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God *does* Exist!
I just borrowed a Catholic bible from a friend of mine and the introduction before Revelation states: "it must be understood first and foremost as a trac t for the times, written to increase the hope and determination of the Church on earth in a period of disturbance and bitter persecution, and prophesying the certain downfall and destruction of the Roman Imperial power." I have to admit that I was more than a little surprised to discover that the Catholics

God *does* Exist!
Ernest P. Janzen, Religious Studies, University of Toronto John C. Meagher, Religious Studies, University of Toronto

Many more people also govern their lives according to astrological 'analysis' as well. Therefore astrology has the same veracity as your belief in a god-thing? Do you take the virgin birth as a biological statement about Mary or a theological statement about Jesus?

One God
Do angels live forever? Are they not referred to as 'sons of god'? A son of a god is surely a god. BTW who was the angels' mother? Do you believe in dragons?

New Testament
You have an automobile accident. One witness states that he saw two people drag you out of the car but can't identify them because it was dark. Another witness states that you got out of the car on your own and because of the brightness of the early morning sun he is positive that there was no one who helped you. Do I have any grounds to question whether or not this accident really took place? I suggest that I

Virgin Birth
Precious Paul doesn't. See Romans 1:3. Paul states that Jesus was born 'of the seed of David according to the flesh' and was only '_declared_' to be the son of god.

Turn on the light. Monsters in closets disappear very quickly if you do.

Holy Spirit
Do I detect a sense of humour here?

God Loves Monkeys Too
Actually, dominant (alpha) male chimpanzees and baboons will kill and eat the offspring of the previous alpha male. The rationale is that the only way he can propagate his own genes is to eliminate a rival's infant so that the mother will enter estrus again and be available to him for impregnation. As long as she has a dependent infant, she will not enter estrus and not be "available" to him to continue his genes. The point being that it

Never Again
Lou Dripkin uttered these words I used to be a Regular Joe, just like you. I never thought that I was the sort of guy that could get addicted to anyting. Yeah, I did go to a political rallies here and htere, but I stayed away fromt he really ahrd stuff. I'm just not cut out to be that sort of person. to the service. When it was over, I wanted more, so I ran to the pulpit and

Biblical Sexuality 1/2
As I am rather new to this conference, I will introduce myself. I am 39 years old, single and a fourth year political science student at York University in Toronto. I came to know Christ about 20 years ago through a school friend of mine who was attending a small Baptist church northwest of Toronto. At one time I believed God was calling me into ministry, so I spent three years in Bible college and seven years in lay

Biblical Sexuality 2/2
The third premise, which I stated in my previous message, was that sexuality is an element of the human being that develops. If this is true, then it is not true that our sexuality is inherent. We cannot have inherent sexuality that is also learned. The two are mutually exclusive. One of the more predominant theories of behavioral learning in psychology is that we learn from role models. If this is actually true, then the fantasy world is a

God *does* Exist!
You could also check out John Allegro's book 'The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross". Revelation 2:17 refers to 'hidden' manna, described as 'a small white stone'. Why the word 'hidden'? The phrase at the end of the verse 'which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it' sounds rather secretive as well. When opium was eaten at the time that revelation was written the form that it took was as a small white stone, quite chewy but solid. Revelation 10:9

CEATC Right.

Holy Spirit
In other words, it doesn't make sense to you either. So, as with all christians, when there is no answer; conjure up a ghost. What a pitiful way to conduct one's life and intellectual affairs. In the following, 'God' is used to indicate the 'God' referred to in the OT and the NT. That is, Yahweh or Eloham or YHWH or El or whatever name he may be referred to by. Do you believe that all things are possible with

Yeah, but what about all the water damage done to the pyramids? All that seaweed tangled around sarcophagi and little tiny fish skeletons lying all over the floors of the tombs. Horrible mess.

Bible Problems...not!
Since you seem to love the original Greek so much... it says 'which things is being allegorized'. It does not say that they _may_ be or that they _can_ be or that they _might_ be. It says _is_ (are), that is definite, not maybe or perhaps. Very little seems to mean to you what it means to the rest of the planet. Try this, did Jesus clear the temple of the money-changers at the start or the end of his

I am saying that people with unfounded superstitious beliefs that influence their actions in such a way as to be a danger to this planet and to humanity should either not be given positions of such responsibility or they should be repeatedly taken to task when their statements and management of a nation's affairs borders on a criminal disregard for humanity or the planet and provides a possibility of dangerous action being undertaken. So, if the shoe fits... I don't

God Loves Monkeys Too
It shouldn't. It is merely an 'admission', if you like, that there is still more to learn. That some of the details of our genetic past are still undiscovered. I can assure you that there is no hint of mysticism in any of my thought processes. Insinuations that there may be are pointless. Might I recommend 'Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors' by Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan? It provides a very detailed look at the observable inclination of even the most

Biblical Witness
Perhaps you should try it. Then you can be more definite in your doubts.