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Do you really think I would run a commercial system with bad files????? Paranoid is one thing.... but please feel free to DL it, any reccomended file on the system has been throughly examined, run, tested and used by us at HTS. I will not say the same for 100% of the files in the general download area how ever. We post these as self extracting archives in order to simplify installation fo r novice users, many of who are

Speaking of Priests
i can see why. when you make such gross generalizations as that first line above, you leave yourself open to all sorts of back-venom. mine included. believing that the priesthood is a sick lifestyle reminds me of Nazis and KKKers and skinheads and Republicans who disapprove of anything that they are not, and some of whom go farther to ban that which they dislike, or even farther and kill. my dad's first cousin was a priest and a good and

Catholic atheism
in the conservative rural Catholic grade school i attended, in the 2nd most Ca tholic county in the U.S. (ie, Stearns County MN, home of Lake Wobegone), we a ttended Mass every morning (i was also an altarboy), had almost all nuns as te achers, and had no non-Catholics. in the conservative city Catholic grade school i attended in the 2nd most Cath olic county in the U.S., we attended Mass only on Holy Days during the week, h ad

re. unsupported quotations
socialism does indeed exist in America (ask the Democratic Socialist represent ative from Vermont), and many of the socialist parties in Europe are actually called "Christian Socialists." what do you see a contradiction between socia lism and America somewhere? Thomas Jefferson never agreed to this idea, and that's why we have freedom of religion in this nation freedom for those who believe, and freedom for those who do not believe. See his "Act for Establishing Religious Freedom" which

Fred Cornelius
a since the Greek materialists 6th century bce, and has -always- had a negative stigma in general society, since belief in the culture's gods was tantamount t o belief in the State, and any doubt of the gods' existence was to doubt the S tate itself. Socrates was prosecuted and found guilty of atheism, the early Ch ristians in Rome were prosecuted and found guilty of atheism, and so on throug h today. it was active anti-theism based on atheism

What will you do?
touche'!! politely understated. very nice. most impressive. kudos.

Agnostic / atheist ????
hmmmmmmm definitions are made by creatures of the time, and "atheism"'s ti me is long, and its creatures many. this is a definition derived from the classical greek etymology. "a-" is a simple negation, also meaning "not" along with "no" but not "none" "theos" is "god" in greek, as "thea" is goddess. one may consider "the-" to be the root of both, but by itself does not mean "god." "-ist" is a common suffix that forms an agent

Religious "facts" - not!
more than a phrase, Mr. Wilton, five of them, to be precise from there it's a very small dare to presume to know some small part of you an d the hate that motivates your rhetoric. calling it "scholarship" lends the old-wive's-tale you wrote too much prestige you made a mistake in spewing crap. and i did correct it. i have yet to see you operate from scientific method. i may be blind, though, and would most willingly

forcing religion
a good way of rationalizing one of the choices in Pascal's Wager.

Re: Agnostic / atheist ????
this is a party line and a partial definition, but not an inclusive definition that includes all varieties of atheism. agnositicsm is not a "disconcern" but rather a suspension of judgment on the t opic of the existence of deity based on a lack of reliable data. very good. but the majority is not necessarily correct in their definition. there's also a big difference in the popular theistic definition of "atheist" and the definitions that atheists use for themselves. "non-belief"

Donna, because the way the current system is set-up (this will change real soo n) new listings are processed during the night and are available the next morn ing. We are re-writing the residential side currently to be MUCH easier and be tter, and according to National Assoc. of Realtor speciications. (the latest v ersion, Oct '93. Look for big improvements in the residential side by Christ mas. --Mike--

hands beyond the grave
On 11-18-93 11:52 Jeff Vineburg said something about atheist, to which I repl y: It's an occupational hazard of being a former philosophy professor...

religion & college
On 11-18-93 18:23 Derek Maddox said something about religion college, to wh ich I reply: Just the attitude of many of my former students. IMHO, there is little point in philosophy depts trying to get too many of their courses certified as meeting a requirmeent you end up with unwilling students who aren't interested, won't do the work, and hassle you if you don't give them an A for just showing up. That explains the slip-shod work

Agnostic / atheist ????
in the beginning was the Net first off, let me say that i enjoyed your previous post and the inclusivism of buddhism within atheism. but then, we diverge sor t. claiming that something is something "by definition" is merely reifies the cur rent conception of the thing, but does little to explain it, and even less to understand it. i disagree with you that, "by definition," atheists are "non-believers in a su preme being of any sort."

Well i am an american, and could not think of the meaning for that word. But, unlike my fellow NetTriviaNuts, i not only own a copy of "Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase Fable", i read it cover to cover years ago. And i had a vague memo ry of having seen the word there. So i got it out and behold: "In World War I containers for sanitary purposes were suplied to australian mi litary camps by the firm

Re: vouchers schools
hostility is in the mind of the beholder often enough. do not equate intoleran ce for having ones government usurped as intolerance for religion. religion is protected in this country. TTFN. Chris

Re: "In God We Trust" slogan
you can file-request it here as: WHYCOINS.GOD anytime except 0100-0130 ET and Zone 1 ZMH at 1200-9600+ HST/V32 for FidoNet l isted systems only. TTFN. Chris

Brainwashing by the Feds and Media
Considering the other things I've seen come from Ms. Thompson, I give this exa ctly the same amount of credibility that I give her "theory" that the bridge h eights aren't posted on bridges to warn trucks and the like, but to instead ac t as gauges for artillery to shoot them out when the government begins the war on the people.

Occult ritual and the boy
no Agreed... as well as getting any government subsidies or promotion.

Re: Tilting at creationist
Actually, if you had bothered to pay attention, you'd find that my explanation does _not_ contradict your college dictionary. Further, if you want a truly relevant authority, check a good biology text, instead of your general-purpose dictionary. I can recommend Keeton's _Biological Science_, for example. Even better would be a telephone call to the National Center for Science Education in Berkeley, CA, 510-526-1674. Its director, Dr. Eugenie C. Scott, is a good friend of mine. You may also wish to