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Oh goodie! I wondered when someone was going to take Urantia down to earth, finally. I've only had about an hours worth looking at this book. From what I read, it was very Sci-Fi and had a real 40's ring to it. I've had this friend of mine prattling this stuff in the past, but I've never been able to afford a copy at 60 bucks. I have this other book called OAHSPE, written about 1850 and published around 1880.

This should prove interesting
In a msg to David Bloomberg on <Dec 28 09:53>, Fredric Rice of 1:102/890@FidoN et writes: That's not exactly the term *I* would have used...

DeBunkers: Archie & Edith
Nah. I just say these puns for the halibut. Kinda like Bob Hope singing "Tanks... for the manatees...".

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Maybe someone should start one called "HOLIEST_BIBLE". It would be a great place to discuss firearms.

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Those were BELIEFS with no grounding in scientific theory. Why? Give me one theoretical reason. It You obviously don't know what a theory is. It is not simply "an idea". See the next two messages if you are interested in learning a little bit about science.

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From _The Science Gap: Dispelling the Myths and Understanding the Reality of Science_, by Dr. Milton A. Rothman (former professor of physics at Trenton State College and former research physicist at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory). P. 93: If you suggest that stories about faster-than-light travel to distant stars ar e pure fantasy, their stock answer is: "Everything we thought we knew in the pas t has been overturned, so how do we know the theories of today will

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[This text originally used in discussion of definition of "hypothesis" vs. "theory" in the UFO echo. D.B. From _College Chemistry_, 8th Edition, by Henry F. Holtzclaw, Jr. and William R. Robinson (U of Nebraska and Purdue U, respectively), D.C. Heath and Company p. 10 (anything in all caps was boldfaced or italicized in original): "The Scientific Method Your study of chemistry will be concerned with the observations, theories, and laws that give this science its foundation

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I'll bet you can't come up with a Scriptural citation for that. Bruce

Your daily chuckle
was Oh? Did he, now? Can you provide some scientific basis for this "tongues"? You're talking to a linguist here, so make it count. There are some people here who are considerably more educated than I WRT to Germanic linguistics (My background is in Latinate languages, with some dabbling in Oscan and Umbrian.), but your claims are so absurd that anybody with a decent background in linguistics can address them. Do you have access to HOLYSMOKE? I would very much

Re: Subliminal brainwashing
we It'd (hopefully) make their software barf! Once they input the new data what would we get? Marketing for Midgets!! All the candy, soda, potato chips, twinkies, etc. would be displayed at 3 foot or lower. I suppose that would help remove temptation from my path when shopping!

They're what I camphor. How much do the tickets sulphur? No, that was her kissin' cousin. She's dead now. (Polygon) Her (nun) sister's name was Anita Leigh. She was involved with those 700 Club televangelists Neil Downe and Buster Hymen. Idaho once that stated Adam Arkansas her bottomless in her New Jersey. "Did Tennessee me, too?" she asked. "I dunno. Alaska." he replied. Mississippi was Hungary, but she spilled hot Greece on her Turkey; and got Chile when she stripped

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When was Steve Winter ever actually in HolySmoke? I suspect that the actual text originated elsewhere, and was imported into our beloved echo.

Ark Continues
The ones that are over 100 years old probably drank from it and don't know it. Every man that has found the Amazon Women has not returned. He becomes a male slave you see. Mythological boat? What do you mean. I read about it in the Bible! There is even a VCR tape showing a part of it sticking out of a mountain in Turkey. The VCR tape is called "Noah's Ark", available at your local Video store (the better

5 Laws of Quack Science
The following is an article from the December issue of The REALL News. It may be reprinted by other skeptics organizations as long as proper credit is give n. REALL also requests that you please send a copy of any publication that reprints one of our articles for our files. This article may also be cross-posted onto other appropriate conferences. This article represents the opinions of its author, and does not necessarily represent the opinions of REA LL or

Re: Assurance
I suspect the silent majority of Honest Christians would agree with that. Many of them, such as Abraham Lincoln and the Founding Fathers of the US, have sai d words to that effect. JBL

Re: Religion of Dan
What do you predict will happen that will 'disprove' Deism? After all, it mere ly states that natural laws were invented by a being outside of them, which is not exactly something that can be subject to scientific proof under the scien tific paridigram. After all, considering David Hume's disproof of the *absolute* validity of emp hirical evidence, to loosly paraphrase it, emphirical evidence is only as good as the last reptition of the evidence; one would have to disprove

Real unconvincing evidence
Is that so? Explain then how to detect a gravitron, and how to reconcile relet ivistic gravity with quantum physics. Many of the best minds of physics are wo rking on this problem today, and have been ever since the 1930's or so. Likewise, you cannot explain archeological and historical facts, but it is oft en due to a similar sort of lack of knowledge, sometimes only because of a lac k of reasearch on your part, rather than a

It is, as it does not *worship* gods. Note "revered by Gods and men", gods in the Buddhist world-view are merely adv anced beings who live on a different world of existance, that eventually run o ut of their Karmic seed-house points and return to a more lowly plain. The onl y way of escaping from the cycle of course is to become "enlightened", which o nly men can do. Gods in this view learn from Buddhas how to be

Re: Fact Vs. Faith
No. Oye vay... So therefore we should worship invisable men on the moon? I'm a theist (not your variety) but this is absurd. You are scarcely helping y our cause, I suspect many intellegent Christians would be embarrassed by this sort of thing too. Think about it... JBL

You are a "literalist", aren't you? Let me know *why* you think the earth is r ound, since it contradicts conservative theology throughout history. As I said in an earlier message.... Burning people at the stake for claiming that the sun does not revolve around the earth has been out of style for the last 400 years or so. Gallileo for ins tance got off with a simple recanting. 'For the pillars of the earth are the Lord's, And he