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Fess Up
No, he's being David Bloomberg. Terry

Lost messages!
I have been using Fidonet for only nine years. George has not been active in any echo I have seen more than two years. The messages he claims to have no access to were posted within the last year. Your response, as usual, is not only barely coherent, but in no way explains the topic under discussion. It may be likened to a small child, when asked why his shoes are wet, responding that it rained a fortnight ago. Do

what R you talking about
no Followed by: This is your problem, John. You claimed Holysmoke wasn't available in Australia. It is, and has been for years. You now claim that you made no attempt to see if it was available, and seem to believe that this excuses your first claim. It doesn't, but merely shows that you will make claims without in any way checking that validity of your statement. Your claim that holysmoke wasn't available implies that you had endevoured to find it,

Reduced to this?
No, George, people here dismiss `support' for Tipler's ideas on immortality when the `support' tendered for them is Tipler's capability of expounding on the Copenhagen interpretation of the atomic structure, and consider those who believe credentials in one field automatically transfer to credentials in an unrelated one as possibly trangressing the boundaries of cognitive disfunction. I would imagine that Tipler himself would make a clear distinction between his scientific work and his philosophical musings, and would use his knowledge of

You have a BBS and Net-mail John why not ask him. When I see them next, I'll give Philip and Pinthong your regards. Commiserations on my inability to run OS\2 on the PR200+ would have been a nicer indication of your intimate knowledge, Squire. Terry

Ignorance & Superstition
`Education', Shane, involves buildings, materials, transport and is dependent on some people giving up their time to obtaining training and offering it to others. By `free' education, are you suggesting these people should care for others' children whilst those parents work, and forego financial recompense themselves, or are you merely saying [as I suspect] that somebody else should pay for yours? I say this as a scion of two families with four generations of active participation in union and socialist

I'm skeptical that `disconnecting' a point from a `nodelist' would have the effect you desire. Terry

More unanswered questions
No, you have above average IQ. When you can define what `IQ' is, other than the recursive `what is measured by IQ tests', get back to us. I am interested, as a mere four years of undergraduate study of psychology wasn't sufficient to enable me to give a clear description. All I know is that 50% of the population has `above average IQ'. I have been told I measure in the top 2%. This failed to exite me, as that

Fidonet's Skeptic Echo
Of course. It's his vocation. Terry

and a one . and a 2
Two claims, both testable. It isn't hay season here yet., and if I receive a message from Dave in a few days telling me I shouldn't touch the message, I'd better heed it:-) Terry

Ufo nuts
Scientific fact: When what is known to be false is eliminated, we are left with scientific fact. If you wish to comment on the meaning of scientific theory, none of the various `webster's' are aknowledged scientific sources. That an object above a certain mass, but below a certain radius, has an escape velocity greater than the speed of light in a vacuum is a scientific fact. That such an object has been found to occupy the center of our galaxy

Ufo nuts
at of Not quite The astrophysicists formulated hypotheses using tested and verified theories [which, as a body, constitute the `laws of physics'], examined the data pertaining to the hypotheses, and discovered that the predictions of the hypotheses were borne out. `Ufologist' make claims regarding unexamined and untestable observations, find that their claims often contradict the laws of physics, then propose that either there is a large conspiracy to `hide the truth', or maintain they are the greatest genius since

Ufo nuts
No, fishing for your degree of experience with the scientific method. When you get back to us with your photo of a proton, we can continue. Terry

*] Discover Black holes!
As it is an article written for and by scientists, would it be as appropriate to demand that the Murdoch `Times' change its name to `The publication in a broadsheet format containing a selection of world news from the last twenty-four hours'? ObHint, Michael, Fred is a layman `debating' in an echo redolent with scientists. Terry

Ufo nuts
No worries I'll send him a JPG;-) Terry

Ufo nuts
What makes the second sentence derisable, rather than amusing, is that you are purporting to educate other in the scientific method. Terry

Ufo nuts
of No. Relativity explains why you wouldn't be able to see a black hole, Fred just as you can't see the black type on a piece of paper. The laws of physics explain why you would have difficulty getting close enough to to see the absence of radiated or reflected photons, and why the singularity formed in the first place. How do you test the theoretical solar fusion, Fred? My interest is testing cognitive functioning. You fail. Terry

Ufo nuts
Liar. To pre-empt further confabulation, this is the post where you state there is one, and demonstrate your inability to both differentiate between a theory and an hypothesis, and use either term correctly. Area SKEPTIC Date Tue Nov 17, 15:44 From George Jiri Opletal 3:634/397 To Joseph Voigt Subj Ufo nuts The theory that UFO could of ET origin is completely valid. Care to tell me a physical law is broken by

Ah Hole review
Like your UFO claims, this merely requires a major revision of the laws of physics. Terry

Terrestrial Black Hole
One of the reasons why Pluto isn't a `planet', but a Kupier object with an attitude;-) Terry