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Jason, my mailer went maniacal on me today for some reason and a message intended for Steve Bedard went out addressed to you in error. This happened to a number of messages in a number of areas here from a variety of my system's users. Apologies.

Biblical Accuracy
Okay, enough is enough. Follow this exercise very carefully.... 1) Get a King James Version of the Bible 2) Read Matthew 19:16ff 3) Note what Jesus says (write it down) 4) Read Mark 10:17f 5) Note what Jesus says (write it down) 6) Read Luke 18:18ff 7) Note what Jesus says (write it down) 8) Compare the three and you will note that they are essentially the same. 9) Now get an NRSV and repeat steps 2 to 7. 10)

I haven't yet figured out why but my mailer decided to send copies of messages I entered this morning to both parties named in the original message. I have managed to catch and prevent all but a couple from leaving my system but some may have slipped through. If you have duplicates from me to two individuals... mea culpa. Apologies to all for wasting disk space.

Re: Listing Ron Stringfellow's faults
Actually the biblical claim is for 969 years so he would appear to have even gotten that wrong. (Ref. Genesis 5:27) You might want to suggest that if he intends to believe the damn book he should first read it. morons to believe it.