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Case #2
Oups! Did you see? The whole bucket tipped over, just like that! But.. It was no suprise. Please tell me, how many of those historymaking pens do you think escaped or slipped in its work? Or even better; how many 'pens of history' can you tell did NOT mess around with the history they're supposed to save? My guess: Ingen! Nada! None! Th.

CASE #1 -- what a case
So you have no proof on it beeing an evidence. But of course, you say it is an evidence. And.. If your word is enough to proove you right, so is my word: Anden sitter i vaara haender. And that I think is a major part of the truth. You see my point? Willie. If something is an evidence, doesn't that mean it is an unarguable fact. Like, for example, something to hold up in court as item A12. 'Test

There you see what messed the whole religion thing up. I hope you don't think you're the first in history to make an error in your telling! Th.

A date that christians don't want?
2000 05 05 Th.

Toon is a Hypocritter
All this gidderish makes one tune come back to me, time after time, after time: P. Anka and his Tell Laurie I love her Th.

Fuck you, your god and the horse you all rode in on.
Ah! Robin Hood! I knew I'd heard it before.. Maybe he needs someone to teach him how to do it physical. What you say? Volunteering? *mg* Th.

'but'? What 'but'? Excuse me, but wouldn't it be better if an institution w/ power to control peoples' minds work from the view of them men and women? A way to put it that is, yes. A statement that it is, it is very powerful. There you go. If nobody then/now living had told you about it, how would you know about it? If you had not been tought to feel god, do you think you ever would do? Without

Blue Genes.
Ok. If you say so. However, one can't always stay quiet. Right? How many clones was that then? Btw, why bother with cloning? Why not teach them to copulate at once, "program" them it's good to screw at their sparetime, just as they were "programmed" in C++? what was good to eat. And if you've been trying to tell 'us' that the clones mentioned are clones of your god, I hope sincerily you're out on the lake

CASE #1 - and now: from all of me...
Why the hostility? It's not hostility really. It's more that I don't understand how you can carry this walz on. It's because you just showed how the religion survive generation through generation, and you do not see it. Or more correct; you do not /show/ that you seen it. So as far as I'm concerned, you are the worst kind of man and woman as long as you do not show what you see. But then again, what you do

A date that christians don't want?
Do the planets line up then too? Th.

Fuck you, your god and the horse you all rode in on.
Hmm.. something's wrong here.. didn't know Robin fought mills.. Or should I say fight? As Willie said, there is proof, and evidence, and evidence, and one thing don't have to be the other. I believe he'd be a poor substitute for Astrid Lindgren Good choice Th.

This will probably sound funny to you, but I have to tell you I find Douglas Adams a better author not only in the threads of story but also by the fact he admits it's fiction. One thing I have to give you, the credit of reminding me how to spell those words I forget from time to time. I often mess upp 'weather' with 'either' (either/eather I mean). I'd love to hear from you when that happens! Unfortunately? I

A typical "highy" animal behaviour, atleast among christians? But I think they don't need any ranking, though Th.

Har har. On the other hand, I'm sure you know that lack of shown intelligence(sp?) is NOT evidence of NO intelligence Th.

Blue Genes
Love your next as yourself (if you're not unpleasant with yourself, that is You got the point, else you wouldn't answer like that. Oh, I got it wrong then. I thought you meant Adam and Eve were both clones.. Laurie. I think you misread me by choice. I meant 'why bother about that "to be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth" stuff when your god can clone in a by him preferred pace?' To this you'll reply "The

Blue Genes (b)
Lo^H^HHi, Laurie, Hey, I remember this history modell from Dallas The TV-series.. Are they christians or christians? Or as one of your fellows put it: there is God and there is God. Which one do you follow? 'Ratbags'? You've been watching Police Academy.. Right? Th.

Blue Genes
Hahaha! That one was a good. I thought for a while I was not clear in my letter Th.

(no subject)
Well folks and kids. I wonder, them few fundies in the swedish echo R20_RELIGION btw, it's not only fundies yelling about it, but do want us all to gather up behind some dudes called Jesus and God, before we all have to pay the prize of not doing that in time. This looks like a big fucking paradox to me. I mean, if we can't ask for forgiveness at the gate to heaven once the heart stopped, and

Case #2
That woman is incredible. What a mind! She's written more than just that one, although Pippi may be the best known Can only agree to that. If one can hold apart what's fiction and what's not, that is. I bet we have a whole bunch of them lackin ppl here in this echo. Don't you? Th.

Blue Genes (b)
You do not argue against the bible beeing a Dallas the TV-series? That's a part of what makes you very funny. How can you tell that the first one to write the story down wrote down the same as you're reading today? 1 movie and 5 (or is it 6) sequals. Where have you been all your life? Ok, Tell Laura I love her then don't you know the music history of your own time (taking you're aged 40+)?