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We don't do xmas here in the A_THEIST echo. How was that, Chris?

atheist armies
to b e a ca se? Hi, Tom-- I was fairly *into* Objectivsm (who says it's a religion! <g>) at the time and cited all my back issues of the _Objectivist Newsletter_ and attendance at lectures, study groups and so forth. Time was in limited supply when I filed the application as I'd lost a student deferment, but I filed right after I heard about the USSC decision, and told the board I hadn't applied previously due to the religious

Re: Well-poisoning redux
[remainder deleted] Folks, need I say more? Cheers, Rick M. Origin: Bay Area Skeptics: Doubt on the Prowl Since '82 1:125/27 (8:916/100 8)

Occult ritual and the Boy Scouts
Hwaet, Fredric! 20 Nov 93, dixit Fredric Rice ad Steve Quarrella: Of course, we've been over this. I never saw it myself, although I could list on two hands the names of people who molested boys while using their position of authority as scout leader to do so. Never ONCE did I see a statement from Irving about these atrocities, and shit, I had close encounters (No, not sex with three of them. As I mentioned previously, I

Nebraska Man?
So, I take it God Marty isn't a merciful God, eh? "Oh, what sad times are these when passing ruffian Gods can say 'Nebraska Man!' at will to old preachers." -Roger, the shrubber if Do you honestly think God Marty will *ever* be through with Ron? Well, it looks like I'm off to brave the rough mall terrain in search of knowledge. Thanks to David for his suggested reading. I thought it was Satan? Pez

Re: Tilting at creationist
I was "going on about" the _fact_ that evolution is a theory, not a fact (exactly as I quoted). What are _you_ going on about? Charlie

Catholic Atheism
Tom, as a "good" Catholic student, I am well aware (since second grade) of the definition of "catholic". No need to look it up. The good things I received from my Catholic education could/should have been learned in another type of school, a school that didn't load me down with a lot of religious and emotional claptrap that I have had to divest myself of over the years. Some of the physical abuse and fear that was fostered due to

Re: Whackos in Russia
With half of the genetic material missing? Did you read this in some fem inist literature?

Morals in Russia (preUSSR)
Hwaet, Neal! 29 Nov 93, dixit Neal Feldman ad All: This is a hot subject over in HOLYSMOKE right now...come on over and throw on a log!

Re: Agnostic / atheist ????
Sure they are. In any distinct group such as atheists, Baptists, homosexuals, firemen, astronauts, whatever, the majority (if no all of them) share somethi ng in common be it a belief or an action. This commonality is what distinguis hes them from the rest of society and into a group. If the majority of atheis ts hold certain beliefs or non-beliefs, then the rest of society should recogn ize them as such. Alas, many non-atheists don't recognize us for what

Re: A_THEIST Echo Guidelines
In other words, atheists are completely without religion and agnostics can be religious but lack the necessary "special religious knowledge". Hmmm. Now wh ere did I hear that before...

A_THEIST Echo Guidelines - regular repost
Basic Disclaimer: This Echo operates under the premises espoused by American Atheists, Inc., but is in NO WAY connected to that organization other than the Moderator's paid membership. This Echo does not represent American Atheists, Inc., nor does it claim any link to those founders and writers of that organization. The opinions expressed in this Echo are those of the writers identified in the header of each message. No other responsibility is expressed or implied for the content of

Attention all connects!
[cross-posted from CHURCH&STATE Echo] CHURCH&STATE is now officially listed in the FIDOSTAT.NA file as applying for backbone status. If you are interested in having this conference on the backbone, please contac t your NEC and have him send a message to the REC in your region asking him to please allow CHURCH&STATE to be carried on the backbone. We need all of you t o request the conference so that we can get the echo moving on the backbone.

<rest deleted without reading again. Hope you don't mind.> Please take it to HolySmoke.

Demon Barney
I just wanted to know if people out there saw this message. We had a hub cras h just after I sent it out, and I don't know that it made it to the echo. Thanks.

Catholic Atheism
Actually Catholic school does helpp you have a better understanding of religion. I went for 7 years, and I and all my friends who escaped the religous prison are atheist. That is what I mean by a better understanding of religion. All I got out of Catholic school was a bit of a better education than public school could give me and Atheism. But did you know that here in Georgia they are again forcing the students to pledge

News From james randi
David, This is the first time that I've logged-on since your message to me of Nov. 7 about my receiving "Hotline" messages directly. I'm not on CSICOP's list, but I'm on the Randi/Geller Hotline list thanks to Anson Kennedy's help. There may be some insurmountable gateway problem with CSICOP (I don't know enough about such things). Here's my address to which the Randi/Geller Hotline messages are being successfully addressed to me on the NetMail echo: Gary.Posner@p0.f33.n377.z1.FIDONET.ORG I don't know

Thanksgiving greetings
Quoting Marilyn Burge to Jesse C. Jones talking about Thanksgiving greetings On 11-26-93 23:32 I heard on 'Paul Harvey News Comments' a couple days before Thanksgiving that the day is the only officially sanctioned by the U.S. gov't religious day. Seems there was some lady that for 40 years was writing letters to the president and writing scathing editorials in her magazine/newspaper to the effect that prayer should be forced upon everyone by law. Well

Holographic Interconnectivity
Hello Chris! 30 Nov 93 02:19, Chris Burner wrote to VICTOR SHUTTLEWORTH: get One of the problems I have found with _some_ Skeptics is that they sub conciously intend to disprove, even before they begin. Obviously, this would m ake it very difficult for them to understand, let alone experience. All the sa me, I dont intend to convert anyone to my way of thinking. If your happy as yo u are, please stay that way. Back to the

Quoting Fredric Rice to Ariadne talking about baptism On 11-23-93 13:54 in Where can one get further info about these and related publishings?