Thorneycroft writes to Derek Cla yton: Sorry Arty. The delay involved with echomail means I didn't get your reply until a couple of days after I sent the 'duplicate' message that seems to have bothered you. I thought he did once. As it turns out it was only the aftereffects of one he ll of a bowl of chili the night before. Derek W.

Justification By Faith
generation. You have no basis to classify these things as sins. God had not yet prohibited them and the episode is merely a reason for explaining the future of Noah's sons tribes. God clearly identifies Noah as sinless: Gen 6:9 These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God. Here's the defination of the Hebrew word for perfect: 08549 tamiym {taw-meem'} AV without blemish 44, perfect 18,

A response...
Thnkas. That gives us just enough time to switch to a fresh barf-bag in antic ipation of your further myth and superstition postings.

About Love...
Good! You have the echo-religionoid trapped in his babblical errors. Sad whe n they can't even get their fairy-tales listed in the right chronological orde r! Always happens when there are too many players on stage all at once.

Hello Patrick! Saturday January 29 1994 23:12, Patrick Humphrey wrote to Johnny Mckinney: For only $5.00 dollars a week in tithes...the jeesoid church will let them lov e anyone they wish.

Funny how you won't find what you printed in quotes anywhere in the Bible. Just like you won't find a well preached christian thought: "God helps those w ho help themselves"

Re: Christian Antisemitis
Ohhhh shit I remember them things. BTW, have you ever seen the insert in the Dead Kennedy's album entitled "Fresh Fruits for Rotting Vegetables"? HAW HAW

Paluxy Revisited...
PID XRS! 5.1- A pregnant pause ensued as Fredric Rice shared a conception Paluxy Revisite d... with Don Martin on 29 Jan 94 10:39: Commercial--I should have given the table heading of "Merchant Fleets".

Pluto? Far out, man. Orbital, even.
And beyond... Perterbation theory really pisses me off. It irritates me. Damn it! I'm all perturbed..... HEY! It works! He wrote the damn thing. Unless he was typing in tongues... Like the last time I took a certain well-heeled girl named Hope out to lunch, and she again grabbed the check: Hope Springs Eternal. THERE! LOOK BEHIND YOU! <<<last taps...gotcha last>>>

Steve, I am in a long-running study of Luke, and have been amazed to see how central Grace is to so many of the parables told in Luke, especially those that are unique to Luke, such as the Prodigal Son, in Luke 15:11-32, but also throughout these pericopes in Chapters 15 and 16. Yours in Christ, Jesse

Gospel Of John
My studies indicate that in many ways John's gospel in fact _responds to_ the synoptics, clarifying issues that had arisen since those gospels were circulated, especially as it related to the by-then growing trend to Gnosticism. I too think the author of John was aware of the synoptics.

About Love...
PID XRS! 5.1- A pregnant pause ensued as Jerry Faust shared a conception About Love... with Sunjester on 29 Jan 94 13:55: Very likely because you lack to wit and honesty to deal with specific poi nts, but we shall see. I saw. The message to "all" is nothing but a series of "IS SO!" statemen ts. Pathetic.

Maybe You Can Tell Me
Martin Goldberg, who thought ornithology is for the birds, said to:Marty Leipz ig +Origin: STREP NETWORK! Screaming 'til our throats bleed for Jeesus!

Real unconvincing evidenc
And we're so happy to have recovered. Rodney Matejek

God Strikes L.A.
While David certainly couldn't be listed among the "innocent bystanders," ther e certainly are enough children killed by buildings falling on them due to ear thquakes. I wonder how many kids got wiped out in India. So far, the believer in deities has yet to offer any valid justification on wh y their deities would wipe out 20,000 people. One wonders if what bubbles thr ough their little minds is the unspoken belief that it was because they're mos tly