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Blue Genes.
And who makes the decition who's a \real\ christian, then?

9-the list
The look of love ABC Nice tune

Blue Genes.
Oh, thanx! I've been here for a few short passes before but thanx anyway. Ain't this whole conference a fundy jab hutt? I haven't seen miss Laurie since I left last january. Well I've been back just a week or so, but still I wonder what's the story bout Appletoon. Huh.?. Can imagine though.. Thomas

Variations & Mutations.
*ROTFL!* Laurie making a porcupine look bald??!! *ROTFLMAO!*

Jelly lets it slip out
Please tell me if I remember it wrong, but didn't Ken open his bisexuality here in holysmoke a few months ago? I want to know if the posting is just cynical, and what sex has to do with religion. I mean, I'm not gay but one has got to accept that the homo got feelings just as the hetero, or otherwise one's a chicken hiding behind a biblical garbage can, or something else for the day politically correct shit.

All There to Start!
Always thought Laurie is a girlsname..

Blue Genes.
No shit? You're sure Laurie's not an AI run lose? I can't imagine he's think- ing all by himself, so I just have to ask who gave him the ideas. My definition of an idiot: The A solution worked on the A problem, so let's try the A solution on the B problem, then the A solution on the C problem,.. ...and I say that definition fits as a glove on him/her/whatever named Laurie.

Blue Genes.
Wouldn't suprise me one sec. They all read what they want to read, no matter how different they read the same part. I say they're out of bounds. Or, you're out of bounds if you feel to include yourself to them.. (though somehow I doubt you do Thomas.